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    Lova reacted to MIBEN in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    I suppose you have the right to change your mind but in all fairness you explaining daily life and responsibilities to him made no difference because he has no reference point. He was never married, does not have kids, has never moved away from home. Ofcourse he is going to be clingy he is homesick, have some consideration. How would you feel if you had to leave your whole life children included and start anew in a foreign country. Okay he may not have children but he had an entire family, it is normal to feel the way he does. You did research? Then why entertain the brother about signing paperwork? If you were so thorough you would know you are not responsible. Obviously you did not prepare yourself realistictly to what he would experience. Now that he is in your face, then he becomes and inconvenience? I feel bad for him but as many have stated he has 90 days to marry or go back to Morocco. I would also take the opportunity to visit family, heck after this outcome I would need the moral support as well. What he does after he leaves your home I suppose is between him and USCIS, I recommend he goes home before the 90 days. All you have to do is report that the marriage did not happen and I am sure they will ask for his location so have the address handy.
    Shaking my head poor guy....
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    Lova reacted to livindadream in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    You should have gotten to know him better before bringing him to the US, Im sorry to say, but it's true. Truthfully, you're not the victim here...he is. Unless, there is abuse or cheating or any other thing you're not telling us. But from what I can see, you brought him here....he gave up whatever he had going for himself in Morocco, left a familiar place full of family and friends...and now you're saying that you made a mistake and you don't want to marry him. You don't need to do anything, you've already done it...you gave him grounds for that VAWA stuff. A lot of men and women use it as a tool for staying in the country by making up lies that the spouse/fiancé kicked them out, wont adjust the status, etc. In this case...it would be totally valid if he went that route. I'm sorry your relationship was not all it seemed, but seeing someone face to face for 8 days and then deciding he's the person you will spend the rest of your life with is ridiculous in itself. Go to USCIS office, put in writing what your situation is so that they will document it, and move on with your life...do yourself a favor and dont' go meeting anyone else abroad and dragging them into this sort of indecisiveness. Thank God the person you brought to the States has somewhere else to go..imagine if he had nobody there when you came to your conclusion of not wanting him anymore.
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    Lova reacted to discoverusa in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    Agree. Relationships require work and time. You hardly given it any time to make things work. The guy just left his entire life for you. Give him some credit.
    To all the people who just want to ship him back: Even if he decides to go back home he is still allowed to go visit his brother and then leave. I would assume flights to and from Morocco are expensive so why not visit a brother while he is already here and then go home. Call me naïve, but that's how I see it.
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    Lova reacted to belinda63 in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    Here's an idea. You have only given it a few weeks. Why not wait a bit longer see if things mesh. He has just given up his life and moved to a new country. The person you are seeing is not the person he is. He has a lot to adapt to right now. If he wants let him visit his brother for a few weeks then come back to you and see how things go. You are not married, you have 90 days to do so. Take your time and let the man get used to the change.
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    Lova reacted to BKKflyer in K1 Visa - I won't marry him!   
    It's funny to me that everyone else in this thread is saying things like "don't let him come back to your house" when the OP is clearly at fault here (if her description of the situation is accurate). She brings this guy over and decides in a week and a half that they are not alike? And you are more worried about her?
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