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Do I bother trying to use assets (cash in bank) for I-864? Or just go joint sponsor route?
3:01 am April 1, 2021



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USC living with my wife in New Zealand. Planning to both move over to the US at the end of this year, but I would go ahead of her if necessary.

We were looking to get a joint sponsor, but I don't want to ask someone unless I 100% know that I'm going to need them to fill out the forms etc. Unfortunately I am a college student who works part time and therefore could not meet I-864 requirements alone (not to mention the fact that none of my income is US based...)

My grandmother owns a few rental properties and was looking to sell one. She is aging and understands the requirements of the I-864 that we are trying to meet. She made the very kind offer to give me my inheritance early, which would help get me to just over 3x the minimum household income needed for I-864. I would also liquidate the (few) assets I own in NZ and move all of the money to a US bank account. If I wrote a letter alongside the I-864 explaining my situation (where I got the money from, the fact that I was a college student only working part time), is there any chance they would accept that for I-864? I've read that the money should ideally be in the bank account for 12 months prior, so would it be an issue if it had only been there for 5-7 months? I don't even have a US bank account currently.

I will have two degrees when I finish college and plan on getting a job immediately once I'm living in the US, so another option is to go there and work until I have the income and evidence required for a more convincing I-864, but understandably I'd rather not be separated from my wife for longer than necessary.

Basically, would the NVC/consular officer understand if I only have just over 3x the required funds in a bank account and that I will be a newly graduated college student about to begin full time employment? Or shall I forget that route and just pursue a joint sponsor?

Thanks everybody.

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4:14 am March 26, 2021



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Hi, I have a situation and I need advise.

My partner (petitioner) might move to a different country within the organization. If and when our K1 is approved and my partner is not in states, what will be the situation?

Do I have to stay in states? or can i travel with my partner and continue the K1 process in a different country?

Your help in this matter will be greatly appreciated.



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Timeframe after submitting I-130 Petition
8:58 pm March 25, 2021



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My husband and I are living together in NZ - we've been settled here together for the past 4 years. I'm a US Citizen and he's a kiwi. We submitted the I-130 on Feb 10th and about a month later received a letter saying it was received. Just wondering if anyone has some current timeframes of when they heard back and received further information after filing the I-130. Ours is getting processed in the Nebraska Center.

Also, if you have any links or resources advising on the next step so we can be prepared that would be much appreciated.


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Am I able to prove intent of domicile? Too soon to file I-864?
8:21 am March 19, 2021



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I'm a USC born and raised in New Zealand. My wife's I-130 application has just switched to "actively reviewing" so I'm expecting NOA2 any day now and as such, trying to get everything organized to make NVC as smooth as possible.

I'm still living in New Zealand until I finish my college degree in November. My wife is also in college and we'll both finish at the same time. I'll move immediately after finishing my degree and hopefully (with a joint sponsor) my wife will be able to move shortly after me.

As soon as the case moves to NVC I will pay the fees for AOS and IV and complete DS-260. I wouldn't complete I-864 until I arrange a Joint Sponsor, but when I do, will this be enough to prove intent to establish domicile?

  • I registered to vote as soon as I was eligible and have voted in every federal and state election that I've been able to.
  • I have a permanent mailing address I use in the U.S. which is where I will initially reside when I live there. It is owned by a close family friend. Would it be worth getting him to write an affidavit stating that he was happy for me to live there, in place of a lease agreement?
  • I have an SSN.
  • I've filed U.S. taxes for 2020 but not for previous years as my income was too low.

Would the above qualify as proof that I intend in good faith to establish domicile in the US before my wife would get there? Keeping in mind we are applying from a low-fraud country. Otherwise, is there anything else I could do to solidify this case, short of actually moving to the US?

In the case we are unable to get a joint sponsor, if I move alone first and are employed in the US from December onwards, I'll file 2021 taxes which will have minimal U.S. income on it. Then, how long would I have to wait before having sufficient evidence to submit for the I-864 to sponsor alone? And is it okay to complete DS-260 in April 2021 and not complete I-864 until April 2022 or later?

Thanks in advance.

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Anyone bought a house during I-751
7:54 pm March 11, 2021


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So we are currently pending receipt for our I-751 application. My green card expires March 20th. USCIS got our application March 4th. We are also in the process of buying our home and wondering if anyone has successfully done this before? We are due to close on April 20th and I m concerned about the bank not processing our loan because of my green card being expired,

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