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    we were born for eachother and we know that since we first met when we were just teenagers <3

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  1. march fwends started to get approved

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    2. DeeDee&Sam


      i knowwww. it was good we filed in march cause we're not THAT many as the others months and should go fast <3 but i you two will be next :D :X

    3. Andie


      liked your comments about the waiting times and if it helps us get through the journey then its a good thing. also like your story here.. (it sounds like us, though ours began so many years ago)..you will be okay! :)

    4. DeeDee&Sam


      all the stories are different, but here we're all the same and have to support eachother with much love and good mood!! even if i've been through a lot lately, i like keeping my vj fellows with heads up :D <3

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