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US Immigration from Greece

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Form N-400, Part 1
7:50 pm June 2, 2023


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So, it is time for us to start the naturalization process. I have been LPR since 2015 and thus qualify for both A & B conditions of eligibility (a. have been a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.A. for at least 5 years, regardless of marital status, and b. have been a lawful permanent resident of the U.S.A. for at least 3 years and are the spouse of a U.S. citizen for the last three years).

Which box is it best for me to tick?

I'm asking because (b) requires much more proof paperwork.

Any guidance is much appreciated

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Owing (a small amount of) state tax
10:41 pm May 16, 2023


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Quick explanation: this applies to *state* tax only. I do not owe any federal tax.

I was working from home during the lockdown of 2020. My then job issued me a letter that certified I worked from home.

However, when I filled the tax return for 2020 the following year, I was double charged state tax (working in 2 counties so I got charged tax for living in one county and working in another), buy of course, I was working from home so I should only have been charged with ONE county tax.

Anyhow, I tried to fix it but they didn't reduce the amount and insisted I pay both counties' taxes.

I have paid half of it and working on the other half.

I need to file for naturalization NOW as my sons are turning 18 very very soon and I won't be able to include them in my application.

I looked it up online but I could only find information on owing federal back taxes. I only owe state tax, which I am planning on paying of course. Before you ask, I cannot afford to pay right now but it is in the budget for the immediate future but not before my sons turn 18.

My question is: will they look at your application immediately upon filing online or do I have a little time?

Can I write them a letter explaining what happened and show I have paid a portion and I am planning on paying the rest soon?

And to answer this potential question: no MI does not allow for an official payment plan but you can go online and pay amounts towards your debt which I have done.


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Online filling and processing times for Greek petitioner
5:43 pm April 20, 2023


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Hello everyone, i filled for I-130 online for my wife, in the middle of January, and i have been checking the USCIS website for any updates frequently. When i uploaded the files, the processing time was 12 months and after the months were passing it went to 11 months and then to 10 months. I checked again a few days ago, and the processing time went back to 12 months, and i have absolutely zero updates about our case. The embassy in Greece also has no news about us either. On the receipt notice that was generated automatically with the filing, it says Nebraska Service Center, if that matters. Any advices or thoughts about what we must do next (if we can do anything except waiting) or any recent processing times would be very helpful. Thanks in advance!

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AOS Approved - Travel with different Names
10:21 am March 17, 2023



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Hi all,

My conditional green card is Christina NewLastName.

My passport is Christina OldLastName.

I did not keep my old last name as maiden.

Is it safe to travel with airticket in OldLastName + Passport + Marriage certificate?

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Question about IRS transcripts
12:55 am February 28, 2023


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Hello all

Ok so I filed my taxes today for 2022 and got a notification from my accountant in our email as well copies of our 1040 alongside our signed 8879 forms (alongside with a separate pdf that is basically the signature certificate). My N400 interview is next week so I am not sure if the IRS will have the return transcripts ready by then.

Do you think officers would accept the above documents as proof for filing or they only accept the official IRS transcripts?

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