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US Immigration from Greece

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AOS Case received
4:17 pm May 4, 2022



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Hey guys,

I have not received NOA1 Yet but I just receiced two sms with two different receipt numbers.. any idea why and what I should expect? Is the 797C meaning RRE?

I applied for AOS/EAD/AP

USCIS: Your case was received. Receipt # XXX7. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797C) to follow in mail. Msg & Data rates may apply. DO NOT REPLY

USCIS: Your case was received. Receipt # XXX9. Official Receipt Notice (Form I-797C) to follow in mail. Msg & Data rates may apply. DO NOT REPLY


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SSN Name change denial due to stamp expiration (before aod)
11:44 pm April 20, 2022



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Hey guys,

I have already issued SSN and went today back to SSO office to change my name but as my stamp is till May 2, they could not issue me a new one. I will actually send tomorrow the I-485+ AP/EAD bundle.

Q1 now I should go back to SSO after my i485 approval?

Q2 will I encounter any issues with my SSN to be with my old name?

Ps: im planning next week to go at Bank for a joint account with my husband.

Thanks in advance!

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US Embassy Athens, Greece - DQ dates processing
7:31 pm April 8, 2022


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I see the Greek community is very small on the forum, and I was hoping to get some info on what dates the US embassy in Athens, Greece is working on for the IR1 category.

Have been DQ for 10 months as an F2A category and upgraded to IR1 last month for an overall wait of 11 months from DQ.

Much appreciated!

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NVC's Mistake & US Embassy Athens, Greece Progress
5:41 pm March 10, 2022


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Hi all,

It has been 10 months since my DQ date (Back in May 2021) and two weeks ago NVC upgraded my case from F2A to IR1. While they upgraded my case, they mistakenly changed my DQ date to the date they upgraded my case, I noticed they did that because I got a second DQ message on CEAC. I immediately called NVC to find out why and they confirmed they mistakenly changed the DQ date but it should now take 1-6 weeks just to fix the date. How is this even possible? Their mistake and it might take them up to month and a half to fix this? Is there anything else I should do about it?

Also, It doesn't seem like there are a lot of people here that have an IR1 case for Athens, but does anybody know what cases are they processing at the moment? What is the current timeline?


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I94 form and SSN
7:36 am February 3, 2022



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Hey guys,

Based on new guidelines they dont provide paper i94 anymore (https://www.cbp.gov/travel/international-visitors/i-94). I asked and i could not have one.

Per the SSN guide here it says to wait 2 weeks to go at the SSN office. I can see already the i94 updated with my k1 entry today as now are more automated I believe. Does this means that I can go directly to SSN office or is irrelevant and is recommended to wait two weeks?

Thank you in advance

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