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10:38 am February 11, 2022



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My spouse recently just sent a expedite request to NVC and this is what they have updated me with. I have seen many with the same reply but get denied and others have a differently worded reply and they get approved. So is this true, will I get denied?


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2:18 pm October 29, 2021



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Hi there, first I am a US citizen sponsoring my wife of almost 2 years. She is in Yemen, and we are currently on a waiting list for a US Visa in Djibouti. Form I-130 was submitted on 04/05/2021 Priority date is 04/22/2021 and was completed and transferred to NVC on 07/17/2021. All documents were accurately submitted to NVC on 08/06/2021. And finally on 10/28/2021 we received a message "DOCUMENTARILY QUALIFIED". The cacategory we are in is *CR1

I thought of sharing this as that we, as my wife and I, been searching the internet and following the process of cases.. but came to the last point of how long from now till the interview is scheduled.

Any idea or based on a similar experience, of how long the wait time until the interview is scheduled?

Best of luck to everyone!

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September 2021, I-130 Filers
1:24 am September 20, 2021



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Hello I created this timeline so we can help each other out.

I just applied for my husband and got my receipt yesterday priority date :09/10/2021

I had already submitted a different case and got denied(Appealing was not going to work out because it will take the same amount that a new petition would, and most likely be denied) :( wish me luck on this one because I have put my heart into it

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I-130 denied, EOIR-29 or refile??
5:43 am September 5, 2021



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hello I applied for an I130 back in November 2019 and as of august 2021 I got denied. they sent a RFE in septmber 2020 but that was it and I never got a NOID which is unfair and I thought my case would be approved 100% with the amount of evidence I have given. they said "Upon review of the record, it has been determined that you have not submitted sufficient documentary evidence to establish eligibility for the benefit sought. Therefore, the petition is denied."

I have a few days left to appeal the decision and I spoke to a senator and congresswomen to help me on this issue and they are willing to do so. I just do not know which is a better route for me, appealing or refiling. I have much stronger evidence that I gathered up based off the denial, my attorney is saying I should refile, but that will make me lose my priority date of 2019..and its already been two years. I am hoping if I appeal USCIS may just change their decision based off the newer evidence and not send it to the BIA (that's where it takes a very long time) and that will take up to 2-3 months. what do you guys think...

I am a US citizen

I submitted wedding pictures, affidavits, certifications of our marriage, appropriate filing fees, wedding invite, a personal letter, passport pictures of both of us

the NEW evidence I have(this was available but I do not send it because I did not feel comfortable)

pictures after marriage(assortment), closer affidavits who know us on a personal level, text messages on many social media platforms, video calls/meetings, on many social media platforms, passport stamps showing travel, honeymoon receipts of hotels, gifts(gold) he brought me, our anniversary gifts for each other,

this is a REAL marriage and I love my husband dearly, and everyone who filled before me did way less than I did and got approved. I feel horrible. please help me with any information or past experience you can

Thank you

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I 130 FORM
1:43 am April 8, 2021



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i am trying to fill out the form i 130 and it expired on 02/28/2021. can i still submit the form or its already expired?


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