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    You can get your answer here
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    Since keeping a record of an ongoing relationship is extremely important when sponsoring your loved one, I thought I'd share some tips on record keeping based on my experience.
    1. Buy an Android-based phone. I got one 2 months ago, and I wish I had one before that, since keeping a record of text messages and phone calls has become much easier. There is an app called SMS Backup+ that saves all your sms messages and call history to your Gmail account. This will make it easier to print out your call history and sms messages.
    2. If you are using Skype, there is an easier method of printing out call history than taking screenshots. A program called SkypeLogView enables you to save your Skype history in a text file. You can also select the type of history you want to save, e.g. calls, files sent/received, chat and sms messages.
    3. We used Yahoo messenger to IM each other. It saves all your chat history with timestamps, and you can print out your entire chat history with the print feature.
    4. If you have a Nokia phone which has Bluetooth or USB connectivity and then switch to Android, you can import your SMS messages from your Nokia phone to your Android phone. Install Nokia Suite, sync your sms messages from your phone to your PC, and export your messages to a .csv (comma separated values) file. Install an app called SMS Importer on your Android phone. If you decide to pay for the full version of this app, it will make things easier, since the Lite version only allows 100 messages to be imported at one time. If you stick with the Lite version, you will need to play around with the .csv file, for which you need a spreadsheet program such as MS Excel. Here's how you do it:
    a. Separate received messages from sent messages. Select all columns except column A, go to sort and filter, and do custom sort. Sort data by Column B. All your received messages will be separated from sent messages.
    b. If you have more than 100 messages, you will need to create multiple csv files with 100 messages in each file. You can name the files with received messages as inbox1.csv, inbox2.csv, and so on. Files with sent messages can be named as sent1.csv, and so on.
    c. Copy the csv files to your phone.
    d. Open SMS Importer. You will need to manually type the location of the stored file, as well as the filename. There are two destinations for imported messages: Inbox and Sent. Make sure you select the correct destination according to the file you have opened. Dont worry if it says you have more than 100 messages in your csv file. If you've made sure each file has only 100, all your messages will be imported.
    e. Enjoy having all your messages in one place.
    Note: SMS Importer recognizes the Nokia Suite formatting and imports the messages accordingly. If your messages have been imported from another type of phone into csv format, you may need to change the settings in order to preserve the dates and times, as well as the formatting of the messages themselves.
    Hope this can help someone trying to keep a record of their correspondence.
    If anyone has any questions, PM and I will try to help out. I may not know the answer, but I will do my best to help.
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    We used the the template mentioned in Saylin's post, and it worked just fine. We actually sent off our email before we got the DS-3032 email. Follow the instructions, and don't worry. You should get a reply in about 1 or 2 weeks - it took me about 2 -and a few days after that you will see the IV bill ready to be paid. It's that simple!
    And Saylin is right - email is better.
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