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  1. There's no specific thread for cc to IL. It's just the general threads. F2B F3 F4
  2. Hi all! Didn't think my post would generate such interest 😅 I'll try to answer to the best of my knowledge. They send the F2B ILs in the 2nd event. The 1st event seems to be reserved for IR1/CR1 mostly. Hi, I don't know about F3, you have to follow the f3 thread here or a FB group, I'm sure you'll figure it out when people start reporting ILs. I'm only certain about IR1/Cr1 being in the first releasing event. There might be other categories too but I don't follow them closely. 20th something is not a stationary date. It's quite fluid actually. It might be before Xmas, might be after. If it will make you feel better, you can request expedite. My guess is they'll probably schedule you either way if the consulate isn't busy.
  3. Empirical data I gathered shows there's 2 main releasing events every month when the majority of people receive their ILs in a batch in the ealy morning hours of a certain day - once around the 10th of the month, and once around 20th. There can be ILs outside those events but they belong to the few, not the many. At least that was my personal research
  4. F2As get their ILs in the 2nd releasing event around 20-24 each month. If your consulate isn't terribly backlogged they should be able to schedule you for January.
  5. We received IL half an hour ago 😃 DQ: Sep 10 Consulate: Amsterdam, Netherlands F2A
  6. How can your father guarantee you and your husband won't be a public charge if he himself is? 🤨 You need another joint sponsor. You are literally setting yourself up for failure. Take Jaret&Rachael's advice. And file taxes. It's an obligation you have as an USC.
  7. Yeah, she was also quite assertive in what she's saying. So I believe her. Honestly, the wording of "schedule throughout the month" can be interpreted in more than one way. It could mean they are working on scheduling throughout the month ( and releasing IL twice), or schedule 2-3 a month which would also make it "throughout the month" . From what I've seen there's 2 big releasing events - around 10-12th and 20-22nd of every month. And then there's a few sporadic ILs in between.
  8. The phone reps? No. They are not scheduling. They are just call center people. Somewhat obvious.
  9. NVC number is 6033340700 I called early morning, like 15 mins after 7 EST and I was on hold for about an hour. Btw, if you're gonna ask when is your interview going to be.. they don't know. They told me they don't know how many people are waiting for a consulate and they don't have access to info about scheduling.
  10. Just called NVC - the rep told me they are done scheduling for October. They will begin scheduling November later this week. Bummer 😕 But maybe y'all find this information useful.
  11. I was not actually. Whoops 😥 June VB cutoff was July 15. His PD became current in July though when the VB became current. Now if only OP would clarify what's his actual PD 😛
  12. How come they received the petition 3 months after you filed it? It got lost in the mail or what 🤨
  13. This calculation is incorrect. Visa bulletin current date should be 06/01/19. This is when his PD first became current in the VB. 4. Determining Age at Time of Visa Availability In order to calculate an adjustment applicant’s CSPA age according to the formula above, the officer must first determine the age at time of visa availability. In order for the immigrant visa to be considered available, two conditions must be met: The petition must be approved; and The visa must be available for the immigrant preference category and priority date. Therefore, the date the visa is considered available for family and employment-based preference applicants is the later of these two dates: The date of petition approval; or The first day of the month of the DOS Visa Bulletin that indicates availability for that immigrant preference category and priority date in the Final Action Dates chart. [25]
  14. The DS260 is not manually checked. It's your responsibility to make sure it's all good. It says completed immediately after you fill all the necessary fields.
  15. We are in almost identical situation. We got DQ Sept 10, our consulate in Amsterdam doesn't have a backlog as well, issues very few immigrant visas overall.. but I'm afraid we could miss out on October because of NVC scheduling. I really hope my fears are unfounded. The closer it gets the more anxious I become.
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