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2 DQ times Jan & March 2020 for F21 (Colombo) NO Interview Letter yet
6:17 pm December 23, 2021


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I am an Applicant F21(Colombo) visa category , received 2 DQ emails , one in January 2020 & second in March 2020. I havent recived IL yet from Colombo US embassy. I have met some F21 applicants from Colombo received DQ emails for April ,Octomber 2020 DQ & December 2020 (Normal process) And they were interviewed or received IL . It seems that Colombo US embassy hasnt got much back logs. I noticed there is a glitch or error in NVC system for DQ March 2020. I also met 2 Sri Lankan Petitioners (F21-LPR) who got DQ in March 2020, and they never received IL until updated cases to IR1. They will have their interviews next week. What should I do ? My spouse will get USC in 10 -12 months.

Please advise me . Thank you very much.

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Entry VISA expired during the lockdown. What is the next step?
4:33 am November 24, 2021



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Hi all,

A friend of mine received his VISA stamping after consular processing last March 2019. However, due to pandemic travels were restricted and they could not come here before the VISA expired. Now the embassy is open. They are trying to contact the consulate division and no response. They contacted the NVC and they passed the ball to the embassy. They have been trying to reach out to the consular division for the last 6 months. No response. Has anyone faced this situation? What was your next step? Any help is highly appreciated.

Consulate - Colombo Sri Lanka

Thank you!

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Receiving the Physical Green Card
7:17 pm August 3, 2021



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My wife was approved CR1 immigrant visa through consular processing and she is entered the USA on May 22nd, 2021. As soon she got her visa stamp from the US Embassy in Colombo on May 20th 2021, we paid the immigrant fee to USCIS. It has been 75 days since we paid the immigrant fee and she still hasn't received the physical green card by mail. I have few questions to get clarification on:

1. When you pay the immigrant fee, do you get assigned a new USCIS case number (different to the USCIS case number assigned when you applied for I-130 petition)?

[When I check the case status against the USCIS case number assigned for the I-130 petition, it says the case was sent to Department of State. Also it displays that the case is closed. However if I check the case status against the USCIS case number given in the receipt when we paid the immigrant fee, it says they have received the payment. Which case number should I need to refer to check the case status of the physical green card production and delivery? ]

2. How long does it take to receive the physical green card by mail ?

[Some forums says 90 days and some says 120 days - what is correct?]

Thank you!

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CEAC still shows refused. (merged)
7:08 pm May 9, 2021



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Hello everyone,

I have posted before, but still failed to input a proper timeline, sorry. But my question is one I do not find reading the forums. As background, I, a US citizen, met my love in Sri Lanka January 2018. We attempted a fianc e visa with a hired consultant and were DQ Feb 2019. The interview in Colombo followed Apr. 2019, a handwritten request for more docs was given, and these were all sent within a week, and receipt confirmed by the Embassy. We were then ghosted for months, and my query emails unanswered. At the suggestion of the consultant, I contacted my Senator, and they sent a query, which was answered in Nov 2019. The CO stated the visa was declined, and failed to provide reasons either to the Senator or myself. My Fianc e was called back to Colombo and her documents were returned and she was told by the Secretary she was refused. Again no reasons. Not knowing what to do, we determined to marry (Jan 3rd 2020) and pursue the Spousal route. We were DQ Apr 2020, her interview was Feb 2nd 2021, oddly they jumped the interview date up, and her medical exam was not complete due to appointment times. So that was needed, also they wanted a current police from Korea where she had worked as a youth, not accepting the one from the prior application, even though her passport showed she had not left the country. And they wanted documentation on my income, since beginning the process I had retired and current income showed below the requirement (this was not actual, my social security does not show on the 1040 Total Income line) So real total income was documented (again, she had it with her at interview, but CO declined to look) As well as something over 10 times the liquid investments required to sub for current income. I did the math for them, we got all together and everything has been at the embassy for 50 days.

So finally here is my question;

Would it help to try contacting the Embassy? She has read that 60 days is a " normal" time for decisions. CEAC has said " Refused" since Feb 8th 2021 2 days after her interview, and before any supplemental docs were sent. I got the feeling they were not being " professional" when they took 8 months after interview to advise of refusal in the Fianc e visa, (Never said so) and I do not want to have them get irritated with me now and do it again. So, Would it help to try contacting the Embassy?

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My husband case is DQ from nvc
2:01 am May 1, 2021



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Hi there

I m from srilanka. My spouse case accepted from nvc.

on April 9th 2021 .I got email Thats DQ from nvc.

so after this how long my spouse have to wait for interview? Now 3 wks completed

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