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  1. Hello, So my spouse is about to appear for an interview. This is my 2nd marriage. I got my greencard through marriage to a US citizen. We were married for 4 years before we got divorced. I am nearing my 2 year anniversary with my wife. I expect there will be a lot of questions regarding my previous marriage. Can anyone who have experienced something similar share their experience? What kind of questions should I prepare my wife for?
  2. Update: on April 20, I received notification of an interview scheduled for May 3rd
  3. Hello guys, I am a USC. My i-130 for my spouse was approved and on feb 17 , I received an email from NVC saying my case was documentarily qualified. But I have not heard anything after that. What is the average time frame for an interview date for cases like mine? My case is still at the embassy. Country for my case is Nepal. Are embassies prioritizing people who had their interview cancelled because of Trumps proclamation?
  4. Hello, Last year I filed my tax returns as married and filing jointly for a wife who is still abroad. We filed for her ITIN and filed the tax return. An oversight on my part, I specified that she was unemployed for 2019 but on ds-260 I specified she is a nurse and currently employed. I have yet to submit the civil documents. I cannot modify the 260 now but I can chose what to upload in civil documents. Would it be a good idea to file for a tax amendment before I submit all the documents or should I just upload my 2019 tax return transcript and just clarify during the interview that we have filed for an amendment? Id appreciate any suggestins.
  5. Hello guys, So I recently became a US citizen. I had filed i-130 for my wife a year ago when I was still a LPR. I got my greencard through marriage to a USC which ended in a divorce after 4 year of marriage. How difficult is the consulate interview going to be for my wife? I met my wife a few days after my divorce was finalized in my home country when I was visiting. We got married after 3 years of knowing each other. (2 years of being in a relationship). We were in a long distance relationship. We have been married for almost a year and a half now. Should I hire an attorney? Has anyone been in the same boat. Like always I appreciate this community's help.
  6. Guys I just wanted to share that I had my interview on 5th of jan and it got approved.
  7. A little update guys: I had my interview on the 5th and it was approved the same day. Very smooth interview. I was not asked anything about my last marriage. Good luck to all in the same boat. And thanks everyone for responding
  8. Hello, I received my greencard through marriage to a USC on 2014. We divorced after 4 years of marriage. I have applied for my citizenship and have an interview on Jan 5. I married my wife last year. Even though I am filing for n-400 based on 5 year rule, how likely is it that I am going to be asked questions about my previous marriage? My interview is at Irving, Texas. Has anyone been through something similar?
  9. which office? I filed it on 11/19 from Dallas , fingerprints on 12/07 and no updates after that.
  10. I never asked If I was eligible to apply for naturalization. I am asking if anyone else (green card through marriage, divorced, married again) is going has applied for naturalization.
  11. I am filing on the basis of marriage but we are divorced. I had a permanent green card at the time of divorce.
  12. I am filing under the 5 years rule not the 3 years. I am now remarried so wanted to see if anyone else was going through the same experience
  13. I didnt realize there was one already. I asked the question without already applying because i have this hobby of coming on here and asking questions that does not concern me.
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