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I-751 October 2019 Filers
6:43 pm October 3, 2019


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Hi everyone in October boat! Not sure if there's already an October thread going on, please admins merge.

I am assembling my package now to file. My window opened in August 27th and card expires in November 27th, but I am currently pregnant and my due date is October 10th. So i figured it would be better to file once the baby is here, that way we would have more evidences to add in our package. I know it probably won't make any difference, with baby pics and birth certificate lol but still something more.

How is it going for you guys? Tricks? Tips? Advices? Questions? Worries? Shoot it all in here lol! Good luck to all of us, and may Lady Patience be our bestie! haha. Happy October!

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ROC question
10:50 pm August 19, 2019


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Hi guys. Quick question, I am a bit confused here. So i am gathering our docs to file for ROC, I received few days ago a letter from USCIS...a reminder that my conditional would expire. It said also on the letter that I have to submit a copy of the Green Card of any children who received conditional permanent status under my marriage. Now my question is, should we include my 2 children, knowing that their GC is not expiring until 2020? Because they followed to join under K2 visa a year later after me. I don't want our case to be rejected because the kids GC expiration date is not up yet. What do you think?

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K2 AOS interview
11:08 am October 2, 2018


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Hello Vj rs!!

I have a quick question. My two K2 children have their interview scheduled for AOS. Just to plan ahead, what documents should I bring to the interview besides :

-Birth certificate



....anything else one might advise? Also if you went through this, what questions to expect?

thank you all

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MAY 2018 AOS Filers
12:36 am May 1, 2018


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Hi guys, I figured I could start this thread for May 2018 AOS filers in case no one has started one already.

I filed for my two children , 11 and 9. They followed-to-join with K2 visas.

Whats your case?

Good luck to all us and let s believe. It s possible.

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K2 adjustement
11:54 am April 25, 2018


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Hello everyone!

Im preparing documentation for my two children AOS, they follow to join in March. My question is concerning my husband employment letter ( I-864 as supporting document), is dated October 2017. Can we use that letter or do we have to request a new one from his employer? Thanks to all

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