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US Immigration from New Zealand

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No decision after K1 interview at consulate
2:56 am May 17, 2023


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I had my interview at the consulate this morning (in Auckland, NZ), and was feeling quite good about everything. All the other people before me were told congratulations the visa has been approved and you will receive it in about 10 days at the end of their interviews.

Mine went well/normal but at the end the lady said they had to fix something on the medical that the medical staff had missed (which was apparently minor), and also:

we have everything we need

we ll let you know if we need anything else

And that was it. And I m just super unsure about the result of the interview cos obviously I wasn t told that it was approved, or even that it would be approved after they fixed the issue. The kept my passport but didn t tell me when I d get it back.

Everyone I ve told about this said it will probably be fine but I m definitely getting paranoid and am disheartened that I have no clarity on any of it. Does anyone know what might happen?

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Reschedule ceremony
11:12 pm May 15, 2023



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I was approved for naturalization May 2nd and was originally told my ceremony would be May 22nd. Actual letter has pulled that back to the 18th but I was out of the country when it arrived and now need to reschedule potentially due to work commitments.

Has anyone rescheduled this close to the date? I called and they said they needed a letter listing why it is needed, but the info link they supplied has nothing on rescheduling.

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N400 Biometrics - Portland, ME
6:56 am May 9, 2023



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Hi all,

I am going to submit my N400 early next month and I have a question about Biometrics specifically for people who have Portland, ME as their field office. Did you do your Biometrics there? Or, is it out of state? I want to make sure I put some money aside for traveling to that appointment if needed.

Thank you!

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No available appointments at Auckland US consulate
7:17 am April 19, 2023


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Hi all!

I recently got approved to be able to schedule my interview at the Auckland (NZ) US consulate (for a K1 visa). The website has been saying, "there are no appointment slots available" for a few days now, which seems to be a common thing from what I've read. I was wondering if anyone is able to answer any of my many questions!

  1. How many available slots are normally added to the system/calendar at a time?
  2. Are new slots added month by month, with the new/next subsequent month added at the end of the current month?
  3. Or will scattered slots just randomly pop up?
  4. OR do I have to just wait and hope that someone else cancels their appointment to be able to get one?

I just hope I don't have to check this website daily for like, over a month, or that a slot will show up but it'll be like, 3 months from now. Surely it can't be that difficult or long-winded!

If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated! I know it probably varies a lot, but I'd love some insight! :)

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Paying visa fee in New Zealand?
5:49 am April 14, 2023


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Hi all! So, I just received an email from my local consulate (Auckland) instructing me on how to schedule my interview. I m confused though cos when I follow the link onto the website that asks me for info to then schedule my interview, it asks me to either pay the fee online or mail the money. But the consulate had said many times to NOT pay online OR pay via mail. So I m confused about what to do cos the website won t let me progress unless I pay the fee online.

If anyone has done this in Auckland please let me know what I should do!

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