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K2 AOS interview
11:08 am October 2, 2018


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Hello Vj rs!!

I have a quick question. My two K2 children have their interview scheduled for AOS. Just to plan ahead, what documents should I bring to the interview besides :

-Birth certificate



....anything else one might advise? Also if you went through this, what questions to expect?

thank you all

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MAY 2018 AOS Filers
12:36 am May 1, 2018


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Hi guys, I figured I could start this thread for May 2018 AOS filers in case no one has started one already.

I filed for my two children , 11 and 9. They followed-to-join with K2 visas.

Whats your case?

Good luck to all us and let s believe. It s possible.

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K2 adjustement
11:54 am April 25, 2018


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Hello everyone!

Im preparing documentation for my two children AOS, they follow to join in March. My question is concerning my husband employment letter ( I-864 as supporting document), is dated October 2017. Can we use that letter or do we have to request a new one from his employer? Thanks to all

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Interview coming up with previous overstay
10:08 pm September 28, 2017


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Hi everyone,

Spouse has an interview coming up next month. The issue is that he previously overstay by 6 weeks and left. What could be the consequences? I am a GC holder. There were some medical reasons involved.

Thank you all for your time

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Help! AOS no DS-3025
5:09 am March 18, 2017


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Hello Vjr's! i think I'm screwed, I'm working on my AOS paperwork and i realize the physician never gave me a copy of DS-3025. What should I do? I'm adjusting from K1 visa. Anyone faced that situation before ? Thanks for your replies!

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