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1:29 pm July 16, 2021



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Hi all,

So I changed my first name during the naturalization process. I already applied and received my passport, then sent a package to the closest social security office to update my name with them before getting an ID, as advised by the DMV. It's been two months and I didn't hear a thing. I called and they don't have a record or anything on my SSN. So my naturalization certificate is lost somewhere. Has this happened to anyone else? The one thing I was told during my ceremony is that the certificate is very expensive to replace but it wasn't even me who lost it.... this is so frustrating. Any advice would be really appreciated.

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Cr1 call for 2nd interview
1:08 am July 14, 2021


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Hi guys i had interview yesterday and co ask me alot of questions i answer every question. she said that i should uplaod my police clearance certificate from canada on website i upload that right away. Today they are asking me for 2nd interview. On 19th july. They said we dont required any additional documents its all complete we just want you to be present for 2nd interview

anyone experience this'?

thank you

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7:06 pm July 7, 2021



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Hi all.

I was wondering if I have to change my marriage certificate from 4 years ago since I changed my first name during the naturalization process. I'm obviously updating all info, ID, SSA, passport already came with new name, bank debit cards, credit cards.... then I was trying to remember if I forgot anything and this question came up. Do I have to? Part of me thinks no since it was my name at the time of marriage, correct? Thank you!

ps Also, if I forgot anything else that needs updated, let me know guys! I really appreciate the help!

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Studying at Community College on K1 Visa
5:10 pm July 7, 2021

brandon stone

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My fianc e just arrived in the country on a K1 visa and we will be adjusting her status next week. Can she enroll at a community college now or do we need to wait for her to green card?

Thank you!

-Brandon S.

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Invoice number from NVC
1:27 pm July 7, 2021



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Our NAO2 was dated March 3, 2021, I am figuring 30 days to NVC, so our paperwork probably arrived there by April 1. The processing times here on the site says they are processing dates in May,

but that date has been jumping back and forth every day. I have tried to log in the USA government CEAS site so check the status...but it keeps asking me for the invoice number that the NVC send me,

I have no such number? any idea out there? I did get a reply to an email, that the NVC has our application and I was able to get the case number....any ideas how to find out a real estimate for when the NVC may send the packet to the consulate in Rio?


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