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Changing Address & Driver's License During Pending Application
3:17 am August 18, 2021



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Hi, all!

My husband (applicant) and I (USC) are moving to CT next week and I just have a few questions.

1. He submitted an AR11 online for his I-485 and I-765 and I did one for the I-130. Do we need to do any follow-ups with Emma/USCIS to make sure our change of address went through?

2. When we filed in Jan 2021, we submitted the i-944 and i-864 for self-sufficiency/support. I understand that the i-944 is no longer necessary after March 2021, but do I need to submit the i-865 for my change of address as his sponsor for the i-864?

3. Husband was here on an H2B and has a SSN and driver's license. CT has an option to apply for a DL for undocumented residents--is he considered undocumented or should he just schedule a regular out-of-state license transfer appointment?

Thank you for any help you can provide!

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Getting a medical examination in a different country
11:19 pm June 3, 2021

Domantas K.

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Hello everyone,

I hope there are people who had have this experience before.

I'm trying to find some information/answers about medical examinations prior to a visa interview. Can I get my medical examination completed at the different country than my interview? Or does it have to be the same country?

Looking forward for some responses!


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K1 Moving to Embassy
11:40 pm April 13, 2021



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Hello again friends,

My K1 Visa was just sent out to the embassy in my fiancee's EU country.

What steps or forms should we fill out now?

Should I fill out my I-134 or should she fill out her DS-160 now?

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How to join the Milligan v. Pompeo lawsuit?
11:17 pm March 28, 2021

Domantas K.

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Hello there,

My fianc and I applied for our K-1 visa back in February 2020. Our case is still stuck at NVC. I was reading a lot about this Milligan v. Pompeo lawsuit and that it can help to push the case forward.

Please, can anyone share any ideas, thoughts how to apply and join this plaintiff lawsuit?


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Schengen Update?
8:57 pm March 12, 2021



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Any updates on Schengen embassies? Our case is still sitting at the NVC after 5 months... This is ridiculous.

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