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  1. Thank you! I swear It was an honest question and didn’t know it’s an illegal move.
  2. I accept all comments as long as they are proper and respectful, not accusing me of things not even thinking of doing.
  3. And it was just a question and didn’t know it was illegal, that’s the purpose of being on this website, thanks.
  4. You’re not actually putting words into my mouth? I am not saying that by any means, I stated is there a faster way like to bring him on a touristic Visa and try to adjust the status here in the states! So, if you’re here to make accusations to people seeking help, I thank you for stopping by and ask no more for your help! Have a terrific day.
  5. He have a master degree in English studies, he can’t find a job in tunisia.
  6. Is there a way or other process to bring him over here? Like apply for a tourist visa and process his paperwork from here while he’s staying with me?
  7. Hello, I am a US citizen, neutralized , and I was wondering how long it takes to bring my brother here from Tunisia to the states after filing the I-130 form, he’s 25 years old unmarried. I read some horrible stories stating a wait of 12 years . is it worth it to hire an attorney to take care of that?
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