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  1. do you know the user or have any reference to that thread?
  2. lol, if I was not in IT i would probably believe what you said.
  3. Hey guys, I know lately social media of applicants are heavily monitored. Does anyone know if USICS can see private posts on facebook? Has anyone experienced something like this firsthand where they were surprised to find that USCIS had seen pictures posted privately or even deleted?
  4. very helpful information. Thank you very much. Most of the documents I presented when I applied for greencard ( like utility bill, uscis letters I recieved, lease, original marriage certificate). I lost them. Is this going to be a problem?
  5. thanks for responding. yes, it will be 5 years this april. What I wanted to know was do I need to wait till I become a citizen to apply for the spouse or can I apply after I have applied for naturalization? will my application be expedited since I have a pending naturalization?
  6. Hello, I plan on getting married this April. I will be eligible to file for naturalization the same month. I am a permanent resident based on a marriage to a US. citizen which unfortunately ended in a divorce. Do I need to wait till I become a citizen or can I apply for my spouse's immigration right after I file for my naturalization? I would appreciate any help. thanks
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