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AOS Approved!
1:30 am


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Just wanted to express my joy that my AOS got approved, the Green card and will get a notice in mail soon and the card soon too probably :) Thank you all for the great support ?? in this forum, all answered questions so far...Happy that there will be peace now for like 3 years? I haven't even looked much into it yet but is it 3 years I have to be a green card holder and then I can apply for citizenship? I guess will have to renew the Green card first after 2 years...

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EAD and Driver's license expired
3:18 am


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Hi! I had my Green card interview, have to send in additional proof, will send in soon but my EAD card and driver's license expired..Looks like my employer is smart and knows the USCIS rules that I can continue to work still those 180 days...What about my driver's license? I might get the green card maybe, hopefully by the end of October if they approve the new proof (the local city office), but if they take it longer....Do I have a chance to get a new driver's license with the papers that I am waiting on AOS approval or they will want only green card as a proof? Is it ok to keep driving for a little with expired driver's license or if police stop me I would be in big trouble or there is a grace period and penalties wouldn't be bad also for AOS pending immigrants? I think my spouse can take me around also and I can use Uber, maybe I should not risk driving around...?

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RFE for medical exam update at AOS interview
8:50 pm


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So today finally was my interview for AOS-to get green card. All was good except that I need new medical examination. The officer said that it is because my medical exam expired more than a year ago. She said I don't need new vaccines-only new I-693 with blood pressure, gonnorhea test (it is new test) and a Civil Surgeon doctor ???? just told me that from October there will be needed a new tuberculosis test with blood test, so I will do that too to be sure. Sounds it all will be about $255 together and maybe I can go to hospital to do something of that cheaper with my insurance. I also need to submit additional proof of that we live together because we live with my spouse's parents so we don't have bills in our name or house or lease. What do you recommend to send? We already showed several things but the officer asked for more. Thanks.

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EAD renewal Receipts question
8:18 pm


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Do I need to send the originals of I 765 Approval Notice and Receipts or just the photocopies? Thanks

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EAD renewal Question 15
6:09 pm


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Hi! I couldn't find answer from previous posts, so asking: on EAD renewal, Question #15, which USCIS office was my previous EAD card was filed in...Which one should I put? On my EAD card that card # starts with MSC so I was reading that it means Missouri but I was reading in some posts that have to put Chicago?

2. And what date do I have to put? When I received the card or from what date was it valid till what date?

3. The Eligibility category as I understood is C9 right?

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