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My mom was denied her visa
8:39 pm July 16, 2023


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Hey everyone hope all is well and sorry for my English. So you guys are helping me with another issue for my green card and I told my mom about it she is very grateful for the help and want to you if you guys have any speculation why she was denied her tourist visa twice. So for some back ground info my dad's mom filed for him me and my little sister not sure if that why her tourist visa was denied ? That's what I think anyways. She first went for it back in 2019 and it was denied, they didn't give a reason and she didn't ask, we got our approval letter for the greencard in may 2020 and she went back again for her tourist visa earlier this year around January/ February and was denied again they didn't say why and she didn't ask. I also have a older sister who went for a tourist visa earlier this year too but she got her approved. So my mom was just confused as to why she keeps being denied, I told her when it comes to this stuff you guys are pretty knowledgeable and she wanted me to ask. Sorry about how long this was and thank you!

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F1 visa
2:44 pm July 13, 2023


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Hi hope everyone is doing well. So I made a post last year worried about me aging out since am 21 years old and our priority date is 14 December 2014 and you guys helped me out but now I have another issue. So me and dad and little sister is under the F1 green card, my dad mom filed for us back in December 2014 and we got our approval letter back in may 2020. The visa bulletin finally moved forward for us too but here's the thing there's a lawyer my aunt hired to help her with the process she had us send up our birth papers and police records last year around October and called to get out person information February or march this year am guessing for the iv application since our iv fees were already paid last year too and when the lawyer called she said to expect a call from the embassy any time soon but we haven't heard anything yet....is there a reason as to why it's taking so long ? I also check a month or 2 ago that our iv application hasn't been filed out as yet...my mom had a fried doing the same thing and he was saying that the lawyer probably mailed all that info to the embassy for them to full and and it's a long process..what do you guys think? Sorry that this is so long and that my English is bad just a bit upset about how long it's taking don't want to age out

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Visa bulletin for f11
4:11 pm December 2, 2022


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Hey guys hope you're doing well! I know nobody really knows but any idea or estimate of when the visa bulletin will move forward for family based greencards? It's kind of frustrating watching the months go by and there's no movement at all especially when it's just needs to move 2 weeks for my priority date to become current

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Overstay while green card processing?
6:36 pm October 23, 2022



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Asking for a friend

She s been in the US for 9 years. Entered at age 14 on a tourist visa. Her grandmother (US citizen) then petitioned for her father (grandmas son) to get a green card that same year. Herself and other siblings were on the petition. Last month, their family received notice of their interview. She s now 23.

The problem is she never left the US after entry on the tourist visa. She attended high school in the US. She is wondering if she can go home to attend her immigration interview and re enter the US without a ban.

Does it count as overstay if they had papers processing?

Any advice would be helpful. Her interview is in 5 days.

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5:59 pm October 21, 2022


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Hi guys hope you're doing well!

I have a question my grandmother filed for me my dad and little sister the was 14th December 2014 our petition was approved on 26th may 2020 but am currently 20 years old and am turning 21 next month my question is when our priority becomes current will I be eligible for cspa? And will my age be enough to get my greencard? It's been really bothering me...Thank you!!

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