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Police Certificate
6:46 am March 7, 2023


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Hello Everyone,

I had a question about the Police Certificate requested by the embassy for the Visa interview. My fianc and I met and lived in China for two years. Now we are getting ready for our Visa interview and we noticed that one of the required documents is a "Police certificates from all countries resided over one year since age 16". We were living in China when Covid hit, but luckily we were on vacation. We were unable to return to China and instead went back to our home countries. We've been trying for some time and we've not been able to obtain this Police Certificate. We tried calling a number given to us from the Chinese embassy in her home country. We also contacted a company that claims to be able to get it on our behalf, but also asks for documents that are no longer in our possession and that we are unable to get. My question is, what options do we have to fulfill this requirement? I've read that we should submit an a notarized affidavit explaining the situation, but I'm not sure if that will be enough. If anyone can provide any guidance or information we would greatly appreciate it. Thank you everyone!

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Should you come out to the visa officer during interview at embassy?
3:43 pm September 13, 2022



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I'd like to go sightseeing in California or New York during my university holiday season this year or next year.
I identify as a "gay" student (22) and was wondering if telling the visa officer my true reason for traveling is a good idea.

If he/she turns out homophobic, will he/she automatically deny me a B2 tourist visa on the spot? Or do they adhere to some strict moral code that prevents them from discriminating against marginalized people?
The areas I mentioned are liberal, diverse, friendly, accepting, and inspiring. For years, I've wanted to visit their gay towns, the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and the Statue of Liberty.
I want to make him/her feel somewhat emotional so that he/she believes I have a valid reason for traveling.
Should I remain silent on LGBTQ issues in general? Is it a plus or a minus to reveal my sexual orientation?

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Gay couple Form I-129F -> K-1 visa
4:58 am September 8, 2022



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Hello, I'm a 22-year-old gay Mongolian international student living in Japan. I'm having LDR with a 37-year-old American guy. I'll be graduating from university in 1.5 years. So I'll be liberated. We hadn't seen each other in over 2 years. As a result, I'm concerned that form I-129F will fail because we haven't met in a long time because of Covid. We're more than just friends. We discussed marriage and other topics. What should we do if we decide to get married? Traveling is difficult for me because I have a Mongolian passport. Developed countries don't issue visas to a citizen of 3rd world countries easily. I'd like to hear from anyone who has had an international same-sex marriage. How did the procedure go? How much time did it take? Do we have the same rights/benefits as conventional hetero couples? Thank you very much.

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entered the U.S. with immigrant visa, green card arrival timeline
2:57 pm October 20, 2021



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My parents entered the U.S. with immigrant visa, in October, what is the current timeline from the date entered to receive your permanent resident card? Is there a way to check status?

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K1's exempt from Executive Order?
11:20 pm April 22, 2020


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"This is the first step to obtaining a K-1 nonimmigrant visa for your fianc (e). The K-1 nonimmigrant visa is also known as a fianc (e) visa."

The above is directly from USCIS website, if this is the case then I think us K1 applicants are ok as per the way the EO is written (in that it applies only to immigrant visas). I'm no lawyer though LOL. But this is my understanding based on the classification of the K1 and the language in the EO. Hopefully we can get someone to confirm this.

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