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Can someone verify our N400 I-797C,NOA
10:59 pm August 4, 2019


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My wife is given a date and time to appear at out USCIS office.

Show at 0755, no sooner than 30 mins.prior to that time. She will be tested on knowledge of the US, reading , writing, speaking English. She needs to take marriage cert., passport, spouse birth cert, green card, etc.

Is this part of the process leading to taking the oath? Or is the oat given on this day?

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Cr1 visa denied
10:21 pm May 22, 2019



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Hello everyone,

please im completely broken and confused since yesterday. My husband interview was in November 2017 after the interview he was asked to present additional documents. 2018 January the documents were submitted. We didn t hear from the embassy until Monday my husband got a phone car to go to the embassy the next day which was yesterday. He got there and the consular told him that the marriage certificate was fake and his petition will be sent back to USCIS.

Im wondering how is it possible to receive my documents in person from the ministry that offers the certificate and then consulate says it s fake. I m astonish and shocked. I am willing to prove this allegation beyond all reasonable doubt but the question here is how can I prove them wrong?

please anyone has an idea as to move forward please help me.

Its a CR1 visa

interview: November 2017

RFE submitted: January 2018

May 21,2019 he was told that he is denied and documents will be returned to USCIS

Consulate office: Monrovia Liberia

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Citizenship(n400) case in line for an interview back to back
4:03 pm May 9, 2019



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Hey guys, my N400/citizenship application was placed in line for an interview on February 15. After about 81 days on May 7, an update was made by USCIS. Instead of an interview has be scheduled, USCIS replaced my application back to case is in line for an interview. Basically, I have been placed in line for an interview back to back now(twice). Anyone experienced this before?

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11:10 pm March 28, 2019


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Hello everyone, being searching for N400 April 2019 Filers' trend, but couldn't find none. Decided to start this one ?. Let's finish this once and for all! Good luck to all!

N400 April 2019

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Why I 824
8:04 pm February 27, 2019



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Hi All,

I did my I 485 interview on the 6th of Feb, this year. The IO told me then that he couldn't locate my I 130 approval letter in the system. My lawyer showed him a copy of the approval we had. He scanned it and said he would get it from NBC where it was initially approved. Today, I received a letter requiring me to file Form I 824 to request NBC to transfer the approval. Is this normal. I don't understand this procedure. Can some one explain especially if you or someone you know have been in this situation?

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