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  1. I will be arriving in Texas, and we will be driving to my fiancee's home in Oklahoma. We want to get married straight away at the nearest courthouse to the airport. As he is a resident of Oklahoma, do we have to get married in an Oklahoma courthouse? Can we get married there and then, paying all the fees (I presume this will be on a Friday)? What do each of us need to bring with us (I will have my K1 visa)?
  2. They do x-rays and blood and urine tests, would they discover it through that?
  3. I've booked my interview for the 20th May but I'm not sure if I'll end up needing to rebook it for a later date. Do I have to change it at least 24 hours before the original appointment time, or can it be changed even an hour before the appointment time? And how many days do I leave between the Medical and Interview?
  4. Mine is in transit to the Consulate! We are so blessed! Wow I could really have my visa before the end of May!
  5. Mine is a couple of days earlier than yours and still says 'At NVC'... hopefully it will be in transit soon.
  6. Mine is a couple of days earlier than yours and still says 'At NVC'... hopefully it will be in transit soon.
  7. I called last Wednesday and got my Case Number, do you think I should call today and ask when it was assigned?
  8. So can the Medical exam results be sent to the Consulate even if they haven't received the package from NVC yet? Also, at the interview, if the co-sponsor earns enough to meet the income requirement but the CO doesn't like our choice for a co-sponsor, do they give us a chance to find another or is that the end and I won't be allowed to get the visa?
  9. So I take it that the interview has to be booked first and then to go and book the medical exam?
  10. Once we get married on the K1 visa how long do we have to apply for AOS?
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