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  1. just be patient, we had our interview on Dec 6th and no decision at the interview, he said he was waiting for our file to show up just to verify everything. we were notified about 2 -3 weeks later that we were approved and recieved our card about a week later. Hang in there just a little bit longer.
  2. there is no rule change, medicals are good for 1 year when submitted to USCIS https://www.uscis.gov/archive/archive-forms-updates/uscis-issues-new-policy-form-i-693-report-medical-examination-and-vaccination-record our IO asked also, when i mentioned the 1 year since submitted to USCIS he backed right down and said i was correct. We got approved last week. The only thing he did say was to make sure we had all her shots done, which we did, and he did then Approved!!!!!!
  3. we were just notified that we were approved and they are producing our card. YEAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. we got that also, Interview was on 12/6/18, just got updated on the app that they are producing our new card. They said they had to wait for our original application to get there, i thought we were gonna have to wait the 120 days also, thats the paper we received at the interview. Hang in there and lets all hope its sooner for you. !!!!!!!!.
  5. Just received an update on the app stating our card is being produced. So happy!!!
  6. we were 2 weeks ago and no decision cause they were waiting for our original file. Hope its not long!!!!
  7. first congrats, we had our interview at 1 yr and 1 day since we filed . All they asked from us was Joint bank statements and Insurance cards. Now your field office might be different, but what you listed should be plenty, just add your health insurance cards to that list. My wife did the same with tons of pics also. They didnt even look at them. Better safe than sorry though. Good luck with your interview.
  8. had our interview today in Newark, 7:15am was appointment time we waited about 30 minutes and was called back, very easy and relaxed. he asked for ID's and certain copies nothing out of the ordinary, Asked how we met, said everything looked good but was still waiting for our I-129 file. said it shouldn't take but a couple of days. he told us what the next steps were going to be and that was it. we were done in like 20 minutes.
  9. the letter says to bring following items, need some clarification on " All documentation establishing your eligibility for Lawful Permanent Resident status" ??????? are they talking about any correspondence with a Govt. Agency related to the green card?
  10. it says the medical should be good as long as you submitted it within 1 yr of filing your AOS. Good luck to you also!!!!
  11. please hang in there and think good thoughts!!!!!!! and thanks
  12. well finally after 1 yr we have an interview date, Dec 6 th. Wish us luck.
  13. WOW low and behold, i got the mail today and our Interview notice was in there, Dec 6th in Newark, exactly 1 yr since we received our NOA 1 for our Green card. our online hasnt changed at all, still says our application for AOS received
  14. we filed first week of December 2017 and still waiting for an interview, we are Newark also.
  15. im interested in this also as we are coming up on 180 days.
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