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    Dark Funeral!!! \m/
  2. Perfectly fine. By the time you will be going in for your interview, the new tax season will be here and your fiance will be able to print out the tax return for year 2018.
  3. Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Yes, only the benficiaires birth certificate is required. If you tured in a copy of your birth certificate with your application, they will still have it with them. It took about 3 weeks to get the official email or "letter" from the consulate after we have received the NVC email. I emailed to consulate asking for a status of the letter, and the next day they emailed me with the instructions. Feel free to email them if you'd like, and they will be emailing you soon after that.
  4. The main documents to be provided at the consulate: Original and copy of birth certificate I-134 Passport Police certificates (federal and state) Medical exam results 2 passport photos Sworn statement https://br.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/32/2016/04/Declaracao-de-solteiro-marriageble-age-statement-application.pdf (you only sign it in front of the official) DS-160 confirmation with barcode I am also going to submit a copy of the appointment confirmation page just to be safe. Of course, I have a lot of pages of proof of relationships, such as chat logs, emails, etc. so bring that as well. Me personally, I feel more comfortable providing the I-134 with an actual signature to the consulate. I've heard different people say different answers, like yes it has to be an original signature, or no it can be a copy, so since I will be attending my fiance's interview anyways, I am providing an original signature. I am going to be a copy of my bank statements, W=2's, and pay stubs. Hope this helps.
  5. https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p Here is the link to show the poverty guideline requirements for income. As long as your income is sufficient and meet the above requirement, you're fine. Hope this helps.
  6. Email the consulate, as the "letter" is actually an email with all the instructions.
  7. You won't receive an official letter, it will just be an email. We got the email about nearly 4 weeks after our I-129f was approved.
  8. My fiance and I had the same issue. We didnt hear from the consulate in Rio until about 3 weeks after we had received the email from NVC stating our case number. We emailed the consulate asking if they had received our case, and they replied the next day providing the next steps. Hope this helps...
  9. Hello Members! My question is in regards to the DS-160, and something I'm kind of concerned about with my fiance's son's name in his passport, and the consulate, so bare with me... My fiance's son just recently had his passport renewed. I noticed that his middle name, which is a "given name" was typed with his last name, or "surname". So under "surname" it reads both his middle name and last name. Example: Instead of Surname: Smith Given Names: Jacob Meyer John, it reads Surname: John Smith Given Names: Jacob Meyer " Also, one of his name is missing the middle syllable (???) , if that makes sense. For example, Jose de Rosa, it just says Jose Rosa (totally made up name for example) under his surname. According to the Brazilian government, this was done in order for all the names to fit on the passport, but it's obvious his middle name isnt apart of his surname. I'm about to submit the DS-160. I know when filling out the DS-160, it has to match what the passport says, but of course it's not really "correct" on the passport. I'm concerned this might be a major issue once we submit the DS-160 and/or at the consulate for the interview??? Much help need, than you! (And sorry for such a long post!)
  10. I appreciate the advice and help! I will send the consulate an email very soon in regards to our case! I started the DS-160 yesterday, and I did notice how fast the system can timeout, it's crazy! We have all the documents we need for the interview (police records, birth certificates, etc.) So I believe we're more than ready for this to happen. Thank you again!
  11. @T_PSounds like a plan! Just so I'm not confused, that email will tell my fiance what paper work is needed at the embassy? And also, is that email needed to attend her medical? Sorry to bombard you You can direct message me if you desire...
  12. @T_P appreciate the feedback! I will keep my eyes out! So my fiance and I should be expecting email, and not regular letter? Mail system in Brazil is terrible, haha.
  13. Appreciate it @John & Rose !! BTW, did the you receive a letter in the mail as well, or just your fiance?
  14. Just checked the website, and it said "ready". I think I must have put "nonimmigrant visa" in the visa application type, because under the Brazilian consulate website, K-1 visa is labeled under "nonimmigrant visa". So I can beging the DS-160 then? I know my fiance has to receive a letter from the consulate, but right now th email service in Brazil is terrible, that's what really gets both of us concerned :/
  15. Hey everyone. So on March 22, I received am email from NVC stating they received my I-129F application for my fiance. Also, on the same day, I received an email from NVC stating they already sent the application to the consulate and that my fiance and I were approved for expedited processing. It's been over 2 weeks since we haven't heard anything from the consulate. Should I email the consulate asking if they received the application? Or just be patient and wait a little longer? I tried the whole check tracking thing with the DHL website, didn't work for me one bit... Also, should my fiance and I begin to work on the DS-160 already without actually knowing an interview date? Thank you!!