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  1. Ohhhh thank you so much!!! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ Tell me, did he have to get a Canadian Transit Visa as well??
  2. Montreal IS considered a US Port of Entry since Canadian airports have US Custom and Border Protection (CBP) Preclearance. I just haven't read up on anyone going through Canada with a K-1 Visa specifically, at least not someone travelling from another country. There are plenty of K-1 immigrants FROM canada, going through the "US POE" at the Montreal Airport for example. I know my question is very specific, but just wondering if anyone else know something about it.
  3. Hey guys!! Does anyone have any insight on this...we found a GREAT deal for my fiance's flight to the US, it goes through Paris and Montreal (YUL). Canada has a pretty straightforward Transit Visa process which we are doing now, and it's free. We just have to fill out the app and scan in his US Visa (our K-1), his passport, passport pic, itinerary, & pics. But I'm realizing that Montreal may be his actual US POE. I tried to find info on this, but all I find are Canadians leaving Canada and Montreal being their POE. I I have been looking all over VJ but I can't find someone going THROUGH Montreal from another country on a K-1. If someone knows anything on this or where I can find info, please pass it on! THANKS!!!
  4. Ahhhh so excited!! Our case is "READY"... fiance will call embassy tomorrow since today it's already after working hours. So close I can taste it!
  5. Our case was received by NVC today AND assigned a case number!!! That's 15 days after NOA2 which was 2/6/18 (my silent NOA2 came by mail on 2/12/18). The lady also said "And I see this is a K-1 case so it won't last long here at all!" Hooray for NVC times back to normal!!
  6. Just got TIER 2 Confirmation, it's an APPROVAL!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ No online update.. Mail only πŸ˜œπŸ€—β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜†
  7. This is exactly what mine looks like!! 😱😜😬
  8. I'm getting the same thing today!! In the little window I see the date of 2/6/18 and Page 1 of 1. Who has insight on what the different letters look like.. I HOPE this is not a "thank you for your call THREE weeks ago, however you are still within processing times..." My mail gets here so late in the day and I'm afraid I've already gotten my hopes up. I called in and of course Tier 1 has no other information than what I have.. "RECEIVED" πŸ™„ I didn't push further for Tier 2 but I'm so anxious!!! Ahhhhh!!!
  9. Hearing everyone talk about visiting their fiance's last week gave me a sudden impulse to buy a ticket and go see mine!! (ignoring financial logic) I'm leaving this Friday for 2 weeks to Gabon (in central Africa). I'm SO excited! The ticket is like $1,500 and I don't have vacation time, as I'm saving it for our wedding. But right after I bought my ticket, my brother in law gave me a generous gift to contribute to my trip AND I got a raise at my job!!! I think that means my trip is blessed I've been running around buying supplies because future hubby, future in laws, & friends and I will work on invitations together. (with a BLANK date lol) In African cultures everything is about coming together, family, pitching in. It's going to be so much fun!!
  10. @AZSunshine78 Congrats!!! I noticed yesterday you said you wrote your congressman. Was it an electronic inquiry or snail mail? Was it JUST yesterday that you wrote? I'm just wondering if there was possibly any link. Probably not since your approval came the very next day, right? Anyway, you may be too busy celebrating to answer! And you probably don't know who I am.. I guess you could say I'm a mostly silent but faithful lurker/follower!
  11. Does anyone know if the VJ Timeline estimate factors in the holiday (In my case Christmas) ??
  12. If your "receipt date" is 6/30, you're actually a June filer! You have the same dates as me!
  13. @vocaledge when you get a chance can you confirm that I added my tag correctly? I added it yesterday, @jemonline my NOA1 date is June 30th! thanks in advance!
  14. My fiance used to live in the US as an F1 student.. (5 years ago). He never had any criminal issues here, arrests, nothing. Does anyone here know if you need to get police certificates from the US as well? I would think that they take care of US stuff since they do criminal and background checks on their end, but maybe I'm wrong. If he does not US police certificates, but he has no record, how does that work? I've been researching a bit, but just wondering if anyone had some insight on that!
  15. Thanks! I was hoping to be June I've been following and you seem like a lively happy bunch & you have your share of helpful data gatherers, analytics & statistic experts! Love IT!