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    kissjo reacted to Boiler in Urgent!! Dad had MAJOR DISABLING STROKE right before Citizenship interview!   
    His Green Card is just evidence of his status, his status is not dependent on the GC, he can just renew it to get a new card.
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    kissjo got a reaction from Jilli & Ales in Please please update your timeline!!!   
    Hi everybody, please please just wanted to ask everybody to update their timeline!.. This is a community and we are here to help each other.. Having an understanding of other's timeline truly helps a lot!...
    So.. when u first register and put in your NOA1, ***REMEMBER** to put in your NOA2 when you finally receive it!!..
    For those who are on the site and do not have an updated timeline, please feel free to update it..
    Thanks.. !
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    kissjo got a reaction from Kathryn41 in MISSED 1ST INTERVIEW..NOW WHAT..?   
    Hey.. Your case is so simple.. Really, you dont need to call your lawyer so that he can take anothe big chunk of money from you!>..
    All you need to do is google "infopass and your local immigration office". Then follow the steps and make an appointment. The ealriest possible.
    Go to the immigration and explain te situation. They will liste to you and make another appointment since your case is so genuine.
    Sorry to say, bu most of the time, lawyers are OVERRATED.. And too expensive and a cause of delay...
    So check it out withthe "infopass" yourself before you go with the laeywer route.
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