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Visa refused for my wife and my boy with personal need
1:56 am December 30, 2019



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can anyone can help me ?

my wife and my son with personnal need went to interview at overseas since April 2018 the consulate refused to give therm visa and ask for the boy health traitement estimation cost plus insurance l try to get insurance for the boy but all insurance companies refused to cover the boy asking social security number what l can not get if the boy is not in US

now l become citizen and l send my naturalization certificate to the embassy

since they answer saying the will contact me for deferent options but l have not Hear from therm since October

please need advice .

Is there anything l have to do ?

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The questions asked at my Interview
9:35 pm November 15, 2019


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First day:

-What's your girlfriend's phone #?

- Are you married?

- How old is the kid of your girlfriend?

- How did you meet each other?


- How did you meet ?

- Where does your girlfriend live ?

- Where does your girlfriend work?

- Do you have kids?

- Where do you work?

- How often do you call each other in a week?

- Have you ever met your girlfriend s son?

The internet was down which was the reason he had to go back for a second interview....

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Request for evidence VAWA
7:46 am November 8, 2019



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Good morning everyone,

I'm a male VAWA filer and I received a RFE for abuse. The letter is asking additional evidences such as Psychological evaluation, shelter, police report or my own statement. When I was filling in March 2018, my lawyer didn't advise me to do psychological evaluation and I didn't know either that I should have done it. I don't know if an evaluation will be relevant today as the abuse happened end of 2017 almost 2 and half years and I significantly improved comparing to 2017.

So can I just re-write my statement and explain that I didn't know or advised to to do the evaluation or should I just attempt to do an evaluation based on my current state. I'm afraid that the evaluation will not be that convincing as it's has been a while since the abuse occurred.

My lawyer is telling me to go get an evaluation but I just don't want to waste my time and money if it won't weight much.

I really need your help Assap.

Thank you.

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I 130 form for spouse
6:48 am October 10, 2019



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I receive my case number two weeks after sending my documents to the Chicago center. They mailed it back to me as California center. Now im waiting for my approval letter from NVC because it has been 3 weeks that I file the form. How long it will take and while the case is pending can i just send an invitation to my husband to visit me?

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Concurently filed I 360 I 485 and I 756
12:20 am July 20, 2019



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Good morning Everyone,

My lawyer have just filled concurently the I360 I485 and I 765 under the C31 category for the I765. Im reading in this forum that the concurently filed for EAD should be under C9 category. I want to ask your opinion on this topic before it's late.

Thank you so much for your help.

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