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US Immigration from Latvia

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Expedite N400 , Chapter 319b
7:25 pm April 23, 2024


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Hello yall!

I have applied for N400 and after called military lined and asked for expedite procedure under Chapter 319(b). As I have never requested expedite case i have question:

1.They told me that I will be getting a call from T2 in next 7 days. What T2 agent will tell me? Will they tell me if my case is approved or not?

2. How long expedite cases for N400 approx. take? We will be leaving U.S in July and I am not sure if i can get an interview date before that.

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GC holder going abroad with official orders
2:09 pm March 15, 2024


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Hello all,

So I got my 10 years GC as a result of spouse VISA and now my husband who is civilian and work for U.S government got an official order to work and move abroad. His initial contract is for 2 years with possibility for extension. I thought that i had to apply for re-entry permit but then I found an USCIS article saying that :

The time limitation does not apply to the spouse or child of a member of the Armed Forces of the United States, or of a civilian employee of the U.S. Government stationed abroad pursuant to official orders. In this case, the spouse or child must present the card mentioned above, not have relinquished residence, and be preceding or accompanying the member or employee, or be following to join the member or employee in the United States within four months of the return of the member or employee.

After reading this I am a bit confused whether I need to apply for re-entry at all since I will have his official government orders and use them as proof when come back. I will try and call USCIS today but i guess they will just read the same information from website to me.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

P.S: we are leaving in June and even if I apply for re-entry now , from what i see it would not be issued to me before I leave. However, reading similar questions I understand that i just need to be present for biometrics in U.S?

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IR1 approved
12:46 pm June 5, 2023


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Today after my interview my visa IR1 got approved. And i was told that i will receive passport with my visa by the end of this week .

question about Green Card. Do i need to apply for it once i am in U.S? How long does it take to get it?

and i was not give any envelopes with my medical.. will it come with passport or it is all electronic now ?

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NVC and police certificate signature question
10:59 am March 21, 2023


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i am so ready to submit my documents to NVC , however, one of my police certificates was issued specifically for U.S embassy and was signed and stamped with digital signature .. i am not sure wether it will be accepted by NVC or not?

also when I submitted documents some of them has an option to be viewed and some of them not.. is it normal?

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covid entry traveling to Europe
8:10 pm August 5, 2022


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Has any of you recently traveled to Europe? Is US vaccine paper is acceptable proof or did you try to get a digital record. Also, I am vaccinated with the initial 2 doses, but no booster, but my child - 8 is not, and I do not want to. Do you know if any European country has problems with kids not being vaccinated.

Thank you!

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