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Can I-134 and I-864 be filled by different people as joint sponsors?
4:59 pm August 5, 2019



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Hello everyone,

We've failed for k1 visa 2 months ago and recently gotten into problems with joint sponsor as we lost our main sponsor due to their personal issues.

The idea is that we've found someone else that is willing to sponsor us, but the person only has the minimum income for I-134 as retirement money from government.

So we've come up with a plan where we could fill out the I-864 after I come over to US and my fianc (petitioner) gonna find a job that will be able to meet the minimum requirement.

As I understand technically its not illegal, in unlikely case we can't meet the I-864 requirements, to just leave US as think of other ways.

My question is if any one has done anything this extreme?

As an explanation I (beneficiary) have very well paying remote job so there's no real world issue of becoming a public-charge...so we're not trying to become freeloaders in US.

Thanks in advance


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Can we change consulate before receiving NOA2?
5:36 pm July 31, 2019



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We're in the middle of first part of K1 visa process and we've lost our joint sponsor as she changed her mind.

Since it's unlikely my fianc will find a full-time job in this short amount of time, the only other thing we could think of is me (the beneficiary) moving back to UK so I could self-sponsor since I have substantial amount of savings ~50k. I used to live in UK for 3 years and now working remotely from Europe for a while.

We initially filed I-129f for Riga, Latvia consulate which is my home country.

I've spent hours of researching and haven't found much so I was wondering if anyone has changed embassies at this stage?

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Boarding passes from Apple wallet instead of ticket itineraries.
1:37 pm June 8, 2019



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I'm filling out the K1 visa application and I have an question that seems nowhere to be answered.

We have a 10+ boarding passes from apple wallet for the flights we took together in last 2 years which also means my email full of ticket itineraries.

My question is: Does anyone have sent printed screenshots of Apple Wallet boarding passes and, if so, was there any problem with getting approved?

Also can I _just_ send the boarding passes and skip ticket itineraries as its a waste of lot of paper?

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When did you come to realization you are more American than anything else?
8:20 am June 1, 2019


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So just wondering and contemplating about your thoughts and experiences.

I wanted to know, after how long time or after what kind of events, you settled your mind and knew - this is it.

I am more American than where I came from.

I am not even feeling like half and half anymore, or something of one or other.

When did you start to feel that at your birth country - you are a visitor, and US - this is a true forever home?

Was it gradual, or was it a cathartic event?

When did you start thinking and dreaming in English as your default language?

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forgot to tell uscis about the address change
6:44 am May 28, 2019


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Has anyone filed late about their address change after the move? Did it affect you?

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