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AOS questions
5:25 pm March 10, 2024


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Hello all. My husband and I submitted our packet on 06th March via UPS at the USCIS Chicago Lockbox.

Received 8th of March.

No notification as yet (normal) and card not charged yet.

Seems like the K1 process all over again

After filling i noticed i sent the short form birth certificate not the long form, and under parents data in i-485, I forgot to list my mother's maiden name under Last name at birth if different than current.

Should I expect RFEs?

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March 2024 - AOS Filers
4:59 pm March 9, 2024


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(Welcome Message copied from January 2024 group with minor changes)
Hello March 2024 AOS filers! Another month, another round of AOS submissions. Please be aware that this checklist is NOT all-inclusive and you must consult the USCIS website to crosscheck this checklist against/with. The AOS process has been confusing since the pandemic hit, not to mention the added politics. So please I want to stress that you only use this check sheet as a starting point and guide if you will. The USCIS site will be the final guide. Please ensure that you check your forms for the correct versions and editions because if you use the wrong forms USCIS will reject your application and send it back to you. This is easily checked on the USCIS website prior to downloading your forms. You should also ONLY download your forms from the USCIS website. The current and correct fees can also be ascertained from the USCIS website

Just a side note before we get started. USCIS may decouple Forms I-765 and Form I-131 if filed jointly with Form I-485. Here is the quoted text taken directly from the USCIS website. "To improve efficiency and reduce Form I-765 processing times for Form I-485 applicants, USCIS may decouple Form I-765 from Form I-131 filed at the same time. Effective Feb. 1, 2022, when possible, we will adjudicate an applicant's Form I-765 first. If we approve it, we will issue an Employment Authorization Document without any notation about advanced parole. We will adjudicate Form I-131 separately and if we approve it, we will issue an advance parole document". I know this is old news, but I thought it would be good to include it here for your knowledge.

What this means is some people elect to include three (3) copies of their marriage license/certificates one attached to each form (I-485, I-765 and I-131 respectively). I do not know of anyone receiving an RFE for a marriage license/certificate missing on the I-765 or the I-131 since USCIS has started doing this new way of adjudicating the AOS (the marriage license/certificate with form I-485 is required though). This is an age-old concern that has been in play before this new way USCIS started adjudicating these forms. Some filers including me when I filed the AOS back in 2019 sent in three (3) copies of their marriage licenses/certificates. I did it then because of peace of mind and there were some RFEs given out for missing licenses/certificates (back then). USCIS also used to issue Combo Cards, Employment Authorization Document, and Advance Parole (EAD and AP combined in the same card). I've seen now where they have issued an EAD without the AP. Whether you include three (3) copies of your marriage license/certificate is going to be your individual call when you file your AOS. Having said that let's get into the checklist:

AOS Checklist

  • Cover Letter listing Table of Contents
  • Check Payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security - $1,225.00 (this includes the Bio-metrics fee, also be aware that fees are supposed to increase on April 1st 2024 so please double-check before you send your packet off!)

Form I-485 (completed and signed by non-US Citizen/beneficiary)

  • Form G-1145
  • Copy of beneficiary's Passport with biographical page
  • Copy of beneficiary's K1 Visa from Passport and entry stamps
  • Copy of NOA2 Approval letter (from K1 process)
  • I-94
  • Copy of beneficiary's Birth Certificate
  • Translation of birth certificate (if needed)
  • Certified copy of Marriage License or Certificate
  • Passport Photos (2) name written on the back
  • Copy of DS-3025

Form I-864 (completed and signed by USC) (goes with form I-485)

  • Proof of USC's citizenship (copy of birth certificate, copy of passport bio page, or other)
  • Current tax year 2023 and (optional 2022, 2021) Tax Return (with W-2) or Transcripts (transcripts are better if you can get them)
  • Employment Verification Letter (updated one - not the one used during the K1 process)
  • Pay stubs (last 3 months)

Form I-765 (completed and signed by non-US Citizen/beneficiary)

  • Copy of beneficiary's Passport with biographical page
  • Copy of beneficiary's K1 Visa from Passport and entry stamp
  • I-94
  • Passport Photos (2) name written on the back
  • Copy of NOA2 (from K1 process)
  • Be sure to use the correct filing code of (c)(9) if this code applies to you. The I-765 instructions explain all the codes in detail. If you are filing under a different code (other than (c)(9) the fee for your AOS will not be correct and USCIS will reject your entire packet.

Form I-131 (completed and signed by non-US Citizen/beneficiary)

  • Copy of beneficiary's Passport with biographical page
  • Copy of beneficiary's K1 Visa from Passport and entry stamp
  • I-94
  • Passport Photos (2) name written on the back
  • Copy of NOA2 (from K1 process)

Be sure to double-check for the current fees as fees do sometimes increase and they can change on a dime so please check. Additionally, check the forms as listed above i.e., current version and or edition date, there have been many changes to various forms. Consider sending tax transcripts instead of the 1040, and W2s. Also, consider preparing a cover letter for each form in addition to the main cover letter.

Make sure you send long-form birth certificates and not the short form. Hope this helps in your preparation of your AOS. When in doubt ask questions.

Please consider filing the I-131 and the I-765 even if you don't think you'll need them right now. You never know what changes your life will have down the road, so I recommend you file these two forms from the start. There is no extra charge to file them with your AOS and it's better to submit them all at once. There has been much confusion coming out of USCIS, partly due to Covid-19 and partly self-inflicted. This confusion filters on down to the people filing for AOS. The above listing is subject to change at a moment s notice so please check, recheck, and check again BEFORE you send off your packet for any last-minute changes.

Congratulations on the successful submission of your AOS packet!

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Size of Household
5:49 am March 4, 2024


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I am currently completing my I-485 form along with i-864 for my AOS.

My husband had his son as a dependant on his taxes (2023 financial year) but will not claim his as a dependant again for 2024 (next year filling)

Should we list our household size as two (me and him) or three (if they take into account his most recent tax return)?

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Timeframe to hear from embassy after sending documents for K1 visa
8:07 pm February 23, 2024



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I have a question. So my fiancee sent all the documents to embassy for the k1. What's the time frame we can expect to hear back from embassy to set up her medical exam and Interview? Thanks for any info.

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Get married within 90 days, no available appointments
2:31 am February 6, 2024


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I came over on a K1 visa on Dec 1st, with a K1 and I will be out of status on Feb 28th

We called our local court on Dec 3rd, there are no available appointments until March!

So I will be out of status.

We asked the court to notify us of any cancellations, but no luck so far.

What alternatives do we have?

An officiant that costs $300 or if we get married after 90 days and file i-130 concurrently, that will cost $535 extra.

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