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    3t3rnal got a reaction from velrich in Why ?   
    lol, ur probably stranger for marrying her if u state that her after dinner snack is strange
    y dont u talk 2 her about how it grosses/stranges u out that she's eating leftover breakfast food as a after dinner snack
    & y's french toast+maple syrup strange???
    if it was like french toast + salad & potatoes on it then some maple syrup and/or ranch, french, thousand island, italian dressing on top
    now that'd just mean she's 1 hell of a eater
    either way...she's either still hungry or she's the kinda person that don't like to waste food...a lot of unfortunate ppl in this world that'd kill for a cold piece of bread & some maple syrup on top
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    3t3rnal got a reaction from Marah Sabir in single mom of 3 and unemployed but need sponsor   
    wow, I hope u didn't pay for that attorney to do ur k-1 (& if u did, bad lawyer alrdy cuz ur timeline shows u had a rfe)? & if he/she is telling you that kinda bs...I would ask for my money back
    reality as it is, if u can't find a cosponsor that makes enough to cover 5+ household ($32k/year), chances of the visa getting approved at the interview is very low & no way n a million years would some random person at the consulate come outta the blue & co-sponsor ur fiance
    since u haven't gotten ur noa2 yet, u may have sometime on ur hands to finding someone that is willing to cosponsor you when the time comes
    & hopefully ur fiance has some skills/degrees/assets & is rdy to start work, cuz ur unemployed & will b adding another mouth to feed
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    3t3rnal got a reaction from dindo and patty in MoneyGram receipts for initial K-1 application.   
    I think the best answer to this would be on your specific consulate's website, b/c some consulates do put it down on their websites that sending money counts as continuation of relationship & the beneficiary should bring the receipt(s) if any...
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