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  1. Received Case number on 8th Feb and NVC received 20 Dec.
  2. Did you skip filling the DS-261, or you did at once filling and paying the fees?
  3. Does this I-864EZ form can be used all immediate family visa's like IR2 ( Visa for child under 21) or it's just for CR1s? thanks
  4. Congrats, did you get it through email or by phone?
  5. Not yet, mine was forwarded in December so am expecting end of January. and you?
  6. Hey, did you get assigned a case number yet? am also an IR2 Visa and wanted to follow your time line of the same
  7. So if the 2nd NOA becomes RFE, what will the approval be? NOA3 or another NOA2
  8. Expect around 7 to 8 months in case you get no RFE--Mine was approved with 12 months but i had RFE and NOID as well.
  9. Hi guys, Did any of you receive such notice during the USCIS process? haven't received the mail yet but just wondering what is it about!
  10. Yes true it's all about patience, this isn't an easy one! it depends when we get the RFE mail and if we can respond immediately , then that's when i can expect an approval. i hope you receive a case number very soon.
  11. I see, 1 week isn't bad. Since they've already received your response hopefully you'll get approval very soon.
  12. OMG just seen RFE on the old site after been waiting 213 days, how long does it usually take to receive the mail? and then another wait will begin after replying to them huuh!