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i-130 form help
11:30 am August 14, 2019


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Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?

If you answered "Yes," provide the name, place, date of filing, and the result.




Date Filed:


The answer to this question is yes. The part where I have to put city and state is confusing me, because the previous I-130 I had filed, was filed to the Texas Service Center. After x amount of months they then transferred my case to the USCIS field office in NYC, which is the office that gave me the decision on the case. So do I answer this with Texas or NY?

I have read conflicting info about this, with some saying to put the city from where I sent the application (NYC my place of residence).

Thanks in advance for the help!

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additional processing ( interview )
12:27 am July 24, 2019


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we filled petition at Guangzhou office 5 days later we got an email additional processing requirements and interview

we requested delay the interview

has anybody had this issue ???

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What to expect
1:34 pm July 12, 2019


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we filed the petition I-130 at the us Guangzhou office , I was told in 60 days is the whole processing time , when should I expect the Noa1 as they did not provide us it

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keep getting kicked out of ceac application
12:26 am March 26, 2019


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Every time i login into ceac application page, and try to update passport date since its expired already it keeps kicking me out. whats going on

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Question on N400 about travel history
6:17 pm January 25, 2019



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My wife is getting ready to file for naturalization, but we're a little stumped on the travel history section. My wife first came to the US on a Diplomatic A visa in 2004, which was adjusted to F1 student visa in 2009. In 2010 she returned to Yemen and stayed there until July 2015. Since then she has not ever left the country. She became a resident in April 2016 and she is filing on the 3 year rule.

The way we filled it out, we said she had one trip outside the US, beginning in 2010 ending in 2015. Total days for that trip and then the total days in the past 5 years (even though we are filing on the basis of 3 years). Underneath she wrote that she has not been outside the US since becoming a permanent resident.

Is this the right way to go? Any experience here?

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