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Medical Expires 3 Days Before Interview
4:37 am


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I have a question --- I did my medical last year November 11th. It was submitted with my applications. My interview is on the 14th. Will they tell me I need to get another medical done since it'll be a few days expired? Will that delay my green card being produced?

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Eloped, interview, non-traditional proposal
5:14 am


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Hey VJ,

I'd like some advice. Long story short we eloped and there was no formal proposal. We had been dating since September 2016 and eloped August 2016. He didn't want to lose me. I was denied OPT from my F1 in May 2017 due to a school error (wrong date on updated I-20) and he wanted me to stay in the country so we could continue our relationship. He had already planned on proposing at the end of the year but we eloped so we could start the AOS journey for me without risking me being summoned to court if I overstayed. We have since let family and friends know of our marriage and we are nearing the end of my AOS journey (interview in a month). How can I explain this if asked at the interview about our proposal and marriage?

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N400 Filing
1:57 pm


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I know this was probably discussed in another thread but I can't find it. So,

1- I know the debate is online or paper what's the benefits of each?

2- What documents should I send with the application?

I see some people say just send the form with the payment; I'm doing the credit card form while some people resend evidence that they've already sent with their I-751.

3- What's the best practice?

Thanks in advance for all the information.

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Joint Sponsor - AOS - checklist
2:51 am


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Hi everyone,

I'm currently gathering information for my RFIE response using a joint sponsor. I was wondering if anyone could look over my list of evidence and tell me if I'm missing anything:

  • completed and signed I-864
  • joint sponsor's W2s
  • joint sponsor's 1040a 2017 tax return
  • joint sponsor's employment letter
  • joint sponsor's paystubs for last 6 months
  • copy of joint sponsor's U.S. birth certificate

Am I missing anything? I wanted to get a copy of their 2017 tax transcript but as always the IRS website is having issues. She requested a copy in the mail so we are waiting for that while she tries to get it online at least once a day. I have until September 23rd to submit.

Thanks in advance!

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Don't know what else to do
8:23 pm


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In February I applied for AOS from student visa based on marriage. I received an RFIE in April stating that I needed to show more proof that my husband was making enough. He had not yet filed taxes when we initially applied so I figured it was because we didn't attach tax documents. We attached all tax documents, W2s, job letter, pay stubs and bank statements + a cover letter with the response. My husband made a little over $30,000 last year and its just the both of us, so a household of 2. Today we received another RFIE stating he didn't make enough money and that we need a joint sponsor. And we have a month to respond. I don't have a joint sponsor that I can use. I'm not sure why they're saying he didn't make enough either. Clearly he did. Does anyone have any advice on what to do next? I don't think I can afford a lawyer.

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