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I 751
2:00 am April 12, 2018


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My windows opened last Friday, but I submitted my application today, they will receive it tomorrow, so now how long will they respond to me? And how long will take them to cash my personal check I sent to them? Any help will be appreciate.

Thanks guys

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Apply for l751
2:53 pm March 30, 2018


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Gm vj!i dont believe its 2yrs already, I'm getting ready to send my package next week, but I need help.in filling jointly with my usc spouse, my question is do I have to include a copy of our marriage certificate? A passport photos? And her mom want to send us a letter to show that she knows us as couple,but we don't know how that letter should look like,please anyone that has an sample of how to write that letter ,send it for me.thanks

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Removing Condition
5:17 pm February 11, 2018


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Can I apply for citizenship while my I-751 is pending for over a year

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New I-130 Petition for Someone with Previously Approved I-130
7:40 pm February 6, 2018


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I was hoping to get an advice on this.

My dad was petitioned for (I-130) and was approved back in 2010 by his brother who is a U.S. citizen.

My siblings were included on that application (I-130) as his derivative beneficiaries.

The application is at the stage of waiting for visa to become available (current priority date is 2006; so, at least 12 years off based on the approved I-130)

I became a U.S citizen and now want to file directly for him as immediate relative.

Is there a way to upgrade the previous I-130 (filed by his brother) based on the new petition I filed for him such that my siblings could still be derivative beneficiaries?

The reason I'm asking this is because I read that you cannot qualify as a derivative beneficiary if the application is based on a filing by an immediate relative. So, although my filing for him would make him eligible for faster visa, his children (my siblings) would not qualify to join him on that petition. I'm looking for a way to help them join him without filing individual I-130's for the siblings.

Does this make sense and can anyone please help advise? Thank you all.

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Apply for mother
1:53 am January 22, 2018


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Hi guys any help please.im us citizen, and I want apply for my 2 brother in africa to join me, I don't knw what form should i submit.

Thank you

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