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SOS marriage certificate
6:38 am March 16, 2020


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Do I need to bring original marriage certificate with me to the interview? For the life of me I can not find it and my interview is tomorrow. (I have been in US over 10 years).

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coronavirus cancelations
4:27 am March 12, 2020


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I have appointment next Monday for interview, and here in PA, and also MI, everything is getting canceled left and right.

I m so afraid they might cancel it.

And if I am approved, they might cancel the oath ceremony.

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I-751 Waiver marriage were entered in good faith (merged threads)
9:16 pm March 5, 2020


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When can I apply for a i-751 waiver as a divorce, marriage were entered in good faith. I got my permanent resident card 12/11/2019 my husband told me 1 week ago he doesn t love me and wants a divorce.

i want to fly back home on August can I apply anytime now because I can t stay here for another 18 months. ?

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interview scheduled, GK expires couple weeks before, what to wear?
11:40 am February 6, 2020


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So today I had an update USCIS online, that my interview is scheduled. Woot woot!

Interview is scheduled mid March

my green card expires end of February?

how should I handle that? (it was under 6 month that I applied for N-400)

Does interview means that it is pretty much done deal? USCIS says approval rate is 90 %, is that true? What are the reasons for deny?

As I have been reading usually expiring GC alone would not cause that?

Aside from some tax issues several years ago that are taken care of, and one ticked some 10 years ago, my life is pretty uneventful...

By the way what to wear?

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AOS Interview
6:44 pm January 20, 2020



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My husband came here on a K1 Fiance visa back in July, we got married in August, and now we have our (or should I say 'his') interview for his AOS. We are gathering all the paperwork and evidence showing that we are actually married and what not. My question is, do we need EVERY single item listed on the letter? Meaning all of my work paystubs, work letter, original copies of birth certificate, etc... or is having my passport and his legal documents good enough? We obviously will bring in all the photos from our wedding/honeymoon as well as evidence such as our lease and check book showing we live together and are married but I just keep hearing mixed reviews on whether or not I do need to bring in all of the stuff that we already submitted with his K1 visa since technically they should already have all of it right? Also what can we expect in the interview I hear everyone has a different experience but i guess what is the most important thing we should be prepared for?Thanks!

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