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Forgot Photos Together!
4:12 am January 20, 2020



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Hey, so a few days ago I submitted my I-129F package and it arrived at the Dallas Lockbox yesterday (now to wait until Tuesday for it to be picked up).

The problem is.. I realized I forgot to include the photos of my fiancee and I together in our package! The baggie of photos is sitting on my desk!

There are quite a few threads from 2010 - 2014 regarding this issue, and many users said that they did not submit photos together and were still approved.

Do you guys think this will be an issue? I included boarding passes to and from, passport stamps, bus receipts, apartment receipts, and our engagement ring receipt.
Just to be clear: I mean photos of us together, not the passport style photos. I included those.

A lot of things have changed for the I-129F process over the years, so I wanted to hear some more modern opinions.

Thanks in advance!

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I-129F Interpreter and Preparer
7:18 pm January 14, 2020



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For Part's 6 and 7, I have put N/A in the first field of each section (see attachment below). Is there anything else I should do for these sections beside that? Should I leave the interpreter and preparer's signature and date fields blank? We did not use an interpreter or preparer as both my fiancee and I speak English and we filled out the I-129F ourselves. Thank you again!


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No Passport Stamp
3:18 pm January 13, 2020



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So for including evidence of meeting in the last 2 years, many people on VisaJourney use passport stamps as one of their pieces of meeting.
The problem is, my fiancee lives in the Schengen Area (European Union), and I flew to her from another Schengen Area country (Netherlands). So, when I arrived in her country, I did not get a passport stamp (traveling in the EU is like domestic flights in the US). I did get a stamp from entering Netherlands and exiting Netherlands however.

My question is:

What should I include? I scanned my whole passport also.
Should I include BOTH my boarding passes (from my flight to Amsterdam AND my EU flight to her country) and just explain why I do not have a Lithuanian stamp in my passport?

Maybe I am over thinking this. Thank you.

EDIT: I also have the boarding pass of my flight from Amsterdam to her country

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Mailing Address of Beneficiary
1:57 pm January 11, 2020



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My fiancee is from Lithuania and her address includes some non-English characters such as "?" and "?".

Should 11.b (her street address) be in Lithuanian?
Also, for 11.g, Lithuania does not have Provinces, but it has Municipalities. Should we write "N/A" here or should we write the municipality?
If we should write the Municipality, should it the English translation or in Lithuanian?

Thank you ?

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Passport Style Photo Size Question
11:32 pm January 8, 2020



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I just returned from visiting my (now) fiancee, and during our visit we had passport-style photos taken of both of us.
When we said we wanted 51mm photos the people knew it was for a visa and said they did them quite frequently. It was a quick and easy process.

The photos meet all the requirements, except each photo we recieved is a set of two 2in x 2in photos with a black outline encased in a 4x6 photo.

Do I need to cut the 2x2 photo out carefully along the border, or can I just submit the whole 4x6 paper since each photo inside of it is a 2x2?

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