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Schengen Update?
8:57 pm March 12, 2021



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Any updates on Schengen embassies? Our case is still sitting at the NVC after 5 months... This is ridiculous.

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EU Case Still Dead
8:28 pm March 12, 2021



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Our case hasn't moved in months. Still sitting at the NVC. Not seeing each other for a year is so detrimental for a relationship and seeing no progress after waiting almost 1.5 years to get married is so depressing.

Are other Schengen people getting interviews? What is the situation?

I thought the embassies were supposed to start processing interviews again months ago....

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I-693 frustration for K1 AOS - need advice
6:13 pm March 8, 2021



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Hi all,

My K-1 visa fiancee (wife) needs her I-693 filled out. She has a nearly complete DS-3025 and she had her exam and X-ray done in country of origin prior to the K-1 interview. They also did blood tests (but I am not totally sure for what other than STD). Her exam was last December.

I am calling around the area looking for a civil surgeon to complete my wife's I-693 and I am finding the following:

1. USCIS list of doctors is way out of date and some phone numbers aren't even in service.

2. Some who do exist have no idea what I am talking about in various forms ("what is DS-3025?", "we don't have surgeons here")

3. Some want to do a blank $400+ exam regardless what was done before.

I found two clinics that seem semi-competent, i.e. I emailed them the DS-3025 but they still want to do blood work for QFT (tuberculoses blood test), which I believe is unnecessary. Plus they want to do the medical exam, which I also believe to be unnecessary. Am I wrong? Can someone help me phrase my request correctly to these folks? I thought this would be way easier than it's turning out to be.

My understanding is that she would need literally two things: Tdap (shows due on DS-3025) and regular influenza shot. Everything else has code A and B.

Thank you for the responses.

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I-864, Part 6, Income Tax Return
5:58 pm February 16, 2021


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Hi all! We're just filling the I-864 and came to a bit of a limbo with part 6

My husband (the petitioner) is filing the most recent (2020) year taxes, has filed for 2019, but not for the 2018, since we were traveling and he wasn't working that year.

Soooo, should we mark 23.a (have you filed a Federal income tax return for each of the three most tax years) as a NO?

23.b. We would tick, since we're submitted tax return transcripts of 2019 and 2020, right?

24.c. 3rd most recent (2018) would have Total Income and NONE.

25. Would not be ticked off, since only 1 out 3 years was not required to file.

I would greatly appreciate some help, as this one is a little tricky with 1 yr of tax return missing and would it want to mess it up because of 1-2 boxes being incorrect..

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.41.55 PM.png

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Certificate of Marriage
6:02 pm February 12, 2021


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Hello VisaJourney community!

So nice to see amount of help people are sharing and receiving here! Hope you guys can shed some light for us too :)

Sooo, my now husband and I got married yesterday at the Florida's Broward County Court Office by Deputy Clerk. The only thing we received is a signed and stamped document, which has all 3 parts on it: Application To Marry + License To Marry + Certificate Of Marriage. All 3 main parts are signed, completed and stamped, except for the part at the top/header of the document that has a section to fill in with details of State File Number, Date Returned, Recorder (Book, Page) and bottom/footer which includes our passport numbers and information for vital statistics. Enclosing picture of it. We were told by dep. clerk that filing and mailing a fully completed certificate will take 6 weeks! And there's nothing to be done to speed up the process. And my ESTA runs out in a week.. :( Clerk thinks that current copy might be ok for immigration, however he's not 100% sure. Soooo.. we are a in a bit of a pickle. We asked couple of lawyers for the advice and both gave different opinions - one advised to wait for the complete certificate even if it means that I'll overstay my ESTA (which gut feeling says NOT to overstay ESTA), whilst another - we have a right to send it as it is, better not to overstay ESTA, however we would be at USCIS's mercy - they can accept it as it is for now, ask for ROE or even reject the whole application, so it sounds that it depends on a person going through it.

Has anyone been in similar situation? I'm very reluctant about overstaying, since I'm not on a proper visa, but ESTA.

Any experiences/advices would be really appreciated!


- Laima

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