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USCIS has mixed up my case with someone else
12:44 am yesterday


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Hi everyone, wondering if anyone has any knowledge or experience on this.

Received an RFIE letter today that is asking for income evidence for a co sponsor for a man I have never heard of. We aren't even using a co sponsor. They have mixed us up with someone else.

My lawyer is going to write back to USCIS saying they have made an error. Anyone know what will happen to my case after this? Does the timer start back at zero? Has my case been lost? Does that mean my EAD is lost/mixed up with someone else too? Very confused. Hopefully things will mend themselves quickly but I have also read that stuff like this can maximise the wait time. I am AOS'ing from K1, still yet to receive EAD/AP and I'm a June filer. Anyone that has experience with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Does the I-765 fee get waived if I have a pending Adjustment of Status application?
12:53 am October 13, 2019


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Would like to know if this is the case, as some sources of info I've come across have had contradicting answers to my questions.

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Can't get past photo page in DS-160 form
11:44 pm October 9, 2019


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I am trying to complete my DS-160 online and I have gotten to the photo stage, it accepted my photo but now I can't move past the 'Confirm Photo' stage. The 'Review' button is not clickable... maybe I am missing something very obvious.. Can anyone help?!


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IR-1 or CR-1?
10:57 pm October 6, 2019



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As I understand it, at the completion of the IR-1/CR-1 process you get issued an IR-1 or CR-1 visa depending on the length of your marriage.

When is date on which that determination is made? Is the visa issued after approval at the interview, or is the visa issued upon arrival in the US?

Hope that makes sense.

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Change in Processing Time at Nebraska Service Centre (I-130)
9:51 pm October 1, 2019



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Hi there,

I just noticed that the Nebraska Service Center's time line is now 18 to 23.5 months for a spouse-based I-130. The receipt date for a case inquiry is now November 10 2017.

This is weird because a few weeks ago the Nebraska Service Center's time line was 12 to 15 months, and they were processing cases with a receipt date in June 2018.

How can it be that as time has gone by, the Service Center is going backwards? Why didn't they process the November 2017 applications before processing the June 2018 applications?

Anyone know what's going on?

Edit: Sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum. I'm not sure how to move it...

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