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US Immigration from Greece

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Work closed
4:47 am April 1, 2020

Ronni Jo

Ronni Jo

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Well corona closed down my job. Im worried if I apply for any government assistance, that it will affect our k1 application (waiting for medical and interview to finish). I've never had assistance before but it might get down to the point that I might need too. Do you think they will be strict about this even though it is a world wide pandemic?

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CR1 Visa and medical exams duration
10:44 pm March 10, 2020


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Greetings all!

So my visa has been issued on Feb 27th and got the passport back. Because I tend to be an overthinker I wanted to ask, the visa is valid until Aug 5th, is this a normal thing ? In the sense aren't visas durations usually in month segments? (for example a 5 month one to expire on Jul 27th).

Also a probably silly question. Is the medical exam duration counted in calendar months or in some other way? Mine was on Feb 6th, so the proper way to calculate would be that is it is valid until Aug the 6th?

Thank you, I am pretty sure the answer will be something obvious but I guess the embarassment will only last for a bit :)

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any CR/IR1 filing thru London Embassy?
4:38 am March 10, 2020



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anyone here doing consular processing thru the London embassy or requested expedite at NVC level? we've been waiting so long to hear back from the NVC as to whether or not the London Embassy will grant the expedite.

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DS 260 can be submitted before AOS & IV files?
4:50 am February 21, 2020



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At NVC Stage now - I know that AOS & IV files need to be submitted together on same day, but can DS 260 itself be filed prior, or all the aforementioned need to be submitted on same day?

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I 134 form help (merged topics)
9:54 pm February 16, 2020

Ronni Jo

Ronni Jo

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I am filling out the affidavit of support form today. It is asking about value of my personal property? What all do you include for this? Also, I just started a new job 2 months ago as a waitress and I have so many questions..... I wish I had someone who is very knowledgeable to message for all these questions. :(

Is there anybody out there that could help??? Thanks

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