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Drastic Reduction in EAD/AP at NBC
4:10 am July 31, 2019


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I just noticed today that EAD/AP process time at National Benefits Center has gone down drastically - from 6.5 - 8.5 months up until yesterday to 2.5 - 5 months as of today. The receipt date for inquiry outside of normal processing time is now March 3, 2019. That change sounds too good to be true. Is there an error in the system or the NBC has actually caught up with three months of EAD/AP applications in a matter of one month (assuming they update it monthly)?

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Green card thru DCF, only stay in US <60 days per year
11:50 am July 21, 2019



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My wife has been denied a tourist visa due to lacking social and economic ties to her country. We want to visit the US to be able to spend time with family, but it is looking like the only option would be DCF, as we're eligible for that.

Has anyone had experience obtaining a green card, but only spending a month or two in the US each year for the first 2-3 years? I understand legally, this is allowed, but entirely up to the CBP upon arrival, but are there ways to ensure or increase the chances of entering the US, without staying there.

My wife and I(USC) plan on living in America, but my job requires me to be in China for the next 2ish years. - We just want to be able to visit the States together from time to time ?

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Tourist visa Denied for Myanmar wife of US citizen living in China
10:23 am July 21, 2019



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My wife and I(USC) have been married for one year, and got married in Hong Kong. My wife is from Myanmar, but currently living with me in China. We both have one year resident permits (these are our second resident permits together in China).

In China, if you are the spouse of an expat who is living in China with a work permit/resident permit, you are allowed to follow your spouse and live with them in China. However, you are not allowed to work.

My wife and I have no intention of moving to the US at this time, however, we would love to go visit so we can spend time with family and she can decide if it would be best for us to live there in the future.

Last week, my wife went to the Guangzhou consulate to apply for her B2 visa. In the DS-160 she indicated the following:

  1. She has no strong ties to her home country, no land, car, job, etc.
  2. She has lived in three countries; Myanmar, Thailand, China
  3. I, her husband, is financially supporting her
  4. She does not have a job

I've been going back and forth to the Guangzhou consulate getting an emergency passport, and then a new passport, so I've had time to speak with the staff there and explain our situation, prior to us applying for her visa. We identified there are two potential options for us. One, she applies for a tourist visa, two she applies for a Green Card via DCF. Since we have no intention of living in the US, the consular official suggested she try to apply for a tourist visa.

During the visa interview, my wife explains the following happened:

Window 1: Gave passport. Asked "what is your itinerary?". Wife responded "I want to travel, and visit my mother-in-law." Wife was told to go to another window for finger printing.

Window 2: Finger printing

Window 3:

Consular Asked: "Can you speak English?"

Wife replied: "Yes."

Consular Asked: "Is your husband Chinese?"

Wife replied,:"No, he is from America."

Consular Asked: "What is your husband doing here?"
Wife replied: "He has a business here."

Consular Asked: "How did you meet?"

Wife replied: "We met in Thailand."

Consular Asked: "How long have you lived in China?"

Wife replied: "More than one year."

Consular Asked: "Can I see your husbands passport? & Do you have a marriage certificate?"

Consulate official took the passports and marriage certificates somewhere. When she came back, she told my wife "sorry your visa is being denied, here is a paper with more information."

As I replay the scenario in my head (I wasn't there, just from my wife's account), I see multiple times where she could have provided any of the multiple documents we prepared as supporting evidence during this questioning. Such as, her tentative travel itinerary, photo's of her living in China, my Chinese company information, photo's of us dating in Thailand, and even slipped in the letter I wrote explaining why we're opting for a tourist visa and not immigrant visa. - That being said, I don't fault my wife for not doing this, as she explained the questions all seemed rushed the consular official looked impatient.

There was nothing in the visa application that was not true. Can anyone suggest ways we can improve this if we opt to try again?

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after f2a i130 Approved transfer to NVC
8:04 pm July 15, 2019



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Can anyone please help me I130 approved since June,2019 but still no update from NVC phone "603-334-0070" always busy, is anyone in same boat?


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Self adoption resources?
1:52 pm June 3, 2019



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My stepson has arrived on his IR2. We are waiting on his green card.

I plan to peruse an adoption. His biological father died ten years ago. Any suggestions where I should start?

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