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  1. sometimes, it's just something missing in the form, like in our case, we got rfe because we are missing N/A in the other form .
  2. Yes you can! If you haven't done it, don't forget to get your dual citizenship.
  3. I received calls from USCIS before only because we have a complaint pending with them. When USCIS call, they give an agent id and it is not an unknown caller.
  4. Yeah! Good luck on your interview!
  5. Honestly, if i was the interviewer i would say that should be fine but we don't know what the interviewer would think or do. When I had mine, she just kept asking the questions. You won't even notuce you answered wrong unless you answered less than 6 correct answers out of 10. That of course if you're not counting. If you are worried about not answering them the way they want it, it would be best to memorize them all which what I did and had my husband switch all the questions.
  6. Yes if that was the answer. They are not really looking for exact word for word from the book but it would be nice to know them that way.
  7. Congrats! I'll have my mom try to apply this year.
  8. Like the other poster said, it's up to the CO to decide. It can be shorter or longer but in general it is a year. You wouldn't know until they tell you how long.
  9. I did. I reached out to Ombudsman to complain about USCIS error. It took a few years but I considered it a win because they refunded me the money. They even try to put the blame on us but got lucky that they are not smart enough to remember that they left a detailed message which contradicts what they told the ombudsman about what they told us to do.
  10. Well, that depends on the country you are going to live and work. I know SG can work that way but for the US, if you are on a fiance or spouse visa, they won't just simply offer you a job while you are not even in the US. Idk if that may have happened in the past, but I have not heard that it happened to anyone I know personally.
  11. They used her physical presence in Saipan.
  12. So, my friend was able to get her kid a US Citizenship even the kid was born before she has a year of Physical presence in the US.
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