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Marriage fraud (bogus) accusation. Lawyer rec?
1:56 pm January 15, 2020


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Hi All,

My husband (Turkish citizen) and I (USC) submitted our I-130 in October 2019. We have been married for 2.5 years. My husband was previously briefly married to a USC, and they lived in the US for about 10 months until their marriage completely fell apart. He had no desire to stay in the US, so he went back to Turkey. His ruthless ex proceeded with an annulment process rather than a divorce, and was able to get an annulment by accusing him of marriage fraud. Even though it was a completely bogus claim, as they were a couple living together for roughly 3 years overseas before coming to the US. And he immediately left the US when they decided to split, which further indicates he had no intention of living in the US under some false marriage. It states on his annulment paper the reason for annulment is "marriage fraud". The annulment paper is from July 2011. Obviously we are deathly afraid of receiving a denial for the I-130. In case we receive an Intent to Deny paper, we'll only have 30 days to respond, so we'd like to have a reliable, honest, knowledgable lawyer on hand and ready to take action.

Does anyone know if we'll need to have a lawyer from the state (AZ) or even county (Maricopa) where the annulment took place for this? Or can the lawyer be based out of any state/city?

Anyone know of a lawyer to recommend for falsely accused of marriage fraud or how to proceed when it's on the annulment paper?

We included every bit of evidence we had and could think of to prove the legitimacy of their marriage when we submitted the I-130 along with the annulment paper. We included a detailed cover letter that my husband explained the whole timeline of their several years long relationship and how it eroded, and when he left the US. Also included two affidavits, one from his friend who knew them while they were dating and he was a witness at their civil marriage. The other affidavit is from their friend who they lived with for a few months before they completely separated. A picture of them was included too. My husband deleted all emails, messages, etc from his ex as he wanted nothing to do with her or to remember her with. No idea what else we could provide as evidence without a lawyer if we get an intend to deny letter.

Thank you for your help. I cannot even bear to think of my husband not being allowed to live in the US.

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Translation of rent contract
9:28 am January 12, 2020



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Hey everyone!

I've been working on translating a few documents that we need to apply for the CR-1 visa and while translating our rent contract I found out that a few pages of the contract are just a bunch of living rules in the apartment that we were in. Would that be necessary to translate as well? all of our main information are on the first page anyway, so am i required to translate the full document or is the importante information page sufficient for the application?

Thanks for your help!

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Translating my own documents
1:11 pm January 11, 2020



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Hi everyone!

I live in Turkey and my partner and I are applying for the CR-1 visa. We have some apartments rent contracts that we want to submit with our application, but it needs to be translated to English first. Would it be ok if I translated the documents myself? or do i need to get a professional translator to do it? would that cause any problems?

Thanks for help.

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Where can interview take place?
10:48 am January 11, 2020


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My husband's interview is still more than a year away, as our I-130 was just received in Nebraska Oct. 28, 2019. But we want to start considering our options. We currently live in Japan. I am USC and he is a Turkish citizen. My work contract here in Japan ends in Sept. 2020, and we'd like to leave Japan soon after that. We may move to Turkey after that until his visa is completely finalized. In the (probably highly likely) event that he will not have had his interview done by then, can he have the interview done in Turkey? For the time being, our paperwork is being sent to my mom's address in the US, but what are the requirements and procedure for changing just our living address from Japan to Turkey? Also, we were married in Japan July 20, 2017. Can the country of marriage be different than where the interview will be?

Thank you!

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I-129F cover letter & sticky situation
10:17 am January 5, 2020


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Hi All,

I will soon submit the I-129F (K3) in hopes of getting our I-130 approved a tad sooner as it was sent to Nebraska. In addition to all the necessary documents to include in the packet, should a cover letter also be included?

Asking because we sent a detailed cover letter and two 3rd-party supporting letters with our I-130 explaining the fraudulent accusation of my husband's ex-wife (she is US citizen and so am I) claiming "marriage fraud", which is stated on their annulment paper from 2011. We will have to include the annulment paper again with the I-129F form. I hate to bring attention to this absolutely bogus claim of hers, which she did out of spite even though he immediately left the US and didn't return. Though we also want to be completely transparent as he was not in the wrong then or now.

I know this is a dicey situation, and we have already wasted money on two lawyers who were of no help. We're doing this on our own and hoping for the best.

Thank you for your input.

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