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K-1 Vaccinations - clarification
3:12 am March 14, 2020



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Hi all, have read old topics on vaccination and still a little unclear to me, can somebody confirm that vaccinations are not required for K-1 visa issuance, but rather for the Adjustment of Status?

My fiance and I are in a disagreement over this and it needs to be settled!

Second question - assuming the above is the case, it seems most on this forum think vaccinations done in the beneficiaries home country are the best way to go - just because they are generally cheaper. For my health insurance in the USA, vaccinations would be free - but to get my fiance on my plan we would need to marry first. Is there time in between marriage and Adjustment of Status to get my fiance on my health insurance plan and get the vaccinations done?


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Delaying K-1 Due to Travel Ban
7:01 pm February 16, 2020



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Hi everybody

So unfortunately our K-1 case is impacted by the travel ban extension (Myanmar). We are expecting NOA2 any day now so, obviously terrible timing.

From what I understand we could still progress all the way to the interview, at which point we will almost definitely be put into administrative processing until the ban is lifted or something else changes with the law, or some new waiver becomes available.

We are thinking that we might want to put our case on hold, either at the NVC stage or delay the interview as long as possible. The reason being, I worry that we will spend a large amount of time and money obtaining documents for the interview that will expire (such as police certs). The other conceivable outcome might be that we relocate to a third country together and abandon K-1. In either case, I don't feel great about doing all the work for the interview for a K-1 which might ultimately never be approved.

From my understanding you can delay your case for up to one year at NVC, or you can delay the K-1 interview at the embassy stage in four month increments for up to one year. Is there any advantage/disadvantage to either option? Anybody here done this?


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Citizenship for adoptee child?
10:32 pm February 2, 2020



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I petitioned my wife on an IR1. I petitioned her son on an IR2. They are both here now. They have green cards. I have been married to my wife for five years. Her son will be 16 next September. I will complete his adoption next month.

Will he get automatic citizenship? How does that work? What must be done?

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IR2 bringing stepson to USA
3:08 pm January 25, 2020



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Is there anyone from MYANMAR? I married US citizen 2 and half year ago and now I'm in US with my husband for over 1 year. We filed visa for my son and now the case is at NVC. I have some questions for embassy interview. I divorced my ex-husband (my son's father) in 2006 and he passed away before I remarried to my current husband. I have both certificate of divorced and death, but I heard people are saying that consular might ask permission letter from grand parents to allow my son to come to USA. That will not be easy for me to get since I lost contact with that side so long ago. Can someone share experience with me,please? I need to know those people who recently took embassy interview at US embassy Yangon, Myanmar, thanks in advance.

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Still no EAD update (PD 4/10)
8:12 pm October 16, 2019


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I have been anxiously waiting for my EAD to arrive for the past two weeks but still no update so far. I got a temporary work permit through my student visa until mid-December, and was hoping that I'd get my EAD by now. I'll officially be outside normal processing time by Monday. From other people's experience, does calling USCIS or submitting an inquiry help at all?


4/9/19: submitted I485, I765, I130, I131

4/10/19: case received

4/15/19: NoA1

5/14/19: Biometrics

8/28/19: Case Ready to be Scheduled

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