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    Joe_janyll reacted to Meseret and John in VSC SUCKS !!!!!   
    VSC IS SO BEHIND IN APPROVING 1-129F forms. I do not understand why the Texas lockbox keeps forwarding I-129F forms to VSC, when they know in fact that VSC is so behind. CSC is now approving June 20th compare to March 18 for VSC. WE are American citizens and tax payers and we should deserve better services from USCIS. We are paying 340 dollars for same services, and USCIS in VSC cashed the money so quick and do not want to hire more people to do their job. This SUCK FOR REAL !!!!!!!!!!

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    Joe_janyll reacted to Nick + Elizabeth in Vermont Service Center 6 MONTHS for NOA2????   
    I am right there with you and couldn't have said it better myself. You took the words right out of my mouth! I will forever be angry about the time we have lost. I am 31 years old and have waited my whole life to meet this man. We want a life together and a family. I will not have children after 35 years old as you greatly increase your chance of complications. After 35 a pregnancy is considered a geriatric pregnancy. Certainly, we will want to wait till he has found a decent job before we start trying as well and in this horrid economy who knows when that will be. All this wasted time makes me feel incredibly angry, when we should be beginning our lives together. Instead we're caught up in all of this red tape and the dream act. Yes, I'm not afraid to say Obama will NOT be getting MY vote. I didn't vote for him the first time and I won't be voting for him this time. I feel completely let down by my government at the moment.
    However, like you I still believe America is the greatest country on Earth. If I didn't we'd have gone the other way around and be headed to the UK. Still, I'm angry. I'm bitter. I want my fiance here with me. I'm f(@*#*& heartbroken.
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    Joe_janyll reacted to We Are The Art in Vermont Service Center 6 MONTHS for NOA2????   
    In our case, VSC received our I-129F on February 13 2012, we finally received our NOA-2 on September 17th. 7 months & 4 days = 215 total days! And yes it is SO frustrating to see some receive theirs within 30 - 40 days but, what can one do but wait? I was one step away from calling my Congressman when the NOA-2 finally arrived but at least it is now "in transit" to the NVC. From what I'm hearing, (per the service I hired to assist with our application) there is also a slowdown occuring with the NVC which is running approx. 30 - 40 days behind schedule before being forwarded to the Embassy (Manila) and to add to the agony, interview dates for Manila are also running about 2 months behind apparently due to flooding there earlier this year! IF all goes according to the current schedule we will have a total wait time of about 10.5 months. There is a small chance that the process is slowly "catching up" but, there is also an equal chance that some other bureaucratic or technical delay will occur before this agonizingly slow ordeal is finalized. Still, we are indeed thankful that progress is at last being made.
    It's very hard to find any comfort in such prolonged waiting times ie. "more time to prepare" etc.. when the only thing that matters to you is being reunited with your fiancee'. And as far as "forgetting all about" this excruciating process once you are finally reunited, I say BS! This experience has, and will forever, leave me and my fiancee' with deep scarring and a permanent bitter taste in our mouths. I can't say that I resent the employees that perform this much needed and important service but, I CAN say that I very much resent all of the precious time that has been forever lost.
    So, why the sudden and unexpected change in normal/average processing times?
    When I called USCIS to inquire about the delay (which the USCIS itself recommends if/when your application runs beyond the normal/average time of 5 months) I was told the delay was due to "higher than expected numbers of applicants" overwhelming the system. I am certain this overflow is directly connected to the "executive order" issued by Obama in June of this year (Google it) which grants "children" ("children" up to 30 years old!) of illegal aliens exemption from deportation under existing immigration law. (When you call USCIS the pre-recorded message you hear even states that there is a "special" department newly established to handle all such applicants expeditously) The latest word from USCIS also indicates they are now transferring thousands of cases (as is evident from numerous recent posts here on VJ) to other offices in order to facilitate this huge influx of applicants, is it any surprise that so many legally filed cases are being unduly delayed? "Immigration Reform" my a** !
    We who have filed for our loved one's to enter this country legally, and paid the required fees, and secured all of the necessary documents, and waited so very patiently, and jumped through all of the bureaucratic hoops, and literally placed our very lives at the mercy of a system which strictly dictates whether or not our chosen partners are "worthy" of admittance, are being forced to accept these conditions whether we like it or not! All for the sake of political gain.
    While I may sound harsh or even bitter to some who read this, and while I admit to being a little of both in this particular matter, I do also steadfastly believe that we (American citizens) do live in the greatest country on earth and benefit greatly from the freedoms and privileges afforded us as Americans. Despite the bureaucratic difficulties and the other inevitable complexities associated with this great nation which I too often complain about, I am proud to be an American. And, I will look forward to the day that my fiancee' will become my wife and assume her proper position as the newest American citizen.
    Come November, I will also not forget to exercise one of my greatest and most valuable Rights as an American...I Will Vote.
    May we all secure that which truly makes this the greatest nation on earth; Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
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    Joe_janyll reacted to JE06 in Vermont Service Center 6 MONTHS for NOA2????   
    In my opinion by looking at some of the data it appears the RFE adds about another month or month and a half in Vermont... If u responded one day short of a month ago id assume ud finally get the NOA2 in the beg. of October. If not the first week Id be calling and harassing their a$$!!! Its sickening how long vermont is taking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And please don't give up! I have occasionally thought the same thing you have (relocating) but you have made it this far so you 2 can do it! As I tell my fiancé either way ONE of us is moving in 2012.. HIM or I... If he is for some reason denied I am out of here!!
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    Joe_janyll reacted to j and c in vsc-the worst   
    look, here is the deal with VSC...it is located in a very, very rural part of an already rural state....sort of like on the edge of civilization, the last outpost before the great darkness, the end of the road, where the sun don't shine no more, etc....you get my drift.
    there is no way you could ever convince me that they can find competent employees there...I am sure they're good at something, like maybe building igloos or inbreeding...but paperwork obviously is not their forte.
    plus, year last, they suffered great flooding (even Providence is disgusted with them) that cut off all their connections with the outside world, cut roads, no electricity, no communications....and they lost what little vestiges of civilization they had....not that in their inbred condition they actually noticed.
    also, their broken computer system is totally, and I mean totally, beyond repair.
    How many work there?....800 or so...?....we as a people would be better off putting all of them on permanent welfare, a station in life the local denizen are familiar and comfortable with, and moving the entire operation closer to civilization.....like Boston or someplace.
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Angela Murray in what to wear in the interview??   
    I'm going to have a lot of trouble getting my husband into a blouse for his interview
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Andrea&Henry in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    There's are so many things worst than waiting for a noa2 . My mom is fighting against cancer and she had being so close to death that she can barely touch it. I can not see myself bashing or complaining or mad at people cause their moms are happy and healthy and mine is sick, breast less and bald. Choose your battles wisely, is not worth it to fight about this. You all gonna get your approvals sooner or later and in the mid time try to be grateful with God for everything we have and being happy for others. As simpe as that
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Andrea&Henry in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    If you start a threat about how bad you feel I WILL BE the 1st one to say CHEER up and pray for your process as I did thousand times with others in your same situation and worst. After reading this, makes me see how angry you are and I cant blame you, but you shouldnt use this threat to show how angry you are, ok maybe is a joke but what if is dont? Start your on threat so we can support you, cheer you up, listen at you, or at least, try to make you feel we are here for you. But bashing on someone else post even if is it fake is not gonna help you. And the USCIS would be an awesome topic why wont you start it? If people out here turn their anger and frustrations to do something good and help other, this world would be totally different.
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    Joe_janyll reacted to cdneh in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    People seem to have the idea, however silly, that someone else getting approved quickly in some way slows them down. That there is some imaginary line we are all standing in, and these people who get quick approvals are somehow butting in ahead of others. Which is utter nonsense. There is no way to compare one persons case against another, every last one has it's own idiosyncrasies, and every last one gets dealt with in a singular way, sometimes it takes no time at all, and other cases take quite a lot of time indeed.
    I remember being a K1 filer very well. We were last in our group, and that has followed me up til ROC. Always last in any queue. And after finally getting our NOA2 on the K1, we were yanked out of line and placed in 'random' AP at NVC, which was not before common practice. Held up there a further almost 2 months, and missed Christmas together, thank you very much. But I didn't feel that any of that gave me the right to moan about other people getting in some perceived line 'ahead' of me. I congratulated every last one of them, and meant it. It's what adult grown up people do.
    I think what disturbs me most of all, is this desire to pour scorn and disapproval on the lucky few who whiz through the process with the rally cry of ' it's not fair!!!" "They filed after we did!' " They are lucky and got the faster service center!"
    Life isn't fair.
    What also isn't fair is to try and subdue the joy of people who have successfully run the gauntlet, even if it appears that they started after you did. Why do we need to begrudge those people their happiness? Why do some think it is acceptable to ban posts like that, or warn the poster that they can be happy, just not too happy, and that they had better watch their words so as not of upset or annoy or provoke the ones who are still waiting?
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Andrea&Henry in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    i know where you going and sounds like a fair options for all of us. Bu t I keep thinking that we are all grown ups, is like if I get mad with someone who post her/his unhappiness cause thst person it's being waiting for 500 days. I read thousand of threats like that and people SUPPORTED them with blessing, good wishes, jokes and cheers up. NOONE complained about it. Then why if someone is very lucky to get her/his approval in 40 days why we cant be that supportive too? I support your idea, sounds fair, but some people needs to check themselves. Cause in real life there are people who always will luckier than you, in your personal life, your professional life etc etc and what are you going to do? Tell people not to be luckier, happier, skinnier, prettier, taller than you? Being in a bad spot of our journey of our life DOESNT give us the right to bash on other's people life and happiness....
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Andrea&Henry in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    The person who started the threat, joined the site yesterday and obviously this is his/her first post. And being honest IM REALLY ASHAME of some of the posts in here. This is not the Visa journey fellows I know. I always felt very proud of belonging in here and every time somebody ask me any question regarding immigration, always says "go to visajourney, best site and people ever" . But thanks to some of you, im having second thoughts about it. We dont know if maybe he is a soldier or a marine in duty! That may explain why he/she got their approval so fast. If that were the case, some people here should regretting their words. We dont know!! But either way, he/she deserve a better welcome than this!
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Penny Lane in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    People should not have to update their timelines is silence.
    I can't believe how rude some people are being.
    Yes, it sucks when someone else gets approved very quickly and you've been sitting here for months and months. Nobody likes that feeling. But that unfairness is all on USCIS, there's no need for VJ to take out their frustration on the member themselves. Remember there are actual people behind these screen names with actual lives and actual relationships. They want to be with their loved ones just as much as you do.
    To make them feel BAD about their progress is not the purpose of VJ. We're all here to support each other through this, not to shun the people who happened to get their approval faster than you did.
    If it bothers you, stay out of the progress reports. If it makes you bitter, that's your problem, not the person posting the threads.
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Operator in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    Why do you have to hide behind your sockpuppet? If you want people to "have some respect" who do you wish them to respect?
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    Joe_janyll reacted to Operator in OMG!! After Long wait! Approved after 40 days!   
    So what you are suggesting is that within this immigration community people who get approved in less than 249 days should just keep there excitement to themselves? Maybe we should also require that people who have been waiting a long time keep their complaints to themselves?
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    Joe_janyll reacted to del-2-5-2014 in Emailed the president...   
    You are missing the point.
    He is not saying that it is fair that VSC is taking longer.
    He doesn't want CSC to get slower just so that VSC can be faster.
    He wants, and like I do too, that VSC get more adjudicators, or whatnots and process as fast or even faster than CSC.
    We are the US, it shouldn't take less time for Curiosity to fly to Mars than to process a petition which takes about 15 minutes in an average.
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