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Green card holder returned to home country
8:36 am December 18, 2019



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Hello folks, I wanted some help/input from those of you that may have some expertise or knowledge about this topic. I made friends with someone whose husband recently got their spousal visa approved and will be heading this way from Yemen. He will be traveling in the coming weeks and plans on bringing her mother to accompany. Here's where the difficulty is: Her mother has a 10-year green card, but returned to Yemen a year after her green card was issued in 2011 and hasn't been back to the USA since 2012. Will her mother be able to be granted re-entry? I've been searching the web and haven't been able to find a clear answer besides extensive questioning. The mother never filed any paperwork prior to departure. Any help or input would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all in advance.

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Got an approval notice and what to expect??
11:04 pm October 26, 2019


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Hey mates

we got an approval notice 2019/09/25th, What should I do and what should I expect, I don t know my case number, USCIS office mentioned they transfer our file to the US embassy in Riyadh Saudi Arabia, plz share your knowledge on what to do ? It s been a month and no any updates

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i-130 form help
11:30 am August 14, 2019


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Have you EVER previously filed a petition for this beneficiary or any other alien?

If you answered "Yes," provide the name, place, date of filing, and the result.




Date Filed:


The answer to this question is yes. The part where I have to put city and state is confusing me, because the previous I-130 I had filed, was filed to the Texas Service Center. After x amount of months they then transferred my case to the USCIS field office in NYC, which is the office that gave me the decision on the case. So do I answer this with Texas or NY?

I have read conflicting info about this, with some saying to put the city from where I sent the application (NYC my place of residence).

Thanks in advance for the help!

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I transferred my case back to Djibouti
6:10 pm August 10, 2019


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How long does the transfer take to be completed and how long will take for interview??

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additional processing ( interview )
12:27 am July 24, 2019


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we filled petition at Guangzhou office 5 days later we got an email additional processing requirements and interview

we requested delay the interview

has anybody had this issue ???

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