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  1. Bad news for you - fiscal year 2020 starts in October 2019, not January 2020 😂
  2. I feel exactly the opposite. They would evaluate the capabilities of the applicant and how they will fare in their new life. Right now they ask of the US citizen/ LPR to solely guarantee this and they would not take into account what the applicant brings to the table. The merits and prospects of people matter and they should be weighed in on any decision the COs make. In my particular case, this rule will direct the spotlight to the intending immigrant (my husband). And by doing so, it will actually improve the merit of our case since my husband has better prospects than me, pay, liquid assets, he's absolutely fluent in english etc. He's gonna be a contributing member of society.. and with the old rule.. nobody would care. They would only require a sponsor.. making 125% of poverty line consistently. Stupid.
  3. The first link is the old site, the second is the new site. They may update one of them, both of them, or none of them 😆 It doesn't mean anything. Yes, WL contains your NVC case number.
  4. They will only send you emails. NVC went paperless couple of years ago. They will only send mail to cases that didn't provide any emails for whatever reason.
  5. I can't answer those questions. You really need to get in touch with them. Keep calling untill you get through. Alternatively, send them an email.
  6. I just got my NVC account but the first thing I noticed was the instruction of paying the AOS fee and IV fee in 2 separate transactions or checks. If you sent just 1 check for the amount of 445, that's not gonna work. You need 2 checks - one for 120 and one for 325. I would advice you to contact NVC though, and confirm that was the problem.
  7. I received a Welcome letter yesterday, to my great surprise. It's been 1 day short of 7 weeks since the petition's approval. Both me and my husband got the email. I didn't contact NVC in any way and I have no idea when did they received the petition. Now, I know most people have different experience. I suspect it was USCIS that fast tracked my petition to NVC because the approval happened past normal processing times. So no need for panic if you don't receive yours within the same timeframe. ☺️
  8. You'll face scrutiny for adjusting from a tourist visa. I honestly don't see the benefit in doing that too - you won't have to wait for NVC but you will have to wait for AOS. Same thing. I read the wait time for work authorization is about 5 months.
  9. Dates for filling doesn't matter for you. USCIS case number remains the same. NVC gives you a case number with the Welcome letter. You could use some more research, use Google.
  10. Under F2B. ❤️ He must stay single during the whole 11 year wait for the Philippines. He will be 35 by that time, unable to marry but probably have a partner that he'll need to petition. It's half a lifetime of waiting to begin your life. Is this all worth it?
  11. Didn't you give them your email in the i-130 or G-1145? Alternatively you can go to Ask NVC and ask them to notify you when they receive your petition. Be sure to include all information - NOA1, NOA2, names of petitioner and beneficiary, alien number, dates of birth, address, emails.
  12. She can petition right after she gets her green card. But do you realize you need to sponsor all 3 of them? Household size and income is something to consider as well.
  13. My thoughts exactly. They say they don't have enough applicants who actively pursue visas (which resulted from backlogs at CSC) and now they are trying to get the numbers up so they can plan ahead. That's the reason we see very few IL, if any. And a lot of recent approvals. It's all gonna go back to normal with the new fiscal year.
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