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secondary at POE with ESTA VISA tricky question help
5:44 pm September 9, 2017


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a friend was stopped at POE, and they begin to interview him telling him he overstay one day his ESTA visa.

They were really insistent telling him they believed he was working last time he was in USA.

They retain him and question him several hours and he admitted he was working just to get out of there. They say you can come in but this will be in your records now.

He admitted because they told he will get detained and because he got wife and kids in his country he was trying to end the interview fast and live back to his country but instead they allow him to enter USA.

What are the consequences of this? they didnt place any weird stamp in his passport just a 3-month normal allowance to stay in USA but when he arrived to the hotel he realized he never overtay in USA before. he was play I guess?

Please what will happen to him now?

He never will be able to use ESTA again? will he be able to get a business or tourist visa?

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Problem because Changing Passport Number
7:55 pm May 16, 2017


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Hi to all,

My passport is ready to expire and I'm still waiting for the ROC. (seems all the process take 10 or 11 months )

Every time I need a new passport they change all the numbers on it.

I am waiting for the ROC and all the paperwork was done with the passport number that is ready to expire.

Do you see a potential problem here when I go for an interview (or maybe not) and all my documents in the green card are with my old passport number? Should I do something in USCIS when I receive my new passport?

Thank you

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checks and change of address
10:38 pm November 14, 2016


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Hello! Im filling the form of I-751 and I find there is 2 differents fees: one for the form other for biometrics I should send 2 separate checks or I send the full amount in one ?

second question is I change my address in between the interview and the arrival of the green card.

my other question is pag 2 part 22 were they ask if I have been resided at any other address since you became permanent resident.

we bought a flat with my hubby one or 2 weeks earlier and we moved ...in between the green card was delivered to the other address and then re delivered with the right one.

My request of change of address was before they delivered the card but they changed it after the first attempt of deliver and they finnally deliver it to the new one.

what I should do: say I was living in a different address or say I never changed ?

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