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US Immigration from Liberia

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12:10 am March 26, 2020

Maxwell Shaw

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Are spousal visas still being processed during Coronavirus shutdowns?
6:48 pm March 23, 2020



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Do we know if the i130 petitions (spousal visa, etc.) are still being processed? It sounds like only interviews have been cancelled, but am I correct in thinking that they are still doing paperwork for the ones that haven't been approved yet?

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9:29 am March 3, 2020



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My kids (8years and 15years) had their interview on November 19, 2019 (Liberia). After the interview the CO requested DNA. It was pay for the same day and the kit was send. They did their DNA test on January 24, 2020. The kit was send back to the lab. The lab completed the test which was 99.9999 for both kids. The results were send to the Embassy on February 4th. It's been 4 weeks and no update. It is getting so frustrating. Anybody had similar issues. And how long it took for the Embassy to email or call after the DNA results

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Confused on this administrative processing
11:43 pm November 3, 2019



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I have an issue, someone please help me. My wife filed in for my son and I on F2A visa. I and my son attended our interview which I think was successful. At the end, CO offers me a letter stating that, due to insufficient evidence to prove Father and son relationship, we will not issue you visa now, you and your son will have to do a DNA test. The test was immediately paid for and done. The result was positive. It was sent directly to the embassy. Three weeks after the embassy received the results, (which was already two months after my interview), the embassy wrote my wife and asked us to set up an appointment in order to drop passport. We set up the appointment, got to the embassy, we were sent to the first window where we presented our passport and were asked to sit and wait. 10 minutes after, we were called to next window, Co said hi, we received your DNA results, it is positive, all your documents are correct, here are some of your rights when you get to the United States, please read them before going, we will not offer your visa today, we will give you chip that you will use to pickup your visa next week. Co when back and front, after three minutes, Co said, I am sorry, your visa is been put on hold for further administrative processing. Handed to me 221g letter with a sheet containing 16 questions to be answered and submitted to the consulate section. The questions were about, places I have lived, phone numbers used, work history all for the past 15yrs. Also, old and new passports number, siblings names, travels made for the past years etc. These questions were answer and sent immediately. Now, I am a bit confused, is this normal? How long does this process takes? Why only requested for DNA, then after DNA, requesting further. Anyone here in similar situation, or was in situation like this put got the visa already? I like to hear your experience, please please

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Administrative Processing
1:18 am October 22, 2019


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Hello house,

Can somebody tell me how long is it going to take if your visa application is under Administrative Processing?

My interview was denied few months back and immediately filed an appeal but I'm afraid if this will take forever.

I'll appreciate any kind reply.


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