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US Representative help?
1:41 am August 19, 2021



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Has anyone requested and gotten help from their US Representative recently? I sent in a request a couple of weeks ago and haven't heard anything yet. When I petitioned for my husband in 2016, I asked for my congressman's help (application was being held up at NVC due to a USCIS error that had him flagged as previously denied/deported) and heard back much sooner. But it's a different representative and a different world this time, and this one has more celebrity than the last one. She's an immigrant herself, so hoping her office will be sympathetic.

I'm applying for my little stepson this time. I'm sure everyone's trying this but I laid it on about uncontrolled covid and school interruption. I applied December 2020, still NOA 1 only. Texas SC.

I had an idea that applying for a minor child was going to sail through in no time at all!

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How I can transfer my petition to Rwanda ?
3:23 pm June 9, 2021



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Hi everyone s I m from Pakistan currently living and reside in Rwanda since 2009 I sent a inquiry to NVC when we submitted all required documents, requesting for interview to be conducted in the country I m residing in (Rwanda) Today we received an email stating they have accepted all our documents and they will work with US embassy in Islamabad, Pk to schedule an interview.Is this just an auto reply for documents being accepted? Is there any further steps can we take to have interview conducted in Rwanda?

Me and my wife both are confused what should we do now send NVC another email? Please advice thanks in advance

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Should the citizen or permanent resident apply?
8:26 pm December 7, 2020



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Sorry if this is a common question; I haven't found the answer.

Four years ago I brought my husband over on CR-1. Now we want to bring his 8-year-old son. Is it more expedient for me to apply for my stepson, as a citizen, or is there no difference in this case between citizen and permanent resident?


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Birth Certificate Name Issue (Beneficiary)
12:43 am December 3, 2020


Corinne I

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Hello all,

I would sincerely appreciate any input and advice you have regarding this situation:

At the time that we submitted our I-129f, my fiance (beneficiary) was already in the process of legally change his name, so I went ahead and included the name he intended to change his to on the form - and also included his current name in the "Other names used" field. His name change has now been officially approved and he is now in the process of getting a new national ID and passport (with his new name).

These are my questions/concerns:

-Is it important that he also get the name on his birth certificate officially changed, or is it sufficient if we skip the birth certificate and just include some form of explanation/affidavit when he goes to the embassy for his interview?

-Is it problematic that I wrote his (new) name(s) on the I-129 before those changes legally took effect?

-If he changes all his documents (national ID, passport, and birth certificate) do we need to bother mentioning any name change at all? (he has never traveled to the US before, so I don't know if State would know one way or another)

Is there anything else that I should be taking in to consideration here?

Thank you very much,


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Sheduling follow-up appointment to drop off medical records
10:20 pm December 2, 2020


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US embassy Rwanda has requested my fianc to proceed with his K1 interview despite having to do the sputum test. They have said he will schedule a follow-up appointment online to drop the medical sealed envelope once the results are back.

is there a separate appointment type to schedule for a follow up to simply drop off the packet or will it look like we are trying to schedule an interview (thus needing to schedule early to avoid a longer wait time). Thanks!

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