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K1 interview wait time (New Zealand)
5:25 am January 20, 2019


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Hi fellow kiwis! Can anyone tell me how much of a wait time there was for their K1 interview? Meaning when they booked your interview for the "earliest possible date" how far away was it? Thanks.

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NZ Police Certificate for NVC
9:16 pm January 16, 2019


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Hi all, wondering if anyone may be able to assist,

I'm uploading documents on CEAC and all I need is my NZ police certificate and German one (which SHOULD be on its way to me in the post but I have NO idea as they don't notify you or anything), anyway, I know for the NZ one we have to submit a form for the NZ Police to send the clearance straight to the consulate.

So should I fill the form out and upload that, then add a note to say the police certificate will be sent direct to the consulate - or should I click the "not available" option? I know NZ has only recently started the online uploading so its possible that nobody will really know which I should choose. I'm f2a so I don't want the certificate to "expire" before I manage to get an interview as I heard its only valid for 3 months. I'm leaning more towards the "fill out form and add note" option, but wanted to see if anyone else agrees or has done this through the CEAC website yet.


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IRS transcripts for AOS during Govt shutdown?
2:44 am January 15, 2019


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Hi there!

I moved to the US in mid October 2018 and got married to my (now spouse) fiance a week later. We were away on honeymoon and then stuff got crazy over holidays, and we realised just before Christmas that the govt shutdown meant he couldn't access/ download his IRS tax transcripts... Which are required to submit the financial part of the AOS process.

I'm now worried that the Govt shutdown may last months and I need to file soon! Any ideas on what we should do? Will they recognise that the shutdown affected people and be lenient? Shall we submit anyway with an explanation, and they'll just RFI us?

Is there another way to get that information?

Thanks for help in advance!

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Self-employed joint sponsor - current income confusion and joint tax returns
5:10 am January 13, 2019


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My USC husband is my sponsor and we will have a joint sponsor who is self-employed. I will be attaching complete Tax Returns for 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Regarding income:

As of right now (January 2019) she does not know exactly how much her current individual annual income is because she is a Realtor and her income is solely based on sales commissions.

Her 2018 tax returns are in progress so she doesn't have her total income for 2018 tax year yet. We are wanting to submit all the required documents to submit to NVC through the CEAC website this week.

What does she put on Part 6, Question 7 - my current individual annual income is: $____

Does she:

1) Put the total income that was stated on her 2017 tax return? Is it line 22 of 1040?

2) Put what she thinks she will make this year?

3) Put the adjusted gross income for the 2018 tax year? She can get this from her CPA but it will take some time.

These are the several responses I've seen from previous posts when doing my research on this so I'm just unsure exactly what should be filled in here for her situation.

Regarding the submission of tax returns:

I am submitting my joint sponsors complete tax returns for the past 3 years, this includes all schedules and 1099's.

  • Because she is married, she files taxes jointly with her spouse.
  • Her spouse is filling out I-864a as a household member - even though his income will not be contributed (his income is actually zero). I've seen a lot of posts say that some CO's request for this.


1) How will they determine what my joint sponsors individual income is from the tax returns given it was filed jointly?

2) What does the spouse submit for his tax returns? If he has zero income does he just state that he didn't file any taxes even though they were filed jointly with his spouse?

3) I will upload all 3 years of complete tax returns to the CEAC website - they are about 40 pages each. Do I need to print out all these pages for the interview? I am not very familiar with the US tax forms (very different to NZ) so I appreciate advice on this.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

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For affidavit - questions on listing cash assets and question on tax returns
1:46 am January 13, 2019


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For my USC husband's I-864, his current income is zero and he didn't file his 2016 & 2017 tax return because he did not work.

For 2015 his tax return states a total income of -$3,331.

We have a qualified joint sponsor who will submit an I--864.

Questions regarding Assets:

My husband has cash savings over 3x the poverty guidelines level for a household of 3 which are made up of 2 checking accounts - 1 of them is joint with his parents.

1) Will this be OK given the fact that one of the accounts are joint with his parents? The other one is under his name only.

2) Will it be OK to submit a recent bank certificate that states the amount that are in those accounts? Or do you need actual bank statements.

3) Is there any point of listing his cash assets given we are having a joint sponsor and the fact that his current income is zero and past 3 years income on tax returns are zero? I just don't want them to think that he has nothing at all - which is essentially what it looks like if we don't put his savings down.

4) He has 1/3 ownership of a property that can be liquidated within a year with cash value well over 3x poverty guidelines for household of 3. We thought about listing this too but is there much point getting the supporting documentation for this given again, we have a joint sponsor.

Question regarding Tax Returns:

Following on from this, the Federal Income Tax Return Information section of my husband's I-864 currently looks like this:

23.a - Have you filed tax return for each of the 3 most recent years? NO

24a. - Tax year 2017: $0

24b. - Tax year 2016: $0

24c. - Tax year 2015: - $3,331

1) Should I still submit his 2015 Tax return even though the reported total income is negative?

2) He has a written statement that says he did not work during 2016 & 2017 - will a signed statement be OK?

Thank you in advance for your time and advice!

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