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Reside out of US - file for CR1 Spousal Visa
8:10 am September 9, 2017


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US citizen with foreign wife, residing out of US (in UAE, with no US address) will both move back to US to reside and work in next few months.

Spouse has 10 year B-2 visa.

Thought just travel back to US and wife enter on B-2 visa and later file for status change - but after research, seems not a good idea.

What are viable options in a case like this?

Your knowledgeable inputs are appreciated!

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why AP takes too long, when already approved by NVC
2:52 pm June 8, 2017


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Since my son had an interview it's been 65 days passed. but ceac. status website says Ready. Why administrative processing takes too long after approvey by USCIS and NVC?

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Consular officer called me for second interview at embassy
9:58 pm May 1, 2017

Taya D

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Hello, everyone. I had a family based visa interview Jan 03, 2017 and my IV application went to under AP and already Date updated 5-6 times. And today on May 1, 2017 finally, I got a call from the embassy and received email which is informing us that I will have second interview at embassy in 2 weeks. Case was under AP for 4 months, but why they are calling me for second interview. I do not need to bring any documents, only my ID. I am so scared. My question is: what questions I will be asked. If someone has in my situation please share with me own experience. Guys, pleas help me.

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Scheduled 2nd interview by consulate
6:05 pm May 1, 2017

Taya D

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Hello, everyone. Finally, got a call from the embassy and scheduled for second interview in 2 weeks. They are not asking me for any documents to bring, except my ID card. After 4 months Administrative processing why they call me for second interview. What questions I will be asked. Guys, may be someone was in my cituation please give me a suggestion. I am scared. :(

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IV under AP more than 2 months.
5:17 am March 19, 2017

Taya D

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Hi, all. I understand at USCIS and NVC check all documents and background for almost for 2 years and after that approved and sent to US Embassy. I am just interesting why at embassy check a case for long time. And interesting what they check if I give to them the same documents like USCIS and NVC. ???

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