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Your USCIS account has been locked
10:12 am February 26, 2022


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hello can someone help me or if someone has had this problem before... if he can guide me it will make me very happy


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Do I need Joint sponsor?
1:24 am January 7, 2021



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Hello everyone. After submitting all the requirements and supporting documents to NVC, they all have been accepted except they left me this message:

IRENE does not meet the minimum income requirement to sponsor the intending immigrants for this case. The consular officer will make a decision regarding this requirement at the time of the interview. For more information, please visit https://www.uscis.gov/i-864p. To avoid delays, an additional Affidavit of Support Form I-864 for a joint sponsor may be submitted. FINANCIAL SPONSORSHIP RESPONSIBILITIES: Financial sponsors, joint sponsors, and applicants should be aware of responsibilities when signing an I-864 and the consequences for a sponsored immigrant's acceptance of federal means-tested public benefits. For more information visit https://nvc.state.gov/aos.

I m currently a soldier in US ARMY and my wife is the immigrant. After my researches I found out that as a service member my minimum annual income required is $17240 for a household size of 2. Except not my last 3 years income meet that requirement.
Here are my last 3 years of income:

In 2017: $19378 (Okay)

In 2018: $4939 (I have at during this year full time and didn t meet the requirements)

In 2019: $13401(I was already in the military and was deployed to Kuwait for 6 months and was getting paid with free tax. So in 2019 I only filed tax with the other remaining 6 months I was in states paying tax.)

NVC told me it s only the recent year income which is required.

My question is should We get a join sponsor or just go to the interview with my deployment order as support document event knowing we already provided it in the accepted documents.


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I-751 ROC September filler
3:36 pm November 17, 2020



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Texas service center received my application and September 14 and I already received my extension letter, however I haven't received any update regArding biometrics and its already been 64 days my case was received, should I be worried???

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I-751 filled too early
4:26 pm September 5, 2020



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Hi how long before the USCIS return ur I-751 if you filled too early its been 3 weeks since they received my package I havent got anything yet.

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AOS Rejected
11:50 pm May 23, 2020


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Can anyone help me figure out what i did wrong? AOS from a K1 Visa.....

the first picture is what i sent with my packet and the second is the letter i received back from USCIS



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