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  1. Thanks. Yeah, she never traveled to the US so in this case it doesn’t apply. Appreciate your feedback
  2. Also, when we’re completing the application for her sister, it’s asking for beneficiaries travel document number but we don’t have yet since this is the first step in the process for petitioning her sister to the United States. So how do we answer this question on the application?
  3. My wife and I are trying to complete the petition application contact numbers for her sister but it’s not letting us . See the picture below. Her sister doesn’t have land line, only cell phone. Do I just mark NA where the land line entry is because she doesn’t have land line as I stated earlier?
  4. My wife’s siblings are getting documents ready for the F4 visa application. One of the documents needed is the “affidavit of support from the petioner” and “ civil documents” What do they mean by these documents? Can anyone be specific as to what the siblings need to get by this? I’m trying to help them understand what they need.
  5. Question? When my wife’s siblings file the F4 visa application, they are requesting birth certificates and marriage certificates blah blah blah. Do they need to provide copies of all these documents or do they need to be originals?
  6. After I complete the i130 application, is it best that I send the packet registered mail to the USCIS local office so it doesn’t get lost? I’m applying online so Maybe I don’t have to send it thru mail.
  7. Ok, so I’m just gonna help my wife complete the i130 form. It’s been awhile since we completed the k1 visa application so I forgot how to address some questions that don’t pertain to us but the question I have is when we complete the i130 and a question that comes up doesn’t apply to us, do we answer with “NA” ? Or not applicable or do we leave the question blank if it doesn’t apply to us?
  8. Oh, ok. Well, I guess I’ll just fill it out online and be done with it. Simple enough. Thank you for your help
  9. Oh my gosh!! Well, I told my wife a long time ago we needed to do this but her sister was reluctant to start the process. Now all of a sudden I hear my wife tell me that her sister is all excited and happy. Sheesh! Although it’s never too late, it would have been better had she made up her mind when I mentioned it to her years ago. Sheesh!
  10. Payxibka. How long am I looking at for the wait on the F4 visa? Paul & Mary. I’ve never heard of pdf filer like Dochub. Do I really need it or can I just file the form without it?
  11. Yes, I think I’m better off doing it myself since I did the k1 visa for my wife and didn’t have any issues and It will actually be cheaper if I do it myself. It’s not like I got 4-5k to blow anyways. I could save the money for the application fees. Do I have to fill out additional applications for each of my wife’s brother and sister or is it just one application for all the siblings? She has 1 brother and 1 sister.
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