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I-751 ROC with Divorce Waiver
10:57 pm November 14, 2023



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Hello, everyone, I have had my conditional GC through marriage following K1 visa which was approved in about January 2022. Unfortunately, the initial process took almost 2 years for me to get a visa and during that time while in a long-distance relationship, we had difficult times as we could not travel to see each other due to her schooling and financial reasons and difficulties did not completely stop when I arrived to the US as we were very happy with each other but we soon realized after marriage that there was a lot of difficulty with communications. Due to my need for clinical experience (I applied for physician residency at the time), I had to go to a different state after my EAD/GC arrived to briefly work there and gain experience. While there, we had a lot of issues with our marriage and she eventually did not want to be married anymore. We separated while I was in that state, and even though she visited me there, it was difficult to meet a lot due to my financial state. the separation occurred about 5 months after my GC approval in May 2022. During that time, one of the difficult parts that eventually was part of our separation was that I could not get residency (Medical training) around the state she lived, and even though, she was initially open to relocating, she changed her mind after finishing school and starting work there where her family live. In June 2022, I had to relocate to a different state for my training and while we were separated, it was difficult to travel but through our families, we tried to work it out but eventually decided it was not going to work and divorced uncontested mutually on January 2023 with divorce decree received at that time. A mistake of mine was that I had not applied soon after which I should have, but due to busy medical training and my head space, I postponed. My conditional GC will be expiring on 12/22/2023.

I am planning to apply for the waiver and so far, I have the following proof of marriage in good faith documents

- A lease from 8/2021 - 6/2022
- Jointly filed Tax of 2021
- A lot of pictures from the day we married with families and our wedding ceremony
- Some pictures with us and family and photos prior to coming to the US
- Utility and rent payment of our leased apartment at the time
- Hotel reservation she made on a brief visit to the state I was in earlier

Unfortunately, there was not a lot of financial comingling at the time as she had just finished her schooling and I was just trying to survive. There was also no significant photos taken during that time due to the traveling. I am currently putting together the applications and wanted to know the following
1. Do you think this is enough to file my Waiver applications?
2. How important is the Affidavit of support from my ex-wife and other people?
3. I don't have the finances to hire an attorney but do you think my case is complicated enough that I need an attorney during the filing process?
4. I am in another relationship now; do you think that is a red flag if we decide to marry during my application as we know the I-751 may tend to take a long time?

Thanks all!

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I-130 derivative child
3:40 pm October 12, 2023



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Hello all. I am trying to get some info regarding our pending case so any help is appreciated. In 2005 my aunt applied for I-130 for my father and the case was approved in 2010. My Aunt became I'll and over time her memory was not that great. A couple of months ago, my cousin reached out and told us that the visa priority date had come up almost 4 years ago and he would try to see what he can do to get this case rolling. Reached out NVC and they provided all the details we need to get the DS-260 going and they stated that we had to add the derivative children on there as well. We went ahead and requested for the choldren to be added but only 2 out of the 4 children were added. I am trying to figure out the CSPA age and why the other 2 were denied. In the message we got, they stated that if we believe that the CSPA is wrong then to reach out via NVC Inquiry.

Based on my calculation the application was pending for 1686 days (4 years, 7 months, 11 days).

Child 1 DOB: 1999 - Denied

Child 2 DOB: 2000 - Denied

Child 3 DOB: 2004 - Added

Child 4 DOB: 2006 - Added

Please advice.

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Nairobi, Kenya - K1 scheduling process [split thread]
6:50 am August 11, 2023



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Any one have info on scheduling the interview process? Do I just keep checking the website or does the embassy contact us? File was received by embassy 10 days ago. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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K1 Question - Children after approval
7:54 am August 6, 2023



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K1 Visa was approved and is at Embassy. Noticed that only 2 case # were provided instead of 3 due to uncle having 2 children. Looked over i129f and I noticed that one of kids info is missing. Part 8 did not have additional child info there. Are there any remedies to this? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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K1 Question
2:25 pm May 23, 2022



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Hello everyone,

We filed/mailed out a k1 visa application on 3/18/2022 and it was received on 3/22/2022. The payment was cashed on 3/24/2022. We have no heard anything at all. Is it normal that we haven't even received notication that the application was received? I recall reading somewhere on the USCIS site that usually receipt notication is sent within 30 days. Should we reach out to USCIS?

Thank you

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