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    We met thru my Mom and a friend...after my mother passed way. But she sent me an angel. My husband.. August 19,2010 has shown me love and I've given love like never before. He is my answered Prayer!

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  1. Post op update: Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't updated you all sooner. But I have been feeling like a train wrecked on my knee. I was supposed to have a simple miniscus repair. But they found that it was unable to be repaired. I'd ripped it into shreds and the cartillage as well. So although still laproscopic it was way more extensive than we'd hoped for. The pain has not eased up infact I'm about to give birth to a muscle spasm as I type this.(it only hurts when I laugh) T...

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    2. BimnKay


      Praying for a speedy recovery for you. Make friends with vicodin, elevate your knee and remain blessed.

    3. God fearing

      God fearing

      Sending my prays for you to feel better!

    4. Kehinde


      laughter is good medicine and food for the soul. Lol!

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