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Filling the I-129F . Need some help please
9:21 am yesterday


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I started filling the I-129F with my fiance so we have a question about the adresse section I already put the question before here but I didn't get a clear answer
So my question is :- my fiance moved from his ex is house 5 years ago and since then he started renting rooms everytime he move ( bc that's less expensive and he's planning to rent an apartment when I get my visa approved ) so his mailing address is his ex is house and he doesn't any prove that he moved to that places before no bills no contract nothing. .
We were worried about what we should put exactly
I hope that made my question clear thank you

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Interview result : 221g , we will call u
12:57 am yesterday


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Hello everyone i really need help , i had my K1 interview yesterday in us embassy of Tunisia , the consular asked me many questions and she saw that me and my fiance have some age gap so she asked a lot about how is our relationship and i answered very good and conident , we didn't have nothing missed in papers , we spent 64 days in person together in the 5 trips she made them for me , after that she said okay and then said we will call you and gave me a white paper g221 and she doen't ask me to bring nothing on it , its just AP , i was so worried so can i have some help guys , thank you .

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ON AP since September 21st for a tourist visa
7:56 pm yesterday


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Hey guys,

I have been placed under ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESSING since my interview (21st September) for a tourist visa. I am a Tunisian citizen living in France, I am working here and I live on my own ( I have got ties with this country ).

my travel history I guess was the reason they placed me under AP. I have been to Iran, Jordan, Qatar (as a tourist ).

I d like to kindly ask you if anyone here was placed under AP in US embassy in Paris, and if they granted you the visa , how long were you waiting for ?

I started to lose hope in spending CHRISTMAA and New Year s Eve in the US.. as it s been almost two months since I applied.

very much obliged.

kind regards.

I wish you the best.

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6:56 pm yesterday


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A friend of mine is trying to apply for his parents' I130. Upon filling papers he discovered in last names an E used instead of an A. will that be a problem to process the paperwork or should fix it?


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few questions about the k1 visa ?!!
6:47 pm yesterday


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Hi everyone hope you all doing good

I'm statred doing my I-129F package ( K1 VISA ) now , so i was worried about two things ,
the first one is : my USC fiance change his place alot in the last 5 years he changed it 10 times or maybe more
so how we should file the forum exactly because there's only two places in the adress section

the second one is when i did a screeshots of our whatsapp i wrote in his name " MY HUSBAND " is that can make a
problem for us ? i'm worried what if they can think that we are already married but i'm trying to avoid that by
sending my certificate of no marriage !! is that gonna be ok ?

thank you everybody , and i wish to everyone the best of luck in their visa journey ?

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