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US Immigration from Liberia

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Affidavit of support I-134 **Unemployed**
11:29 pm


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A month before my I-129f was submitted, I was laid off. However, my unemployment income still makes it over the income required mark. My question is " Besides the regular documents that is usually needed to fill out the I-134, what else would I need for my case?" Is there a certain document that I'd need to request from unemployment? Please help!

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Does embassy receive the original folder/binder submitted??
1:31 am


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Hello! As I've been reading, I've seen a lot of information talking about different packets (1-4) that are received throughout this K1 process until it actually gets to the Embassy. I also read that the original documents that are sent from the petitioner are received and then scanned into the system. So my question is, does the beneficiary's Embassy actually receive the whole entire folder that was sent originally at the final interview stage? I know a lot of people take time to front load information in hopes that it would help during the interview but I'm wondering if the embassy will actually have all those physical documents. If anyone knows, please tell me because I'm very curious.

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Screenshot messages sufficient??
3:05 am


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While looking on my fiancee's embassy's website, I read information pertaining to evidence that would be needed for his interview. According to the information it stated that you would need social media messages but not copied to a Word document. When I sent my packet, I front-loaded it with some screenshots of our messages that were placed on a Word document. I just want to make sure that it will be sufficient and what's required /needed from them. Does anyone know if this will do? I attached the section from the website.


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June 2018 K1 Filers
7:54 pm


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I've been searching for a thread but haven't seen one yet. But my file was received today. Fingers crossed for the NOA1 soon!

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I-751 Receipt
4:00 am

Goshen K Gileh

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So I filed my I-751 since April 10th 2018, up till now now receipt yet. Is there any one like me? I am really worried!

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