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  1. Hi, My mother in law is bringing her son into the USA via i130. She is now in the process of filling out the i864 with a joint sponsor. The question is, can the 2017 taxes be used since the 2018 taxes haven't been done be either.
  2. There is this current situation. Mother (permanent resident) applied for his son (13 years) under i130 in California Service Center. According to the processing times, the center is processing applications prior to October 13, 2016 as of today. His priority date is February 13, 2017. Also, according to the visa bulletin, immigration has visas available for those with priority July 01, 2016 or earlier. Given the current scenario, it looks like his visa might become available even before his i130 is processed. So what would happen here?
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    cash only? (edited to remove web address)

    Don't post anything if you're going to be useless and offensive.
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    cash only? (edited to remove web address)

    Its a legitimate website. ais dot usvisa-info dot com. Obviously the dot stands for "."
  5. We are applying a b1/b2 visa for a 14 year old. But why, when we go to (removed 3rd party site link) to pay for the visa, it only shows the option for cash and not credit card?
  6. There is the intention to live in the US due to the I-130 of course. But there is also the intention simply to visit his mom during his vacation and then go back and wait with his dad until he gets his turn.
  7. Hi, Ahead of time, let me thank you all for your time and helping us in this time of need. Let me explain the situation. My brother is currently 12 years old and resides in Mexico. Our mother is currently in the USA and resides there as a green card holder. She applied for my brother (i130) as soon as she became green card holder 18 months ago, but unfortunately, he still has to wait at least 18-24 months until a visa becomes available plus additional time until the visa gets processed. Our father is currently with him in Mexico. Our mother wants him to visit her on his winter break for around 2-3 weeks. There is no intention of overstaying his visa and not to return. In fact, there is 100% intention of returning back because it is the best to wait his turn in Mexico and avoid issues with immigration in the future. Yet, the mother would love to see him since its been over a year since they haven't seen each other and she wants him to know where she lives and show him around the city where she lives. Our mother will pay entirely for the trip. Our father will take him to the immigration appointment and will travel with him since he's also a green card holder but he's currently residing in Mexico. How likely is it that he gets granted a b1/b2 visa? What documents should he take to increase the likelihood? Any other thoughts?