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June Filers
6:50 pm November 27, 2018

Lambert Munyawera

Lambert Munyawera

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Hello June Filers

hope you all doing well

i am new on this forum.

my Name is Lambert, I am from Rwanda.

my case ( 129f) was received on June 14th, 2018

and I received NOA1 on june 19,2018

so, I didn t receive any update , since that time.

i am wondering if I am in normal range or I am delaying.

plz help if you have any info.


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September Filers
5:21 am October 13, 2018



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greeting to all September filers, We have received the NOA1 on September 4th, 2018. I wish everyone a good luck and a patient waiting.

hopefully at the end of this we will be hearing something of good news.

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I-129f July 2017 Filers
3:31 pm July 26, 2017

ME &

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Maybe I'm starting this new topic for July 2017 filers a little bit too early...but the wait between NOA1 & NOA2 is unbearable :(

So... if any July 2017 filer out there receives their NOA2, comment and let us know. Thank you.

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K-1 fiancee
2:14 am January 4, 2017

Jean Baptiste SIB

Jean Baptiste SIB

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I am a permanent resident in US from July 2016, my fiancee left in my country where i came from because i got this opportunity of green card before we get married. Now what can i do to have the right of having my fiancee here in US? Can she be given a visa of US so that we can marry here?

I thank you for your job to help us knowing our rights.

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Checklist in error, supervisor review... now document review...
3:14 pm September 16, 2016



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So, after getting a checklist saying that NVC was waiting to act on my husband's case until I got approved by USCIS for a "waiver of unlawful presence" (something we never filed for that wouldn't be applicable in our case), we were moved to Supervisor Review. I was told by the first rep that my case was "almost finished" and that I would probably be able to get case complete and interview scheduled at the same time with a supervisor, "very soon". That was two weeks ago. I've called three or four times since then to see if there was an update. One rep told me she would have a supervisor call me so I could make a complaint--as far as I can tell, a supervisor has NEVER called when a VJ member has been told they would. "It may not be today, but they will call," I was told. The next rep denied that and said no one would call me until they had something to tell me. The next one said I would just have to wait and that "government takes time", and it would be another six weeks from when I was sent to supervisor review. All three of these reps told me that contrary to the checklist I got (which was very official, had my husband's name, case number, and birthdate), there was no hold on my papers.

Today I got the nicest rep I've had so far, who for the first time acknowledged that it was wrong that I was being penalized for a mistake made at NVC. He also told me that: my papers had been reviewed and were complete, and they were only waiting for a response to that waiver! (which everyone else has denied was even marked on my case)

This rep told me my case has now been sent from Supervisor Review to Document Review. He said that's where they wait for an answer regarding the waiver. He didn't have an answer as to whether that adds another six weeks on, because in normal circumstances they wait there until the issue is resolved, but in my case it's never going to be resolved (that is, they'll never get an answer from USCIS about our waiver because it doesn't exist).

I did send an email to asknvc a week ago, because I'd read that some people got emails responded to faster than other channels. That seems to be what triggered the move from Supervisor Review to Document Review. I have no idea whether that actually slowed my case down!

Everyone at NVC has always said just to wait, and it could be that if I had just waited and accepted that I had gotten a false checklist, my case would have been completed long ago. But it's also possible that it would have just been put aside indefinitely. It's so hard to know what actions to take. But I do think I would advise people to hesitate before asking for supervisor review, if possible.

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