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US Immigration from New Zealand

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HELP! Confused by a RFIE
1:08 am today



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We just recieved a letter in our account for Request for Evidence. I am assuming initial evidence as our PD is February 2020. The request is as follows:

You did not submit a copy of the Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, at the time you submitted the documentary evidence. Therefore, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) requires a copy of the original petition and your signature to continue to process your petition. The petitioner must sign the form on page 9 of 12. A photocopied signature is not acceptable.

We are confused as we filed out I-130 petition online and now they want a hard copy. Has anyone had this happen to them? Do would just print out and complete the I-130 form manuall and mail it to them?

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Stimulus payment for K1 visa holder
11:49 am yesterday



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Hi, I've been in the USA since 12th of October 2019, I enter on a K1 visa, my wife and I got married in December 2019, I have since been issued work Authorization and a social security number.

I have not statted working yet, but I have work lined up, but with the Covid19 issues, work will not start for me untill everything starts back up, so this leaves me with no work and money untill then. My wife works, and earns good money, shes still working as her occupation is classed as essential.

My question is, will I be getting a Stimulus cheque? I'm here legally, legal to work, have jumped through all the hoops to be here, now I cant work like ever other authorized person in America.

Would love to know your thoughts.

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Surpassed 5 year mark post application
1:51 am March 10, 2020


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So I submitted my naturalization application prior to being a permanent resident for 5 years, but the 5 years has now passed and I have my

interview on March 13th. At this point am I still applying "as the spouse of a US citizen"? If so they asked me to bring

my spouses birth certificate, and obviously I had to submit the extra evidence regarding our marriage. Mostly wondering

if I still have to bring exactly what it says on my interview letter?

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Very Quick Transfer
9:11 pm March 5, 2020



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We got transferred out of Nebraska after only being there for a couple of weeks. Is this something to be concerned about?

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K1 visa parents on birth certificate
8:21 am February 26, 2020



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Hi everyone,

just got my email from US consulate in my country,

states I must have both parents names on my birth certificate, but my father is not because I don t know or have contact with him.
will this be an issue?
thanks in advance

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