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US Immigration from Iran

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Administrative Processing: 221(G) / DS-5535 Split (Green Slip) (merged)
11:04 am May 14, 2023


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to inquire about the status of my fiance's K1 visa application. We recently went through the interview process and unfortunately, we were refused under 221(G). However, the counselor provided my fiance with a DS 5535 form to fill out and the status date has updated three times since the interview on the CEAC website from 08MAY2023, to 09MAY2023, to 10MAY2023 to 11MAY2023.

We are wondering if the multiple status updates mean that our case is moving quickly and if we should expect to hear something soon. Additionally, we were given a green slip after the interview which we filled out the first day as opposed to the other colors (Yellow, White, Blue).

Has anyone had a similar experience with their K1 visa application? Can anyone offer any insight or advice on what we can expect moving forward?

Thank you in advance for any information or support you can provide.

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DS-5535 and Administrative Processing after K1 Visa Interview. What's next?
10:34 am May 5, 2023


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My fiance had her interview at the Abu Dhabi US embassy yesterday. They refused her visa for no apparent reason. The interviewer gave her a sheet that our case requires "administrative processing" and may take several months. They did not ask for any evidence of relationship, I-134 form, W2 forms, or the any financial support documents even though we had all of those with us! We are utterly devastated because we waited 637 for an interview date and we planned the wedding and we were not expecting having to wait more months. This morning they sent me (petitioner) to fill out DS-5535. The questions in DS-5535 are almost the same as DS-160 which we filled out like 3 months ago. I don't know what to expect after this. Does anybody know how much longer we would need to wait?

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Employment change 3 weeks before the interview
6:25 pm April 14, 2023


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Hello everyone. Our K1 visa interview is in 3 weeks. I was laid off from my full-time job back in Feb, 2023 due to business shutting down. I found another part time position a week later. Last Monday my employment status was changed from part time to full time at my new job.

I will be providing my last 4 pay stubs and 2022 W2 forms and tax returns but only the very last pay stub will reflect full time status at my new job. Will this become an issue during the interview? I'm concerned they won't like too many financial related changes. Thank you.

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Passport Expires 7 Months After Interview Date
2:25 pm April 10, 2023



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Hi everyone,

My fiance and I are just about ready for our interview, but I had a question regarding the required passport validity for being approved for our K1 visa. According to the invitation letter we received from Armenia, my fiance 's passport needs to be valid for at least 8 months after the date the visa is issued.

Unfortunately, my fiance 's interview is in about 10 days, at which time her passport will only be valid for 7 months. I just realized this last night.

Does anyone have experience or knowledge to know the consequences of this? Would we be rejected? Would we be better off to reschedule everything? In searching online, I got the impression that this might not be a strict requirement, but a rule-of-thumb. We are both traveling from different countries, so rescheduling is something we would really like to do as last resort only.

I emailed the embassy, and have not received a response yet, but I'm hoping one of you might know more on this issue before I hear back.


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Interview is in 38 days and need tax transcript fast
12:29 am April 3, 2023



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Hello folks

I just e-filed my 2022 taxes and my fianc s interview is on 05/10/2023

What is the fastest way to get tax transcript from IRS?

Thank you in advance

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