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Once your case is DQ'd can it get reset?
5:07 am January 1, 2024



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My uncle received a notice from the NVC about 2 weeks ago that they should expect to get an interview notice soon in regards to their case that has been in DQ status since November 2020. However, when he recently logged into the CEAC portal, he is now seeing that one of his sons (my cousin) application is now under incomplete status because they are expecting a police certificate to be uploaded since he is now older than the age of 16. This status change for my cousin happened after my uncle received the email from NVC that I described above. Back in 2020, obtaining a police certificate was not mandatory for him since he was below the age of 16, that's why it wasnt necessary. What is confusing about this is that there was no separate email sent by NVC to inform my uncle that some sort of action needs to be taken for his son. He just happened to log in by chance and that's when he noticed the incomplete status for my cousin. The only email he received two weeks ago was the one I described above, there has been nothing else sent by NVC to suggest that he takes any action at this time other than wait for the interview notice. So the question is

- based on what we are seeing on CEAC with my cousin having an incomplete status under the civil documents section, is my uncle's case now reset and no longer documentarily qualified? We are trying to determine whether we should immediately obtain and upload the police certificate for his son into CEAC portal or not. The hesitation we have is that if we take the action to upload his police certificate, does that trigger another review cycle for NVC, and would that cause a delay in getting the interview notice? Or should we assume that the case is still DQ'd based on the email received two weeks ago and just wait for the interview notice to come? They do have to bring new copies of police certificates to the interview anyway, so we're trying to figure out how best to handle this situation. Do you guys have any thoughts? In case it is helpful, my uncle's priority date is January 9th, 2009 and he is under the F3 category. Thanks.

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CSPA related question for DQ application
1:13 pm June 9, 2023



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Hello all, so my question pertains to the CSPA and to understand whether NVC locks in an applicants CSPA age when the case has been DQ'd.

To provide some more detail, this case is for a relative of mine who is under the F3 category. Priority date for his case is January 2009, and NVC established a case number in June 2020 as per the visa bulletin's Filing Date section. My relative has a son, who at that time, was 20 years 2 months old. The I-130 pending duration was 1 year 6 months 5 days. Based on the calculation I did, his CSPA age should be 18 years 7 month 5 days in June 2020. I'm not sure if this is correct or not, but you guys might be able to confirm.

So all documents were gathered and submitted and by November 2020, NVC considered the case as documentarily qualified. So since my relative had submitted the DS-260 within a year of NVC contacting him, I assume that he has met the "sought to acquire" requirement. We are now awaiting for the priority date to become current under the "Final Action Date" section of the visa bulletin, which currently is set to December 2008. So I'm thinking my relative should be getting an interview notice within the next 2-3 months since a visa will become available around that time.

Our concern is whether the adult son (who is now 23 years old), will be eligible to even attend the interview. I think that will depend on how the CSPA age is factored in, but I am not sure myself and I am having trouble understanding this aspect of the process. Is this upto the consular officers discretion? Or do they have a method of determining how to handle this situation? I don't know if his CSPA age can be considered "frozen" as of June 2020/November 2020 or not. Should we assume that he is definitely "aged out"? Let me know if further information is needed. Thanks.

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Interview Scheduling after DQ - Oman
5:27 pm August 30, 2022



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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has an idea how long it'll take NVC to schedule the interview at the Muscat embassy in Oman? My case was DQ'd on August 4th, 2022.

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Withdrawl of a K-1 Petition before filing a new CR1
9:08 pm January 5, 2022



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I filed a K-1 petition on behalf of my then fiance back in 2020 and I received an email from the consulate that it was, "sent back to NVC for revocation, please contact USCIS for further instructions." I have contacted them multiple times and I am still wondering what to do before I proceed, as they didn't seem to have the answer I was looking for, neither have I received an official "NOIR.". We are now married and have decided to file a CR1 and would like to find out if we must have the K-1 visa withdrawn/cancelled before proceeding any further?

Thank you

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NOA2 physical copy missing
7:08 am December 4, 2021



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Hello everyone,

im in a bit of hassle. We got approved on Oct 28, but have still not received our NOA2 physical copy.

my fianc (sponsor) moved to a new address in May but didn t submit the change form until early October. They also accidentally submitted the Alien address change form.

Now we are trying to contact USCIS to get an agent and work through the problem but we never get connected.

can someone shed light on how we can solve this as I know the NOA 2 physical copy is a very important document.

thank you!!!

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