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11:52 am October 7, 2019


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I know it might be redundant.
My wife doesn't have insurance. Long story short, she just had her EAD, went away for 3 weeks, came back just now, and yesterday we got the "Interview scheduled". Nobody wanted to give her healthcare without EAD for some reason before hand.
the new i-944 rule. Does it include Pre-October filers (Jan 31st)? meaning that, will they need us to file i944, do we HAVE to have the insurance at the time of the interview, or this will skip us since we filed before the rule was in place?

Insurance is in progress, should get one within a week or so, just shopping now. Just wanna know whether we should rush to get some kind of paper to show that she has insurance, or don't worry about it , if it comes, it comes, if not, not a problem.


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Medical Examination for K-1
10:14 am September 12, 2019


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I am curious to find out during what hours did your medical examinations take place. Were they early in the morning or later in the afternoon? Thank you in advance

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Misspelling of name on police report translation
10:11 pm August 30, 2019


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Out of curiosity, has anyone ever had the experience of submitting a document to NVC with a misspelling in the translated document? My husband just got his translated police certificate back from Lithuania and lo and behold, they managed to spell his last name with a instead of . (And it s the very first letter of his last name, making it even more obvious.) The original police cert was spelled correctly. I told him to send it back and have it retranslated correctly while we have time (waiting on case number from NVC anyhow), but it s such a pain as he lives in Norway currently. I m not being overzealous, am I?

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The I-134 form and presenting a scanned version to the Embassy
7:53 pm July 28, 2019


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Hello to everyone reading this! Question: Can you still submit a photocopied version of the I-134, Affidavit Of Support to the Embassy during the interview? Have the rules remained the same since December 2016? Thank you in advance!

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USCIS Callback
2:37 pm July 23, 2019


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Hey guys,

might be a redundant question, but haven't seen much threads. So i've been calling USCIS 2nd time for T2.

First time (July 17th) they said they gonna callback, gave me a "number" and said to stay on the line, got to callback robot again, followed all prompts, wait time 225mins. Fair enough. Never received the callback.

Called today, they have a record of me speaking with T1, so she said she'll connect me to T2, same thing, robot, callback, 190mins.

My question is, how in the world can i get to speak with T2. I have a feeling that i wont get a callback again. We're thinking to expedite based on Job offer and medical bills, but wanna see where our case stands. (you know, if it's assigned already and in the office, no reason to expedite, we could wait a week or two).


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