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  IR1 approved

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IR1 approved
12:46 pm June 5, 2023


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Today after my interview my visa IR1 got approved. And i was told that i will receive passport with my visa by the end of this week .

question about Green Card. Do i need to apply for it once i am in U.S? How long does it take to get it?

and i was not give any envelopes with my medical.. will it come with passport or it is all electronic now ?

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NVC and police certificate signature question
10:59 am March 21, 2023


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i am so ready to submit my documents to NVC , however, one of my police certificates was issued specifically for U.S embassy and was signed and stamped with digital signature .. i am not sure wether it will be accepted by NVC or not?

also when I submitted documents some of them has an option to be viewed and some of them not.. is it normal?

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covid entry traveling to Europe
8:10 pm August 5, 2022


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Has any of you recently traveled to Europe? Is US vaccine paper is acceptable proof or did you try to get a digital record. Also, I am vaccinated with the initial 2 doses, but no booster, but my child - 8 is not, and I do not want to. Do you know if any European country has problems with kids not being vaccinated.

Thank you!

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Self-sponsoring on EAD for AOS interview
7:16 am February 5, 2022



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We applied for AOS back in May 2021 when my wife (USC) was working part time job. We used her income and our shared liquid assets (worth 5 times the minimum amount required at the time). However she decided to quit and focus on studying as we had no use of the extra few dollars they pay these days in retail jobs.

In mean time my EAD arrived about two and half months ago and I (alien) was able to find a 6 figure job and I ve been working for one month already.
Right now we got our case status changed to Interview Was Scheduled. And my wife s all worried that she must find another part time job otherwise she thinks they ll deny our case. I keep reminding her that we have enough liquid assets (7 times the minimum amount now) and also they should consider my income from my job in US as well. It is after all about whether or not I could become a public charge.

So my question is if anyone has gone through a similar situation when alien can make enough income that USC don t even need to work and what did the interviewer thought of it?

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IR-1 Question
7:39 am October 18, 2021


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My husband has a work contract in Bahrain till July next year. He will be moving back to U.S and want to apply for visa for me (we are married for 2 years now).

Could you please confirm that I understood correctly and we need to file IR-1 form ? Since we are married for 2 years. I saw that this form can be filed online? He can use there his Bahrain address even though in July he will have U.S address, and I am pretty sure our application might not be approved by that time.

Thank you.

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