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US Immigration from Greece

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Port of entry-Which queue?
1:10 pm September 27, 2019



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Dear VJ pals,

I plan to enter US soon on a CR-1 immigrant Visa.

Shall I wait in queue for US citizens or all other passengers at the port of entry?

Thank you

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Receiving Green card after Visa Approval
2:38 pm September 18, 2019



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Dear VJ pals,

I have read that the green card is received 2-4 after entering US with a spousal visa.

I wonder whether entering US and receiving green card after October 15th 2019 will be affected by the new public charge rule.?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Payment of USCIS fee after visa approval
9:11 am September 12, 2019



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Dear VJ pals,

I know that after visa approval the USCIS immigrant fee has to be paid so as to receive green cad after entering US.

I know this fee is paid on-line.

I have read you need to fill in a number to pay this fee on-line.

Will this number be received with visa package?

Thank you in advance for your help ?

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Need input from E1 visa holders
4:36 am September 11, 2019



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I would appreciate any input or advice from members who have successfully acquired an E1 visa as small business owners, or are familiar with the process. My brother, a Greek citizen, has applied for an E1 - he is working with my husband (who is American) to open a bakery that would feature Greek baking goods, as well as a boutique with food products imported from Greece. The trading aspect involves both importing ingredients for baking, and coffee, as well as goods to be sold in the bakery (i.e. olive oil, honey, baklava, preserves and jams, etc) and through wholesale to other businesses. My brother has imported an initial order to get things going and to demonstrate existing trade, but the consulate officer said that it's not considered substantial yet. Opening the store would help increase trade, but my brother didn't want to enter a very expensive and binding lease for a store, let alone to build it out, without first securing a visa.

We were hoping (and were reassured by our attorney) that we had a case, at least as a startup, as there was plenty of initial investment, a great business plan, a signed letter of intent between the landlord and my brother, warehouse lease, architect consultation fees, the prospect of creating jobs for US citizens, etc. The first application was rejected on the grounds of 'insufficient ties with his home country' (which was ridiculous, he has property, loads of family, a good job, etc). He reapplied presenting evidence of said ties, where he was told that they didn't really refuse because of the 'lack' of ties, but for insufficient trade. This time he wasn't refused the visa, the application has been put on hold and he's been given a year to show evidence of more trade. As the requirements are very vague about what constitutes substantial trade, and the whole thing is very much upon the discretion of the officer who works on your case, it would be helpful to hear about other successful E1 visa holders who were granted the visa as business owners/managers. The thing is, our case is a cross-over between an E1 and an E2, and unfortunately Greece is not an E2 country, just E1. We would definitely tally up recurring and substantial trade, but it's hard to present it as a startup. Also the fact that the first time they refused on some random, erroneous grounds is definitely not promising, so I'm wondering whether there's a tacit policy to be extremely rigid. Any advice/input would be appreciated!

Thank you,


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Do they tell you if approved or not after interview is over in embassy?
4:33 pm August 20, 2019



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Dear VJ pals,

Do they really tell you if your visa is approved or not at the embassy after the end of the interview??

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