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  1. Yes, they were whitewashed. They owe the Ph and the US government unpaid taxes. I would not fault the son of the sins of the father but he never acknowledged that his dad did anything wrong. What they say the good ol days is probably just for the people in their region.
  2. OMG! That is the other way around. That's very unfortunate! You and me both! Unless there is any cheating happened. Those who voted were whitewashed.
  3. I am a Filipina. A couple of things, either she doesn't really want to be with you or she needs help. If I were in your situation, I would ask if she wants to go to therapy to try and fix things. If she declines, then it's time to let go. I'm sorry to hear about your situation. But it's not worth holding on to something that you are the only one fighting. Good luck!
  4. Thanks, Boiler. I was hoping she can get an interview in Tagalog.
  5. I had my mom applied for the tourist visa in Dec and the interview is not until next year. I had to resched it a couple of times to get a sooner date which ended up in Jan. I agree with the others. We will only know if they will get approved if they applied. A couple of friends had their parents applied. One of them has parents over 60 and they were both approved. One set of parents are over 50 and they were both denied.
  6. Good day, My mom will have her visa interview next year. I am trying to prepare her for questions that may be asked on the interview. She doesn't speak fluent English. She understand a little and she can get very forgetful. What are the common questions asked to parents applying B2 in the US Embassy Manila? I know some like, how many kids, her work, who is she visiting. Her shop is in the house the Philippines, but a typical shop that doesn't have a name. Any help is appreciated!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I will make sure to let my mom know when she gets there.
  8. Do you know if she needs to request ahead of time or just do it when she gets in? Thank you!
  9. Hello, I've been looking around. My mom will have her B2 interview in January. She doesn't speak fluent English. Is there anyone here had a success in requesting an interpreter from the USEM Manila? I understand that they don't allow non-applicant inside but was I was wonder if the embassy itself offers an internal interpreter? She speaks Tagalog. Thanks in advance!
  10. They amended it that the foreign spouse or the Filipino spouse can file the divorce and still be recognized (but it is a long process nonetheless).
  11. If it goes south, if you have the money, you can file an annulment. The other option, live separately and still legally married with that other person even you both found significant others. One problem with this, even you have been separated for decades, and one dies, the legal spouse can still claim all the benefits despite being separated and having another family. It is screwed up and I wish the Ph would just get over that and allow divorce in the PH.
  12. Did you report your first marriage at the Philippine Embassy? We got married in the Philippines. Although, update, my husband and I are back together.
  13. Out of the 100 questions from the booklet, they asked me 6 of those. I forgot which ones but they are in the booklet. For the English test, it was just to read and write a sentence. And of course, the typical conversation if you have any. If I remember it correctly, they just asked me about the information on the N400 form.
  14. POA

    Tourist Visa for Mom

    Hi! Thank you! I was able to get my mom an interview and it will be in 2023 lol. Long wait but I'm glad it is scheduled.
  15. Oh wow! That does sound like a real pain! I definitely need all the luck. He now has a prospect so I would assume he would want that recognize in the PH. But thank you for the details. I will look into you thread. I really appreciate it. I'm happy to hear that you found the one with your wife. Oh wow! Yeah! We'll see. He might marry first before me. I need a lot of therapy before I even start thinking about dating lol. Thank you!
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