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Traveling Abroad with Beneficiary (Wife) while waiting for I-130
3:05 pm September 13, 2023



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Me and my wife are not in the same country (I'm in the US, she in the Philippines). I can't find a clear answer on this, but want to make sure that we can travel together to other countries (not the US). We're thinking of visiting Japan in Spring while still waiting for the next NOA.

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Naturalized USC need to submit naturalization certificate? I-130
8:11 pm July 29, 2023



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I'm petitioning for my spouse's CR-1 as a naturalized USC. I seem to be getting conflicting forum discussion on the need for uploading and providing my old a-number.

Could someone please help me understand if this is needed at all for my I-130 application? Is the US passport good enough?

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How long it takes to get GC in mail? [merged threads]
11:37 pm July 3, 2023



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Hello, my mom s adjustment of status was approved last week. Just wondering how long it takes them to send the green card in mail if we are located in US?

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Airport "Escort" for non-English speaker
6:45 pm April 21, 2023


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A friend of mine is nearing the point of the K-3 visa process where his wife will be able to join him in America. They're both older (>55 yrs old), and he doesn't want to make a third several thousand mile journey in a year to meet and travel back, mostly due to the cost and toll it takes on his body.

Does anyone know of any service at airports that would allow for someone (working for the airport, airline or CBP I guess) to meet and escort her through customs, to the baggage area and out of the terminal or connecting terminal/flight? She's working on improving her English skills, so the primary concern is being able to communicate, and providing extra assurance/some comfort things will be OK. Her native language is Vietnamese.

Airports could be either JFK, EWR or BOS - each is within a reasonable distance

I feel like this is a common problem with a solution, but my google skills failed me -- lots of posts about people's partners working as escorts before, or it's for older relatives that are wheelchair-bound.

He's confided in me because he knows I went through the K-1 process with my wife. Visa Journey was an invaluable resource and I thought I'd ask here.

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LPR travel to Russia
2:48 am December 19, 2022



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My LPR wife (Lithuanian citizen) needs to go to Russia due a death in the family. She is in the process of obtaining a Russian tourist visa for this purpose.
1. Should she anticipate any issues at CBP on return, due to current strained relations with Russia?

2. she is a conditional GC holder. Will her trip to Russia negatively affect her ROC?

Thank you in advance.

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