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  1. Not an issue at all. During the oath ceremony they will take your wife's conditional green card.
  2. Hello all. I want to thank the VJ community and especially Hank, whose valuable website helped us a lot during the K1 stage of our journey. It has been 6 years long since me and my wife (my then fiancee ) started this immigration journey. I am happy to report that yesterday my wife had her oath taking for US citizenship. In each stage of this journey there was always uncertainty as we didn't know what to expect from USCIS. At times it felt like the waiting game is too much. But with patience and prayers we are finally done.. Whoever still at any stage of this journey, hang in there. As long as you are legally following the laws USCIS have laid and genuinely telling the truth then there is nothing to be worried about. It is just a matter of time before you either become a permanent resident or US citizen. Take care and God bless.
  3. My wife has an oath taking today and we will get an expedited US passport for her after she gets her naturalization certificate. She wants to take up my last name. Has anyone experience to use their married name instead of their maiden name on their US passport but naturalization paper shows her maiden name? Her marriage certificate still shows her maiden name too as well as on her conditional greencard. My wife requested on her N400 application a name change, that is to use my last name .During the N400 interview the IO told her USCIS can only use name it appears on the marriage certificate eventhough she requested a name change. Here in the San Jose office they have stopped judicial oath taking so the only way to get a name change is thru our country court. TIA.
  4. During my wife's interview on joint I 751/N400 my two year old son was with us. He still breastfeed and also he is a very active little one. During the interview the USCIS officer allowed all three of us into her office. She was very accommodating even when I was hinting if I should take out my son from her office once we were done with the I 751 part. She said she is fine for us to stay. Anyway she had no problem that we stayed on the room for both the interviews. My wife even breastfed my son right in front of the officer (my wife uses a cover for breastfeeding when in public) and she was OK with it. During the N400 part of the interview to lessen any distraction I carried my son close to the door while my wife sat in front of the officer. We were out of her office in less than 20 minutes. No issues whatsoever. The people at the local San Jose office thought my son was adorable. These are people too who have families and do understand how it is to have a baby/toddler. But anyway this was just our experience so YMMV.
  5. My wife's original N400 interview was Feb 2019. However due to her pending I 751 they cancelled the N400 and rescheduled a combo I 751/N400 interview last April 2019. Local USCIS office called a month before the rescheduled interview date.
  6. My wife got a call from our local USCIS office to let her know that they were scheduling her I 751 interview. At first when I picked up the cell phone I thought it was a telemarketer coz it says Unknown caller which I have a habit of hanging up. But seeing the last 4 digits of the number ending in all 0's calling from our local area code prompted me to pick up the phone.
  7. These are the financial documents we brought with us during my fiancee's interview when we were at the K1 stage : 3 years of IRS transcripts, my employment letter that shows my annual salary and length of employment writen on the company's official letter, summary of my bank accounts for the last two years, W2's.During her interview at the Manila embassy non of the financial documents were asked. As have been said as long as your fiance is 125% above the US set poverty level , financially this will not be an issue to the USCIS. . I think you have enough financial documentation to bring with you at the US embassy. YMMV.
  8. When we filed for my wife's N400 back in May 2018 (online filing) the estimated completion time was at 10 months . Her first N400 interview was set for Feb. 2019. However due to her pending I 751 they had to move both interviews in April 2019 at the San Jose USCSI office. Both I751 and N400 was approved April 2019. Now she got her oath taking letter a few days after her N400 application was approved and oath scheduled for May 2019. On her online account this still shows up :
  9. Life insurance is not necessary for the filing. We filed my wife's AOS without one . USCIS did not look for it. I would add your DMV issued license or ID of both of you showing a common address. Any 401K or retirement from work showing your wife as a beneficiary? Any other utility bills you can show them both your names? What about cell phone bills that can show both of you on the account?
  10. Do you at least share or rent a room from your sister in law? Do you share phone line with her too and pay your share for the line? Do you share for the car insurance? Although they are not under your name have them write an affidavit that is notarized explaining your living arrangement with both of you and hubby names on it plus whatever monthly amount you pay and the length of time .
  11. My wife had the same experience as you. She was originally scheduled for N400 interview last February. We showed up thinking it would be a joint I 751/ n400 interview. However we were told they could not do the N400 interview with a pending I 751. We were told further that they will notify us within 90 days of the I 751 interview then N400 will follow since different officers will perform the interview. In mid March we got a call from our local USCIS office (San Jose) that they are scheduling my wife's I 751 interview in April I should be present . There was no mention of the N400 however. So we thought it would delay it farther. A week before her I 751 interview we got NOA that they will also conduct the N400 on same day as the I 751. Fast forward on the day of her interview: both I 751 and N400 conducted by same officer . Done within 20 minutes. She passed both interviews and was approved. Hang in there you're almost done. Good luck.
  12. It is hard to tell what to expect. It seems to be case by case basis, varies from one local USCIS office to another or even from interviewing officer. From what I have gathered in this forum these scenarios could happen. a) it can be a combination I 751 and N400 interview b) they can interview you for the N400 but not approve it until they decide on your I 751 c) postpone the N400 for a latter date so they can do a combination I 751/N400 interview. My wife who also entered the US as a K-1 had her original N400 interview moved to another date since her I 751 was pending. It is good that you are bringing your husband with you. Also be prepared to bring additional evidences that you can add on your I 751 case after you have submitted your application just in case the immigration officer ask you to present additional proof of co-mingling. Good luck.
  13. It is the same thing in New Jersey . Our marriage certificate has my wife's maiden name written on it . She was able to use my last name on her SS card, DMV, IRS but when we filed for forms I 485, I 751 and eventually N400 my wife used her maiden name since we thought we had to follow what was written on the marriage certificate and her Phil passport. If we had known at that time that it was OK to use my last name we would have avoided the hassle that we are facing right now. My wife recently passed both I 751 and N400 interviews. On our N400 form we requested a change of name (i.e. my wife to use my last name) . However we were told by the interviewing IO, in Santa Clara county , Ca, they don't have any judicial oath taking so if my wife wants to take up my last name on her nat cert we have to go thru the local court first then re apply for a new naturalization certificate ($$$) . She still can use my last name on the other legal documents per the IO . However for her naturalization certificate it will have to be whatever is written on the marriage certificate as this is the document that USCIS will follow.
  14. Since you are doing this past 90 days after marriage yes technically you are out of status. I am assuming by this time you have filed or will file for the adjustment of status to permanent residency. If you have not do it ASAP to protect your status of stay in the US. You might also want to apply for the EAD card together with your I 485 if you want to work. Once you get a receipt from USCIS on your pending adjustment go to your local SSA. Bring the NOA of the adjustment and EAD if you applied for one, your passport with K1 stamped on it and marriage certificate. You should be able to apply for the SS card and use your husband's last name.
  15. My wife did not have any problems using my last name after we got married both at the SSA and DMV. Make sure to bring your marriage certificate to show your proof of marriage.
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