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US Immigration from Tunisia

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Translations for K1 Visa
4:46 pm June 13, 2024



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Is it only documents that need to be translated to English?

or do things such as addresses also need to be translated to English?

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Question about case
6:27 am May 31, 2024



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Mailed in application through catholic charities, when I got my letter in the mail to sign up for the online account there is only 2 uploads for evidence instead of the 15 I mailed in. It s a copy of one page of my petition and also a picture of my husband and I. Is that something I should be concerned about?

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Access code usci
12:22 am May 22, 2024


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I receive from I_797C notice of action but I don't receive my access code to create my account Usci how much time I need to wait to receive this code or I have something to do for that . Thank you

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Approved! Stay hopeful
1:28 am April 30, 2024



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I kept a record of every single activity regarding this process with USCIS and maybe it will help some of you that have been waiting for a long time and have no updates on their case, don t lose hope. We went 369 days with no activity on our case and then got approved. No rfe or anything (we had a ton of bona fides)

USCIS timeline for I-130 standalone with consular processing:

- [ ] 2023 April 17 - Packet mailed by attorney to phoenix lockbox
- [ ] 2023 April 20 - Priority date (i-797 receipt notice received). Our case was at the Texas service center.
- [ ] 2023 April 25 - Status changed to Your case is being actively reviewed by USCIS.
- [ ] 2023 May to September- at some point during the first 5 months, our case was transferred from Texas to Nebraska service center (not sure when)
- [ ] 2023 August - Our attorney forgot to use the online access code that was mailed to him and it expired (I was not happy) so I made several requests to USCIS for an online account code sent directly to me.
- [ ] 2023 October 4 - i-797 receipt notice received with our online access code. Our case has been transferred again because this notice says Vermont service center.
- [ ] 2023 November 3 - during October, I watched the Myprogress tab go from 3 weeks to 2 and then 1 week. On November 3rd, the Myprogress tab on our account changed to your case is taking longer than expected (I am aware that this information page is useless as far as we know).
- [ ] 2024 April 29 - received an email from USCIS saying We have taken action on your case . I logged in to view my case and on the case status page it said Your case is being actively reviewed by USCIS. However it was updated to April 29, 2024(today) so I checked the documents tab and there it was the I-130approval.pdf

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APRIL 2024 fillers for spouse
11:40 pm April 17, 2024



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Didn t see another post for April 2024 fillers so I thought I d create one. I filled the I -130 for my husband on April 17th. Any other fillers post your dates and we can wait together

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