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Transferring from a Closed Consulate
8:50 pm April 16, 2021



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Hey all,

I am trying to decide whether I should try to transfer my fianc s ready K1 Visa from the Barbados embassy (because they're still closed completely- or so they say), to Jamaica embassy. I have been told it might be possible, however there is a significant backlog. Is anyone else on here ready at either embassy and can give me some idea of timeline?


Briana Peterson

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Help - distraught for family, need advice [merged threads]
9:34 am January 8, 2021



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I ve posted on here about my family situation before seeking advice for family who are out of status.

TW: physical assault.

My sister is out of status (came to US as a child and was left here by parent, now an adult) and lives with boyfriend (American). Yesterday I had to get her a hotel room for the night because he physically assaulted her. She came home to a woman in their bed and when confronted, he punched her. I m proud of her for packing her things and leaving. She later confessed that he has been beating her for a year. I m sick to my stomach. She lives in Florida and I live in Texas. I m a green card holder.

Some research led me to her filing for the U visa (another family member has mentioned applying for this visa as well but I wasn t familiar with it). I guess I just want some advice about helping her. I encouraged her to file a police report in the morning. I offered to fly her here to Texas so we can figure out what to do. I don t care if I have to take care of her while we figure it out. Can she apply for U visa from here in Texas? Even though the abuse occurred in Florida? Please share any advice you have.

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864 form, unfiled taxes and co-sponsor question.
2:42 am September 16, 2020



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I have a couple of questions. My cousin loves in the Caribbean. He asked if I could Co-sponsor his application with his current girlfriend/future wife. She s an American but has been living in the BVI for the last 6 years. She hasn t filed US taxes since she left. Can she still marry and file for him and have me Co-sponsor or does she have to file 1st? What s the process?

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VERY tough situation - filing for siblings
2:08 am August 22, 2020



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I have a big dilemma and I would really appreciate some grace amidst the blunt responses I m already expecting. I know this situation is not at all easy and might lead to a dead end but the least I can do is try.

I am a permanent resident, planning to apply for citizenship next year. You can check my timeline but long story short I was on a student visa and got married, then adjusted my status. Husband and I just bought our first house.

Here s the sticky situation: my 3 siblings were brought to the US on tourist visas by my dad and left with my grandmother. They were all under the age of 18. My grandmother put two of them into public school. She claimed that she was applying for their papers but refused to give anyone information about what exactly she did. Nothing came of it. At the time I was living with a friend in my home country. I moved to Texas for school but my siblings are in New York.

It s been 7 years and 2 of the 3 are now over the age of 18 and can t work or go to school. They re completely helpless and I do what I can to help them out but they depend on my grandma for everything. Up until now I really had no idea what to do to help.

Does anyone think it would be possible for me to sponsor them? Can they adjust status after being out of status for this long? Would I be able to sponsor them from a different state?

I know I will def need a lawyer for this case but any advice would help. I m trying to be a big sister considering our parents failed us.

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Uscis login down??
9:05 pm April 24, 2020


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Is anybody else having problems with logging into uscis, the system says they don t even recognize my email.

i have a current receipt and filed i130 on 3/2/20.


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