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follow to join
3:57 pm June 27, 2020


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I am very new to this forum, just found it. Thanks God.I have some questions that I need help with. I am an unmarried daughter of LPR mother. My petition justgot approved, I am waiting for the next step but I want to be as ready as possible. My 3 kids qualify as derivatives beneficiaries however I will not want the kids to travel with me.

1- Is it true that I have until a year to have the kids as follow to join?

2- Is the form to fill for this?

3- Do I list the kids on the AOS if they are not coming with me?

4- Do I need a sponsor for them to submit the AOS as the same time as mine?

5- Do I need to submit their docs as the same time as me?

6-Within the year period will I have to file an I-30 for them because they were not listed on my I-30?

I thank you in advance for your help!

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K-1 Visa Interview tomorrow!!!
7:24 pm November 21, 2019



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I honestly am not sure who is more nervous, me the USC or my fiance!!!! LOL His interview is tomorrow & there is limited information on our specific Embassy, but overall I'm just hoping everything goes without a hitch. nervous spongebob gif GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

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I-601A in June 2018
4:04 am October 24, 2018



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Hi everyone, I m new here.

Who else in here sent in their I-601A application in June?

Do you mind share any updates on your case?

My attorney sent mine on June first and USCIS received it on june 5th.

Got an receipt letter at the end of June then received a biometric appointment the first week of August and did fingerprints on August 9th. Haven t received any update ever since. On their website it still shows that they received the biometric fees on June 17th.

Anyone in the same boat?

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Oath Ceremony
3:40 pm June 30, 2017



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I just would like when my mother gonna go to the Oath ceremony.

(Mod note: personal info redacted. Please never post full names, case or phone numbers, email or postal addresses online for your own safety and privacy)

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