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  1. yes, although its very common in india looks like its red flags. I would give more time for our relationship, even am not very comfortable to rushing quickly
  2. Can any one suggest how can i get annualment record outside of USA from california court?
  3. I am from India, My ex wife got married to an American citizen. My daughter living with my ex. Now she is planning to take my daughter with her to USA via CR1. my question is can USCIS approve my daughter's greencard without my consent? As per agreement that I have visitation once a month.
  4. I am Indian, got married to an Indian born and brought up naturalized USA citizen in 2011 outside of USA(Jamaica). Before we apply spouse green card things didn't workout so she applied annulment of marriage in California and our marriage got annuled. I got married again in 2013 with Indian and unfortunately we got divorce in 2019 and daughter from our marriage with my ex. Now my ex married to USA citizen 2 months back and applying greencard for her and daughter from India. Now I am planning to get marry again so registered in Indian match making websites shaadi.com, bharamatrimony.com. I got interest from Indian born American citizen and she came all the way from USA to India to meet me and we like each other and she hinting me to get marry while she is in India. She doesn't want to settle in India and want me to move with her. I am worried that my greencard won't go ahead because of first marriage with American citizen and not sure at what clause she got annulment when am not in USA and never entered USA. Can the USCIS knew about the annulment details on California court in 2012? Can I hide in my greencard application as it's annulment? I know it's not recommended to lie but given I never entered and marriage was not registered in USA and no application made for visa based on marriage. Also my fiancée is 3 years older (43) to me. Will there be an issue and we known only 2 months although it's common in india people marry in short time Can I apply fiancée visa instead of marriage visa? I don't want to go through heartbreaking if we can't live together after marriage. Also I have 2 visa denials 1.h1b in 2009 got 221g for additional documents. 2. Visit visa in 2011. I appreciate your suggestions here please.
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