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US Immigration from Tunisia

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IRS Tax Transcript VS Tax return from accountant
6:15 am April 18, 2022


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Hey! We are at the uploading AOS part now online. Does it have to be IRS transcript from the IRS website? I'm having trouble getting them, but I have tax return from accountant from past 3 years and the W2s. Would the individual tax return from accountant be okay?

I see online:

" If you cannot get an IRS transcript, please send a photocopy of your federal individual income tax return. If you provide a photocopy, you must include a copy of every Form W-2 and Form 1099 that relates to your return(s)."

Any info helps thanks!

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CR1 Pre-Interview Forms / Items: Joint-Sponser
1:56 am April 12, 2022


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??. Joint Sponser Questions. ??

Hi guys! We are finally at the NVC stage for our CR-1 visa and want to start preparing for the interview. I will use my dad and a joint sponser. I want to start getting him to prepare his documents now. Can someone look over this list and let me know what I'm missing and need to add? I don't want to miss anything!

Required Documents from my joint-sponser:

  • Proof of income tax returns and W-2s from past 3 years ( so I need both tax returns AND W2 from past 3 years?)
  • Signed I-864
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship ( unexpired U.S. passport, U.S. birth certificate or U.S. birth certificate)
  • Proof of U.S. domicile (paystubs, mortgage statements, lease agreements, U.S. bank statements, registering children in U.S. schools, voting in local, State, or Federal elections)- So I just need to collect some of these from my dad?

Thanks guys!!!

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Uploading tax transcripts to CEAC
1:47 pm March 20, 2022


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I chose to upload 2018 2019 2020 tax transcripts on ceac . Am I supposed to combine all of them into one pdf and upload it in the required docs ? or upload 2020 alone in the required docs and 2018 , 2019 under additional documents?? Thanks

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12:46 pm March 11, 2022


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My joint Sponsor is a business owner , he uses his 1120s and 1040

Pic 1 : his Gross Receipts from his 1120s : 246k ( which what he is earns from his business)

Pic 2 : His AGI from his 1040 : 42k ( which he get after all the deductions etc)

My question which amount the USCIS will uses to qualify my Joint Sponsor ? the one on the 1120S or the one on the 1040 ?

Sans titre.jpg


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Ds-5355 in advance
3:01 pm March 8, 2022


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So we are waiting for our interview in Tunisia (north Africa) and I'm (male beneficiary) worried about getting a ds-5355 because it is a Muslim country and my Facebook profile picture is me holding a paintball guns Wich looks like real guns.... It's stupid but I have pots about guns but they are all from 2015 and it's all just video games but I don't know if they embassy will get it (haven't used Facebook since 2018) . My question is, can I contact the embassy in advance and ask em if I can file the 5355 in advance to avoid delays after the interview??

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