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6:34 pm July 2, 2021



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So I am almost done with preparing my ROC package but I am confused about one thing- my husband and me have both been divorced before got married and applied for AOS.We have sent our divorce decrees whilefilling for AOS,of course.

Must we submit these decrees again for ROC ? I couldnt find that information at USCIS site so please help.

Thank you so much!

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Interview waiver
4:05 am June 9, 2021



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Just two quick questions: are some ROC interviews waived and how often that happens? Thank you

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ROC evidence
2:46 pm May 1, 2021



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My conditional Green Card will expire November 1st but it isn't too early to think about the ROC evidence. I was reading on USCIS site and here so I basically know what kind of evidence will be good but not sure about this:

While applying for my 1st Green card, we have sent bank statements from our 2 joint bank accounts for that period of time .The same with all utility bills. So now for ROC , can I include bank statements and utility bills from 1st November till the date when I will file or all together? I already have a thick folder collected .

I assume that they already have the previous period .Also , I don't know if I have copies of old ones so I am worried.

Thank you!

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Rejected at DMW
8:13 pm April 28, 2021



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I hope that I put this at the right place .If not excuse me I am a new member.

I am conditional Green card holder ( adjusted my status from B2) and today I have scheduled my written driving test at the local DMW office.

The gentleman who worked there, told me that I can't do that test because my I 94 is expired ( of course it is ,I have come here with B2) .Despite the fact that I have shown him my valid passport, State ID , Social security, and Green card .

He even called someone and they told him that I am not eligible for that test

I am shocked and confused. Does it mean that us who have adjusted from B2 have not legal right to drive?

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