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Can beneficiaries income+savings be helpful in K1 visa interview.
12:32 am January 17, 2019


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I have looked for this specific case everywhere with no luck.

My situation is that my fianc who's petitioner doesn't have a stable job (she gets her income with being a food vendor at events) but I, on the other hand, have a well-paid job in the UK.

I will be able to continue to work (legally) for them if and when in the US remotely.

My savings+income would be far beyond what's required for the poverty line.

All the places i've been researching on always talks about petitioner's ability to support, but nowhere it considers that some beneficiaries could be well off with the money.

P.S. we're still gonna have a joint sponsor.

My question is: Does anyone have any experience in a similar situation when the beneficiary is not exactly broke and could single-handedly support both partners?

Does it help in the interview or exact opposite?



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Flight tickets, photos, etc that are older than 2 years make our case better or worse
10:31 pm January 16, 2019


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We've started to get all the paperwork to file the petition for the K1 visa.

At this point we've gathered all airline inventory (14 tickets in total), all photos we look cute together (10 photos) and some other stuff.

The instructions clearly say that we should provide evidence that we've met in the last two years which I have plenty of. In fact, we lived together for almost 14 months of the last two years.

We also have flight tickets and photos of us that are older than 2 years.

My question is: should I be careful and not submit any evidence before 2 years and if so is the 2-year mark when we mail the petition or some time later?



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Last name in Visa Annotation???
1:00 pm January 13, 2019


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I want to know if anyone had a last name added in Visa Annotation?

Finally our case was sent to NVC and started to get more info for next steps. I asked my embassy if I can get my Visa in my husband's last name as it has "Y" letter but my last name in passport have been modified to fit grammar rules as my alphabet doesn't have this letter. They said they can include it in Visa Annotation. Is it true and can I later use as base for US documents as DL etc?

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nameless birth certificate
6:29 pm December 7, 2018


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We have a weird situation. We have sent our I-129f and now when I check the embassy requirement (More likely I will go to Naples as currently I reside in Malta) they need petitioner original birth certificate during interview..

And here is a tricky part. My fiance birth certificate has no... name. No one gave him a name when he was born (it was given after, and not officially registered) and apparently it was never an issue in U.S.. he got passport/driving licence etc with no problem...

I am a bit lost in this situation as i really do not know what to do.. Should we call to USCIS , Embassy? And see if they can provide some information for this type of situations.

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AOS Approved!
1:30 am November 6, 2018


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Just wanted to express my joy that my AOS got approved, the Green card and will get a notice in mail soon and the card soon too probably :) Thank you all for the great support ?? in this forum, all answered questions so far...Happy that there will be peace now for like 3 years? I haven't even looked much into it yet but is it 3 years I have to be a green card holder and then I can apply for citizenship? I guess will have to renew the Green card first after 2 years...

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