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  1. He deletes his messages, the first time were simple messages and when I brought it up with family they said it was a family friend. But it's the same lady and this time I caught it the same day he sent the messages. And they were very sexual messages.. no sweet talking will work on me.
  2. Thank you guys I am currently talking to a divorce lawyer and he has all the conversations and says I have enough evidence for a divorce. He has not gotten in contact me just 1 text with his new number in case I needed him. Please.. he doesn't even have a ss# as he came during covid closing. Was going to apply for one with the AOS. Filing for a quick divorce to get this over with.
  3. So long story short. 2 days before I was to file my husband's AOS I find messages sexting some lady. (Not the first time) but the most hurtful messages was to a family member saying he doesn't know why he came here, that he is ready to leave and is only waiting for his papers. So after confronting him with this he left my house , I do not plan on filing an AOD and in the process of starting a divorce.. my understanding is if I didn't filed the aos, he would have to leave the country. Any one knows what I need to do to confirm this
  4. Thank you. You can email the representative for your state and they usually work right away. Or just wait. I think mine sat there for 2 months.
  5. It was sitting on someone's desk for a couple of weeks. I had to get my representative to send them a email. It got released in a week. But anyways I didn't finish his aos . As I found out he was sexting ladies. So I am in process for a divorce
  6. Had our K1 interview in January, visa approved, told to wait for email to pick up passport. Passport status was passport still at embassy for 2 weeks. Now is at no status for this passport. Ds160 app number says no status Sdo status says ready for interview. Called and emailed. Inquiry case made on February 11 told to just wait for email. Any advice???
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