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  1. Don't think its necessary but if you think it will help support the application then go for it. I did with my fiancé. Only screenshot a few random messages from WhatsApp and made sure the dates were visible; definitely not every day or week.
  2. not sure if you want clarity on IF you should do this to provide proof of relationship or literally HOW to do it but maybe just screenshot the communications? when I applied for my husband's k1 visa I screenshot various random messages from out WhatsApp and made sure the dates were visible in the screenshots and printed it out.
  3. Just put it all together and label it. For example, I would staple or paper clip the itineraries of all the flights it took to get there and label that, etc. Like stated previously, an itinerary is not proof that you went to the country; boarding passes are better but a passport stamp certainly is proof that at least you were in the country so just don't forget to include that. The proof that you two actually met and saw each other in person comes with other things such as ANy hotel receipts, purchases etc. while you were together is good as well. Include pictures and you should be fine. In these processes more is better. And start keeping everything! Literally.
  4. You should definitely be consulting an immigration lawyer. The way things are now in the US when it comes to immigrants and law offenders it is very hard and only getting harder with this administration. There are also two options for you to come here: K1 visa as her fiancé, that is when you would need a work permit while you wait to adjust your status; or with a spousal visa which might be better because once approved you would automatically receive your green card with that visa. However, no visas are gaurenteed, and your criminal record may be taken into account through both applications processes. Please consult a lawyer and good luck to you!
  5. Oh ok. well a month seems like a good time. I can't remember exactly how much time it took for him to get it back but you know as a couple who never did this before I definitely thought it would be right away lol. Also, my husband's embassy is not in his original country...he had to travel to Barbados and they had to send the visa back. That also might have caused delay we were not expecting. But a month certainly is a huge gap. Just make sure you have a good cancellation or change policy and you should be good if you're willing to take the risk. Good luck!
  6. Great! Hope all went well! Thanks. We definitely will include the ultrasounds and our baby shower actually is right before our interview so will definitely include pics from there as well.
  7. haha yes anyone can get pregnant these days lol. I was telling my husband its kind of good and bad only because they really is no way to prove that he is the father as yet lol. and thanks for the advice about the income level/ I am pretty sure I am good but I did not think to check so thanks
  8. it is certainly a risk. you need to have your visa and passport physically in hand before you go and even if you are confident you are going to receive approval you cannot be sure of when your visa/passport arrives. This happened with my fiancé and I am glad we did not rush and buy the ticket before hand just to be cautious. We were confident he would get approved, which he did, and I certainly was ready for him to come like a week or two after and we were ready to purchase the ticket but his visa took longer than he had expected to be returned to him. Not sure how much cheaper it would be for you, but if you really want to I would just advise to be sure you are aware of cancellation/refund policy or the policy on changing the dates on your ticket.
  9. My husband just received his AOS interview date! His interview is next month. What should we expect? We live in NYC and will be interviewing in NYC. Does my husband need a new medical? He completed medical and vaccines for his K1 visa in August 2018 and submitted them at port of entry October 2018. any one go or know of any couple who went to the interview expecting or just had a baby together? I will be 7 months pregnant when he interviews...I'm assuming/hoping that would trump a lot of questions being asked lol
  10. Yes, okay. Thank you I will start with adding him to the utility bill and setting up our joint bank account and other things like that. Thanks
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