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US Immigration from Tunisia

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AOS interview
11:16 pm April 10, 2021



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Hi everyone here's my story I was in New York and my PD is January 2020 case changed to ready to be scheduled on April 2020 then I moved to Texas on September so my status first changed to interview canceled then to ready to be scheduled for an interview again on September after I changed my adresse. I contacted uscis recently and the agent opened a ticket for my case and that's the respond that I got . Does anyone ever got this and heard something back from them soon ?

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Annula Income
11:36 pm April 6, 2021


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Hello , my USC wife filled her taxes for 2019 and 2020 and she got her W2's showed that she cant meet the minimum required annual income , but lately she get a new job and she reach over the minimum income , so we need to wait till the next year to get the new W2 or there is a way to show the new reached income and being my sponsor , Thanks

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Do you submit the Beneficiary photos for I-130
6:56 pm April 2, 2021



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For US citizen applying for sibling or parent, do you have to provide passport size photo with the applications?

I saw it somewhere in the online filing but I don't see it in i-130instr.pdf .

Any idea?

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Need help with citizenship RFE because of traffic citation
3:21 pm April 2, 2021



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Hi ,

I had my citizenship interview today and It went good except one issue regarding question 23 Part 12 of N-400. (Have you EVER been arrested, cited.....). I answered no to that question (I thought it is the correct answer because I was not guilty and it was dismissed)

In order to clarify I did it right, I told the officier that I did get a traffic ticket but it was dismissed by the court. So she said I need to provide proof of that.

Looking at the RFE, . I am worried I mess this up so I want to check if someone had similar case.

Basically, I want to respond to the RFE today online (the officier mentioned I can do it online) by providing the court records from the court's website ( charge detail, disposion ,summary and traffic ticket handed by the COP (it is almost blank because of think is gone). But in the RFE it says it has to be original or certified and you have one chance to respond to this... So i am worried that these document won't be considered as original because they are printed form the website. The other option will be request the record from the court and that can take some time ?


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Calling USCIS
5:53 pm March 26, 2021


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Is it impossible now to speak with a rep? My question hasn t been answered here, and I get stuck in the automated system when calling USCIS. Have they made it impossible to actually talk to an officer?

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