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K-1 NOA2 to NVC
12:36 am March 24, 2021



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Hey guys,

I'm checking the k-1 guide and after the NOA2 positive response has:

* Start gathering documents needed by beneficiary (Fiance(e)) - See K-1 Guide.

*Beneficiary can research and prepare forms required by embassy.

I would like to ask you, as consulate in my county doesnt accept interviews due to covid and docs can expire + medical exams which are later anyway), should I just wait some period before taking any action per instructions or should proceed as normal and just wait (and redo docs and exams if needed?)

Thank you!

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K-1 Documents
8:58 pm March 8, 2021



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Our case is currently with the consulate in Athens. We are in the process of gathering documents to submit so we can schedule the interview. Does anyone know if the passport sized photos need to be printed on photo paper? Everything is still closed and my fianc has no way of getting these unless he prints them himself :( if anyone has any suggestions it would greatly be appreciated. Thank you!

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K1 interview question
6:38 pm February 4, 2021



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Does anyone know if any of the documents required for the K1 interview need to be original or if they can be photocopies? I m mainly referring to the I-134 and NOA1/NOA2. Thanks in advance :)

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Documents to surrender before Oath - how strict?
6:13 pm January 25, 2021



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My oath ceremony is scheduled for this Friday, and part of the requirements stated on the notice is that I surrender all green cards, as well as any other documents issued by USCIS in the past, such as EAD cards. I was issued two EAD cards (one for my F1-OPT after graduation, and one during the AOS process), and 2 green cards (one conditional after successful AOS, and the permanent one after ROC). I was wondering how strict the requirement is to surrender all 4 cards, as I am not sure I can find all old cards in my documents... Don't they really need just the current. permanent green card? :oops:

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Will I need a new SS card? (F-1 DHS Authorization to Citizenship)
2:51 am January 5, 2021



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I entered the US in 2009 as an F-1 graduate student, so I obtained a social security card to receive my wages from the University during my graduate studies. This card states "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION", but I have used it for employment after my graduation in the past 5 years with no issues.

After graduate school I applied for OPT and received an EAD, but before the expiration of my OPT I got married to a USC, we filed for AOS, and I became an LPR (first conditional, then conditions were removed early 2020). Eventually I applied for Naturalization, had my interview a few days ago, and now I am waiting for my Oath Ceremony, and start thinking about the next steps, primarily a US Passport, as I would really like to be able to visit my family as soon as it is possible again.

My question is about whether I truly need a new Social Security card (without the "VALID FOR WORK ONLY WITH DHS AUTHORIZATION" stipulation), and in that case, can I wait until it is safe to apply in person at the SSA? Will keeping my original SS card somehow affect my US Passport application, once I get the certificate of naturalization?

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