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July 2016 AOS Filers
4:30 pm July 21, 2016


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Creating this thread for the July 2016 AOS filers :)

I sent my AOS package on July 11. I've applied for AOS, EAD and AP.

Hoping to get all the July AOS Filers together to share progress with one another. :idea:

P.S AOS filers before or after July are most welcome too :dancing:

Have a wonderful day all and best of luck..

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AOS and travel after 90'days is up help!
2:08 am July 19, 2016


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Sorry if this is in the wrong place I wasn't sure where to write this.

My fianc and I got married in June he entered the United States on April 23.

We got married within the time frame. We haven't filled though for his AOS yet and the 90 days will be up. I know we have the 90 days to get married and we have but, because we haven't filed yet will trying to get advance parol to travel with his AOS present a problem. He has been told that because he is married and no longer is legal in terms of having some sort of visa when we go to travel and once everything goes through (we know we can't travel till we file and receive all proper documents) he will be banned for how ever long. We know there is no time limit to file for AOS but in terms of traveling after it is filed what happens.

Has this happened to anyone before and filed after a long period of time and was still able to travel after. We are hoping we aren't alone and some advice.

Thank you!

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Getting work while waiting for adjustment of status
10:58 am July 12, 2016



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I'm here on K1 visa.Due to being blindly in love,I left my son back at home.Now I'm desperate to get a job so I can take care of him and myself as well.Life has been pretty hard being jobless in a foreign country,I'm stuck with no job or friends to assist me.

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k1 visa interview questions
3:56 pm July 11, 2016



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Hi guys please I would need some possible questions I might encounter during the interview

My interview is for august 4 2016

K1 visa

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USCIS has requested a I693 form from me. Does this mean I have to do another medical here in the US?
1:59 pm July 4, 2016

DJ Shane

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I have been contacted by USCIS & as such have to complete the I693 form.

I checked my medical records from the US board approved list which included a doctor where I did my medical in South Africa so as to complete my medical before my interview in South Africa as per instructions.

I contacted this doctor to complete the I693 form for me as the requirements of the form are IDENTICAL to the test that I have just completed in South Africa with them although they have written back to say that I need to do the medical once AGAIN in the USA?

I still have my reports & medical vaccination records. Do I need to go and do another entire medical or is my doctor mistaken?

Please let me know of your experiences - as I am sure you are all aware these medicals are very costly & if possible I would like to try and avoid paying for something that I have already paid for...

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