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    I'm only interested in bringing my lovely Sasha home. Together, there's nothing we cannot overcome. If we can survive this journey, we can survive anything! Counting the days..... (Jason)
    I'm interested in making a couple of babies with my man... soon... I don't mind reading good books either...... (Sasha)

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    In June of 2005 I was separated and seeking a divorce. Not usually a happy time for people, but I was feeling quite relieved. You see, the year before I made a huge mistake. I met a woman and for some reason decided to marry her. It was evident almost immediately that it was a big mistake. She returned home to Russia and a long separation/divorce period began. The details are not important. I know it may seem so tasteless to even mention an ex when writing "Our Story". And for this, Sasha, I'm very sorry. However, that information is quite relevant if you are to truly understand our story. It would prove to be a blessing and an obstacle at the same time. So, its June of 2005. Been separated for 8 months. Finally feeling single, working long hours, having a roommate again, ....moving on with life.
    On June 22nd I agreed to meet a friend for a beer, after work. He wanted to meet at a bar that most people hated, including myself. Its the kind of place that should be shut down for many reasons. But I agreed anyway. And it just happened to be Wednesday night. Wednesdays are "International Night" at this horrible bar. Turns out, it's the only place that foreign students can mingle and dance in Williamsburg. Williamsburg is a very conservative city filled with some of America's oldest history and traditions. So, you can imagine that a bar owned and operated by someone with "criminal" ties might stand out like a sore thumb in such a place. Locals here cringe when they hear a mention of that bar. But innocent visitors are blind to any of that reputation. Business always seems to stay strong there because of the many thousands of tourists, and hundreds of international workers that come to Williamsburg each year. I entered the bar and was so immediately ready to leave. I bought a beer and tried to find a place to sit and wait for my friend. this tiny bar is about the size of a gas station or 7-11. No kidding. And when you cram more than 100 people into that small space, it gets hot, loud, and annoying quickly. I had only waited 10 minutes and decided to leave. Everyone there was the same. They all looked the same to me. In the same mindset, dancing the same, etc. I didn't fit in at all. And I was the local! But as I passed through the bar I caught a pair of beautiful eyes. I had to look twice to be sure, but it was me she was watching. She didn't look like she fit in at all either. Maybe she was also local. As I moved nearer to her I could see that she had similar curiosities about me. We talked and I learned that she was Russian. She was so different from any other Russian woman I'd ever met in Williamsburg. Not saying that the norm is bad in any way, but just not for me. Sasha was so perfect in every way. I was in awe of her after minutes of our meeting. She expressed her dislike of this particular bar and I thought it was love at first sight. I gave her a ride home and said goodnight. She called the next day and a beautiful relationship was born.
    We spent every free moment together. She was working, I was working, but we found time everyday to see each other. It was the first day of summer and we had several months to share. We learned so much about each other through endless nights of talking and little sleeping. It got to the point where we were staying together so late at night that taking her home before work the next morning became pointless. By August we were living together. I told her about my last relationship, being married, going through a divorce, my ex being Russian, etc. She told me of her ex. She had recently ended a very long relationship. The days went by so quickly. And we grew so close and so devoted to each other. In September we began to feel a bit sad. She was scheduled to return to Moscow for her studies in the end of September. We vowed to do everything possible to be together again. I was in the middle of a very lengthy international divorce. My being separated enabled me to meet Sasha, but it was also the same status that kept us from really making plans for the future. Irony. So, at the end of September, 2005 we had to say goodbye indefinitely. We didn't know if she would have the same opportunity to come back next summer, or if I'd be free to come to her in winter. We were deeply heartbroken, but our love survived 8 months of being apart. In May of 2006 Sasha was granted a new visa and returned to me. Well, actually she was returned to her summer job in Williamsburg, but we viewed it as something else entirely. :) During that summer together we decided that we would marry and build a life together. We just couldn't be without each other. This was the last summer that she would be granted a visa, as she would be graduating from the University of Moscow in the spring. Marriage was not an option for us. My divorce still wasn't finalized at this point. We were facing another goodbye at the end of September 2006. We began seriously discussing a K-1 Visa. I made the mistake of marrying someone and filing for a K-3 Visa. Not only is that a longer process, but I had to nullify that old petition with USCIS and NVC. I worked feverishly through the fall of 2006 to take a vacation in Moscow in January of 2007. I was there for nearly 2 weeks and got the opportunity to meet all of Sasha's family. It was a wonderful trip and the weather wasn't too cold. We email each other almost everyday still, and always talk on the phone everyday. In May of this year I traveled to her once again. This time staying for nearly 3 weeks. Coming home was so damn hard. Now its July and my divorce was completed long ago. Sasha and I have submitted our I-129F petition and are waiting for approval. I am planning to visit her again in October, unless we receive information that leads us to believe her interview will happen in November or December. Then, perhaps I will opt to wait and be there in Moscow with her when she has her interview. It would mean so much for us to come to America together. But no matter. To be honest with you, I don't think we'll be able to wait that long. I'm 99% sure that I'll still go in October, no matter when she has her interview. We love and need each other, desperately. We have more than 2 years of history together. And I really feel that we have done everything perfectly in our relationship. The patient, steady pace we followed as we built the love we have now was very critical. We've never rushed any step of our personal progress, though we feel extremely anxious to be together. We know that we will succeed. We are destined to be a family. Nothing will keep us apart forever. Nothing.

    By the way, that shitty little bar... we've never been back since. Though it did give each of us a purpose for life.

    I will be flying back to Russia to see my lovely Sasha again on September 27th! I can't wait.....

    I returned home from Russia on October 8th. 11 days just never seems like enough time. I will work hard through the fall and .......

    ......I will be returning AGAIN to Moscow on December 26th, 2007!! Our first New Year's together. Very excited.

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