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  1. @Mako_5 Wow! That is awesome! hopefully you don't have to wait too much longer~
  2. @David_Norway I definitely will. @Mako_5 Did you at least receive the I-797 approval notice with the validity period on there?
  3. Wow @Mako_5 EAD & AP was approved very quick! Did you request expedite processing?
  4. @SJ2020 Thank you, we are very excited as well. I called them first to request the expedite processing based on humanitarian reasons for a job offer at a company that is considered an essential employer during the pandemic. After the request was done over the phone, the same day (yesterday) I received an email requesting proof, within an hour I faxed over a copy of the job offer and this morning I was notified that the expedite request was approved.
  5. Hello everyone- Yesterday I submitted an expedite request for my husband's EAD & the expedite request was approved this morning!😁 Now we wait the arrival of the card 🙄 his biometrics has not been completed yet, so I wonder if they can use his biometrics from when he entered the US.
  6. OMG same with us. Got an RFE for my husband’s birth certificate, which was included in the original filing. Our response was received May 12th. Back to the waiting game.
  7. @AgiJA @kec523 has very good advice and at this point with the I-944 it’s all about trial and error. I included my explanation of no credit report on the cover letter. Good luck and I hope your application is accepted without any issues. It took about 2 weeks after they received the application to process the payment and text me NOA1 #’s. I received the physical letters yesterday.
  8. Thank you @Greenbaum re: how to share a post. Just to be clear I did include his HS education information on the I-944, I did not include any supporting documents regarding his high school education. Sorry if I was unclear about that on my response.
  9. @BirdSong My husband is from Cape Verde. I included that he completed the 11th grade and plans on taking English courses to improve his English. I know what you mean; I will definitely keep the post updated if I get an RFE on this.
  10. @BirdSong the I-944 was the most confusing form I filled out. My husband only went up to the 11th grade so I didn’t include any education information. There’s a post right before this where I mentioned everything I included with the I-944. I’m not sure how to add a link to it but I will tag you on it. Hope it helps.
  11. @soco When mine was rejected in Feb, I reused the same valid forms with the markings on the bottom when I refilled and it was accepted.
  12. @kec523 Oh no! I'm sorry to hear that!! Below is what I included with my filing: I-864: 2018 Federal Tax Transcripts I-944: An Attestation signed by me stating that my two minor children are my husband's household members Our daughter's birth certificate as evidence of relationship/household member My most recent checking, savings & retirement account statements (They weren't really statements, but like account overview) Credit Report Screen Shot showing that we were unable to procure a credit report My husband does not have any work certifications, no health insurance at this time, he went up to the 11th grade, so no high school diploma. In the section about English language skill, I put that he plans on attending classes to improve his English. I made sure I had an answer for every question; when a question did not apply I put "N/A" How about part 3, question 1? ( This part was a little confusing for me) Our household size is 5- so even for the kids I answered "YES" to the question that someone in the household has filed a tax return & the amount. This part had me unsure if I even completed the form correctly. I'm still not sure I did (LOL) Just to address your questions above: part 3, question 6- I put N/A Let me know if there is any way I can help.
  13. @kec523 payment taken out and e-notification of NOA1 received today! 🙌
  14. @kec523 I’ll definitely keep you posted and you do the same as well. Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I hope is smooth sailing for you after the first trimester!
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